Friday, July 28, 2006

Israel is Destroying my Country

Israel’s impulsive response to the abduction of its 2 soldiers by Hizbullah is not only destroying Lebanon; it is threatening my country as well. I blame Israel for the radicalization of the Arab world and for the level of fundamentalism that Egyptian Muslims have reached. I have always been puzzled by the way Egypt has transformed from a very secular country to a very religious and extremist one. After all, why would someone love a prophet who fucked a 9 years old aisha , his daughter in law zeinab bent gahsh, and his aunt khawalah. The answer is simple. Israel’s arrogance and racism fueled that. Muslims