Monday, July 31, 2006

Like Father Like Son

It is interesting to see how Israeli officials justify their barbaric aggression by using examples from the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. For example, an Israeli government's spokeswoman wondered why people are crying for the victims of Qana even though the war in Iraq caused the death of 100,000 people. Like father like son, neocons fucken bored againt christian americans and fascists neo nazi jews are in love and are enjoying the carnage. Fuck them all.

Check out this song. IT IS COOL

Why Israel is so Brutal?

I have spoken before about the price of oppression and warned against the consequences of oppressing one race by another. I am trying to understand the vicious nature of the Israelis and why they have became so vindictive and vile. I decided to search Israeli blogs for an answer and came to the following conclusions. I think the case of Israel’s aggression resembles the way an African man oppresses his woman. See, he has been terrorized and dehumanized by fucken white supremacy and felt helpless about it. He just could not reclaim his pride and felt continuously fucked by it. What to do? If you cannot beat them join them. In other words, African American men identify with those who fucked them up. They became one with them. They adoped their vicious dominating attitudes. No wonder they are the number 1 spouse abusers in the US. The same goes for Coptic men. We all remember the famous case of Wafaa Kostanteen, the priest’s wife who ran away with a Muslim man and caused uproar among Christians. Her husband, the priest, oppressed and humiliated her. He also physically and verbally abused her. See, he could not fuck those fucken Muslims who humiliated him for years and made fun of his religion. He had to be like them by oppressing a helpless woman.
It is time for self-reflection. One person responded to one of my posts by writing that I enjoy being a victim and that I am equally guilty of the hate that I despise. Maybe I am identifying with the aggressor but see the difference here is that I am not targeting my hate to helpless people. I am exposing every fucken oppressor who destroy others. I am speaking out against Muslims who oppress Christians and against Jews who oppress Muslims and Christians who oppress both Muslims and Jews. See I have to say that we, Christians, are fucked up too. Just watch fuckers such as jerry Falwell and pat Robertson who cheer Israel and want a serious war in the Middle East. I can also see how our Pope oppresses the thousands of Coptic women who deserve to be divorced from their abusing husbands, but he is impeding them from doing that, something that may lead them to lose their religion and run away with Muslims, who will also oppress them.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mother and Child

I thought of sharing this picture with you. It shows a dead Lebanese mother holding her dead child as American-made Israeli bombs dropped on them and instantly killed them. My heart is bleeding for the victims of Bush and Israel. Bush is watching and cheering Israel. What a coward! I am sick and tired of American pliticians, especially fucken democrats with double faces, saying that Israel has to defend itself. I am really disgusted when people say that the west is civilized. Here is a poem
Mother and Child
Without waver, surrenders heart of a child;
babe cradled in arms, lulls to mother's mild
whispery soft cuddles, only beckons for more;
held close to breast, lies perfection to adore
Souls untouched by the absence of dawn,
each together as one, while Heaven looks on
Radiance delivered to the light of day,
captured by moon, gleams their haloed display
In likeness with smiles, granted graces provide,
a sharing of hearts where two angels reside
Gifted in favor with love that is blessed,
mother and child, snuggle quietly in rest
C.E.Vance 03/2003

You Coward Piece of Muslim Shit

So you are hiding in the Iranian embassy as you witness your people dying. You are ordering your sick followers to fire missiles from civilian areas. You are playing a dirty game and your people are paying the price. Do you even want to take responsbility for the misery you are bringing on your people? You are like your motherfucker prophet- you have no class and no conscience. The fucken Israelis should have killed you and spared the world instead of displacing their frustration into innocent civilians. You do not know who you are mssing with. They are as vicious and vendictive as you are. They kill with no mercy and they do not care.

Hope you are happy now

Israel must be proud as a nation by killing all these innocent civilians. I am sick to my stomach of israel. Fuck israel and fuck bush who pimps on them and fuck hitler who transformed these people into a vile and vendictive breed. Fuck nasrulla this piece of shit who caused the death of 600 innocent civilians.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Muslims kill innocent Jewish worshipper

Now Muslims are showing their true Islamic color and are killing innocent Jews in America. I need to run away from that crazy world. I cannot take it any more
More information

A very good article on Israel's racist and oppressive acts

Israel is Destroying my Country

Israel’s impulsive response to the abduction of its 2 soldiers by Hizbullah is not only destroying Lebanon; it is threatening my country as well. I blame Israel for the radicalization of the Arab world and for the level of fundamentalism that Egyptian Muslims have reached. I have always been puzzled by the way Egypt has transformed from a very secular country to a very religious and extremist one. After all, why would someone love a prophet who fucked a 9 years old aisha , his daughter in law zeinab bent gahsh, and his aunt khawalah. The answer is simple. Israel’s arrogance and racism fueled that. Muslims cannot help it when they see Israel bombing innocent civilians and destroying many Arab countries . During the 6 day wars in 1967, Israel also used its heavy hands in my own country and demolished many towns along the Suez Canal. It also destroyed a school and killed tens of children in bahr el bakar. Egyptian Muslims also witness Israel destroying the lives of many Palestinians and humiliating them. These factors all led to an uncontrollable anger in the hearts of Egyptian youths. They turn into religion, and their religion clearly gives them a license to hate and kill. It is not that they are economically oppressed and they are acting out. They are just reacting to fascist Israelis. I said before that Israel has a deep rooted sense of resentment and anger about the dehumanizing way with which jews were treated by the Germans. They hate humanity and they are extremely angry. They have to find a target to displace and discharge this toxic energy and killing helpless civilians helps them do that. These recent actions by Israel has probably polarized more Egyptians towards Islamic fundamentalism and hate. The fucken US administration’s rejection of the cease fire is making things worse and is probably creating more fucken Muhammad attas as we speak. I was walking today near a mosque and I can sense the hate these people have and their deep bitterness and resentment. I am worried that they will attack more of my churches. I am worried that they will kill more of my people. I am paying the price for israel’s racism and Bush’s stupidity. I am sick and tired of stupidity especially when it is mixed with oppression and racism. Fuck it

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Very powerful Video

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Price of Oppression

I received an email from a Jewish reader who said that he had enjoyed my web site and visited it every day until I started to “trash the Jews and show my true racism against them.” He also advised me to seek professional help to handle my angry outbursts and my deep sense of resentment towards everybody. He ended his email by saying that hate begets hate.

Let me clarify something here. I hate hateful people, who use their power to humiliate others. I hate people with supremacist mentalities, who think they are better than everyone else, by virtue of their race, religion, or gender. I hate hypocrites who want to give me speeches on how to live in peace even though their government wage wars and kill thousands, if not millions, of innocent civilians. I hate those who think that they know the “TRUTH,” and feel that they need to force it on me. I hate those who indiscriminately kill people with the most sophisticated and vicious weapons humans have ever known. I hate those racist whites who tell me that my culture is sick and that I need to adopt theirs. I hate those Christians who think that Jesus endorses the oppression of gays and lesbians. I hate those Muslims who go to my churches and slaughter my people. I hate those Jews, who never had a closure on their oppression by the Germans and use every chance they get to displace their anger into innocent Palestinians and Lebanese (watch “Munich” the movie by Spielberg).

If that makes me a hateful person, I am proud of it. Just do not give me a lecture on how to stop my hate if you are sheltered, privileged or pampered in your country. I gave up the luxury of living in America, because I want to be close to those who are oppressed, and that is something you will never have to courage to do. My hate for evil is being balanced by my love for the oppressed and the marginalized.

Let me go back to my title. I want to warn any race who oppresses another. Life always goes in circles. One day your race may be in power but tomorrow things may change. The Jews were once oppressed by Arabs and now the reverse is happening. I am worried about Copts. They are oppressed now, but I can see their potential to be oppressors as well. Their blind support for Israel is fucking sickening.

Do not tell me to stop being angry, because you do not know what it means to experience oppression.. Do not tell me to stop speaking out, because you do not know what it means to be marginalized

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thank you Mubarak

You owe me one big apology buddy. I trashed you for a very long time and designed this web site to attack you and your regime. I am sorry and i take back all these mean things I said about you. I realized that I was being unfair. You are one among the few wise people in our crazy and war-stricken region. You know that we can’t fight Israel (Aka America’s 51st State) and you opted to choose peace. I cannot imagine Egypt going through what Lebanon is going through right now. I can not imagine myself trapped in Egypt, unable to leave because the airport is destroyed. I can’t imagine living under the mercy of America-made Israeli war planes. I cannot imagine worrying about my family lest they get bombed. I cannot imagine not having food or power. I cannot imagine seeing scores of people dying. Mubarak knows it all; after all, we went through many wars with Israel and were almost destroyed. Mubarak knows that Bush and previous US administration are pimping on Israel because they wanted to court the Jewish US vote. Mubarak knows that we cannot survive another war with the racist Israelis, who became uglier and more violent than those who baked them in ovens. We have a sick fuck now in Egypt that wants to drag us to destruction the same way the muslim militants of Hizbbullah did to Lebanon. His name is Mahdy Akef, the leader of the Muslim brotherhood, and he wants us to have a referendum on the peace treaty with Israel. He wants our country to be carpet-bombed and wants to destroy our infrastructure. I hope Egyptians wake up and realize that the violent ideology of islam does not work any more and it can get our ass kicked. I hope they wake up and realize that anyone who carries the fucken symbol of Islam will eventually destroy us all. God bless you Mubarak; I hope you live forever. I hope the fucken US administration does not pressure you any more and understands that if you fall, the whole middle east will fall.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

To Every Warmonger

Hey osama, bush, olmert, nasullah, zawahry, or blair. I wish you understand how you inflicted pain on innocent people. I wish you learn how your hate and anger destroyed many lives. I wish you come to your senses and have some remorse for what you did and continue to do. You all made me hate life and people. You all destroyed my trust in the present and future. You are hurting many people because of your inflated ego and your narcissism. I know you can sleep at night because you killed your conscience so I will tell you this. I do believe in Karma, many murderers ended up in a very bad place. Remember Reagan and Khomeny? They both had dementia when they grew older. They failed to recognize their loved ones and lived like vegetables. Remember Hitler and Mussolini? They ended up burned or hanged. Anyone who makes other suffer will end up suffering himself or herself. I hate what you stand for, and I hate your values and beliefs. I hate your greed, selfishness, and arrogance. I hate those who love you and those who support you. I wish you all die you pieces of shit.

And to those who accuse me of hating everyone and of being a very angry person, I hope you understand why I am like that. I do not see any goodness in this world and instead I see so much evil and hate

Friday, July 21, 2006

Muhammad's Teachings Fucked you up Again

I understand how you were so influenced by the teaching of Muhammad, who urged you to terrorize and kill people. I know how you follow his footsteps in destroying the lives of many. You are a true Muslim who follows his Islamic violent teachings. It worked for Muslims in the past since their terrorism helped them invade countries and grow in numbers, but now it does not. I want to give a word of advice to Muslim terrorists every where in the world. See, you are dealing with a breed of people that are as vile and vicious as yours. You are dealing with racists supremacists who killed million people in Vietnam and 100.000 in Iraq. You are messing with a breed of people who massacred close to 2 million African slaves and Native Americans. You are fucking with a breed of people who murder 2 million unborn children every year. You are pissing off a breed of people who kill and do not talk or negotiate. You are fighting a group of people who allow Israel to take its vengeance out on poor Lebanese and Palestinians. See, the Jews feel bitter and hateful after being baked in ovens (6 millions of them). They cannot kill Germans so they are killing Lebanese and Palestinians. They had to unleash their repressed anger into innocent civilians and you are giving them this chance.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

An Open Letter to my Fellow Americans

My Fellow Americans,
I would like to know how you are able to sleep at night. I cannot. My government is spending my tax money to kill scores of Iraqis everyday. My government is giving a green light to the racist Israeli government that is killing hundreds of Lebanese people. I watch news all day and I see how many people are killed every minute. I see lives destroyed, children orphaned, and a country demolished. This country tried so hard to rebuild and when it did, it was destroyed again. Are we really God-fearing people? Are we kind people? We are killing people. So go to the mall and get designer name clothes. Buy the car you like and refinance your home. Watch oprah and pay donations to the Red Cross. Go to church and pray to Jesus. Maybe he will forgive you for letting your government kill all these people. Who cares about these people? Forget about me. I am a whiner anyway.

Why do They Hate us so Much?

Shortly after the terrorist attack of 9/11, an American woman approached me with a very interesting question: Why do they hate us so much? She was wondering why Arabs and Muslims hate the US so much and why they carried out this heinous act. I was offended by her question because she assumed that I am one of those who hate her and can tell her why. This woman is too oblivious and has been denied the truth by her biased government. Americans need to understand that many Arab youths are being recruited by terrorist organizations as we speak and are turning to the Islamic extremist ideology because of the blind support America has for the racist Israelis. Many Arabs and Muslims are being killed by American made bombe; their countries are being forced to go back on time, and their infrastructure is demolished by American made war planes. Americans need to understand this bitter truth and curb these racist Israelis. These moments happened before in the past and might have transformed many peaceful youths into the antisocial hateful Islamic miscreants they have become.

I want to say a couple of words to the Lebanese people: I admire your resilience. I have no question that you will survive this vicious assault. You are caught in the middle between fucken Islamic terrorists and fucken Jewish and Christian fascists. I have ultimate faith in your ability to rebuild your country. As fairuz said before, you will rise from the ashes. I love you and love your country.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Destructive Human Nature

I was totally wrong to claim that violence, hate, racism, and oppression are unique to Muslims. I still believe that Muslims are the most violent people in the world, but we Christians, as well as Jews, can be as destructive and hateful. I pronounce that human nature is just ugly and vile. People can be very violent and hateful even when they do not carry guns or blow themselves. It all stems from the belief that one’s race or religion or culture is superior to others. It all stems from the fact that people feel insecure and self-hateful so they project these ugly traits into others. It all stems from the belief that human beings are mortal so they assert their superiority by putting others down. I laugh when I hear someone saying that the West is not hateful. I am sorry but look at the history of Western individuals, who also happen to be Christians. How many African slaves they killed? How many Native American they destroyed? How many Vietnamese and Iraqis they killed in 2 unjust and illegal wars? How many South Americans they murdered by supporting fascist right wing regimes. Not to mention 2 world wars and the baking of Jews in Nazi ovens. I am so glad that they proclaimed that God is dead so that they do not count as Christians. As for the Jews in Israel, one cannot deny that this is a racist country. Israel requires people to identify their race in national id the same way Egypt asks people to identify their religion. Israel killed thousands of Lebanese, Palestinians by American made bombers. They admitted that they killed Egyptian POWs during the 1967 war.

Muhammad was the culmination of this disgusting human nature. Sharon and Hitler are not much different. Bush is a fatal combination of sheer stupidity and true American racism. People who hate Mubarak need to know that he did not kill anyone except terrorists. It turns out that he is at least more civilized than Bush.

I am sick and tired of human nature. I admit that I am also hateful and angry. I guess I cannot avoid being human

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Why I Hate Bush so Much?

I really hate 3 people with a passion: Muhammad, Osama ben Laden and Bush. I have spoken a lot about my utter hate and disgust of the first 2 men and will now write about Bush. This man represents everything ugly about America. He represents its racism, its hate, and its white supremacy. Bush is a stupid cowboy who is adored by those who watch Fox News, these red neck bastards, who pass winds and fuck their daughters. Bush is the hero of those bastards who carry the confederate flag at the back of their trunk and who hate anyone that does not look like them (i.e. ugly). Bush repeats the ugly history of the Europeans, who were engaged in 2 world wars that killed a total of 70 million people. He cannot escape his bloody root. He killed 100,000 Iraqis and close to 3000 American soldiers. I hate Bush because he made Islam stronger with his shear stupidity. He transformed Iraq from being the most secular country in the Arab world into a haven for terrorists who took us back hundreds of years and did the same thing that Muhammad used to do such as cutting people’s heads. I hate Bush because he spent 400 billion dollars in a war he obviously lost and could have used this money to employ the millions of Arab youths who cannot find a job and turn to terrorism. I hate Bush because he carries with him the white supremacist notion of “ the freaken white man burden.” He wants to civilize people by first killing them and destroying their country. Why does not he civilize his people first who abort 2 million children every year? Bush’s stupidity is matched by that of Israel’s: both are making Muslim militants so popular. Did you notice the impulsivity of both Bush and Israel? Bush is impulsive because he is a dry alcoholic and the Jews are impulsive because they are still bitter about the baking of their people in the Nazi ovens. I am speechless.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel Got to Stop this Shit

I am really disgusted with the disproportionate response that Israel had in retaliation for the kidnapping of its soldiers. Why the fuck are these Israeli bastards destroying what the Lebanese have built for the last 10 years. They are damaging Lebanon’s infrastructure and are creating more hateful militants as we speak. They cannot take out the leader of Hizbullah so they are killing civilians. I will say something that may offend people but I do not care any more. I noticed how many people of European origin (including Israelis) are so vindictive and vile. Olmert and Bush are part of that breed. They just do not allow anyone to step on their toes and when this happen they kill in a very vile and violent way. I am sick and tired of Hizbulah but I do not think that what they did warrants this incredible aggression from Israel. The Jews from European origins are now identifying with their aggressors, the European Nazis, who baked them in ovens and murdered 6 millions of them. They become fascists too. So now we have a conflict between fascist Muslims, fascist Jews and fascists Americans. How terrific!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel is Doing to Muslims What Muslims Did to the World

Now Israel is flexing its muscles and showing its mighty force against the Muslim countries. It blew up an airport and a major highway in Beirut. Israel killed 50 Lebanese people today in retaliation for its kidnapped soldiers. Its forces also murdered an entire family in Gaza. It is bullying the entire Arab world and its war planes are roaming unchallenged in the Arab world’s capitals. I think Muslims are finally having a chance to taste their own medicine. They also flexed their muscles and controlled people by force. They roamed into other people’s country and humiliated them. Now Muslims are being treated the same way they have treated others for centuries. They are being humiliated and beaten. This is Karma baby. The problem is that they always believed in force and now they are having the painful realization that they are powerless people. Muhammad told them to terrorize others and now they are being terrorized by Israel, a tiny country that only have 4 million people! How ironic

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Muslims Killed Again

So Muslims killed 174 people in India yesterday. What is new? Nothing. I feel that I am hearing a broken record: Muslims kill, Muslims murder, Muslims attack, Muslims blow themselves up, etc, The world needs to unite and eradicate Islam. It is a mental disorder. I am sick and tired of this bloody religion. I am sick and tired of fucken Muhammad the child molester who fucked a 9 years old girl, his aunt, and his daughter in law. When the hell will Muslims wake up and realize how bloody their religion makes them. When the hell will they realize that they are having a really bad image and that they are hated by everyone. When you watch the news, everything about violence and sectarian fighting is always related to Muslims. They fight with the whole world because fucken muhammad told them to do that. Fuck you Muhammad begad and fuck Islam

Why Did Zidane Snap?

I am a huge fan of Zineldeene Zidane, the best French soccer player ever lived. He led his country to the World Cup Final through his talent and hard work. He scored most of his team goals even when he reached the age of 34. He is one among 4 players in world cup’s history that scored goals in 2 finals. Needless to say, this man is a soccer-phenomenon and will be missed by many.

Unfortunately, this great player snapped and viciously attacked an Italian player by plowing his head into his ribs. As a result, he was kicked out of the match and caused France to lose the final game.

So what happened to this man? I will tell you what happened. Racism of whites and Muslims is to blame. The Italian player called Zidane “you terrorist son of whore,” and Zidane responded by hurting him the Islamic way. See Zidane is a proud Muslim who follows Islam teaching of fighting and killing people. This exchange is the story of my life. I have been hurt by both white and Islamic racism and it is refreshing to see the clash between the white supremacist and terrorist Muslims. I am really enjoying the fact that the current fight in Iraq is between evil whites represented by bush and evil Muslims represented by Osama and his followers, the followers of Muhammad the biggest terrorist ever lived.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Movie about Islam

Finaly, there is a movie about what I have been discussing in this web site for months: the perversion and violence of Islam. The movie is titled Islam: what the west needs to know here is the link
If you live in the US, I strongly recommend that you watch it. I cannot wait to get the DVD when it is out.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

You Muslim Piece of Shit

So this guy on the left killed himself along with other people and said that the British public should expect more attacks from his brothers the motherfucker Muslim militants, welad el mo7alel. This guy forgot his humble roots. Specifically, he forgot that his father left his God-forsaken hungry country and came as a refugee beggar to Britain, which allowed him to stay and provided him with the dignity and pride that he never got in his country. Yes, the British can be bigoted and aloof but who is not? The Indians, the Pakistanis, the Whole Muslim race are all bigoted motherfucker who live in the fantasy that they are superior to everyone else. This guy represents what is so sick about Islam. He has the balls to tape himself and threaten people even after his death. And the stupid al-Jazeera network has no dignity and had aired his rabid and hateful Muslim speech. I am sick and tired of seeing these ugly faces threatening innocent people’s lives. Islam is a cancer and a threat to civilization and it needs to be eradicated. I used to be angry with the Israelis who kill Palestinians and now I do not care. They think they are too brave? Let them suffer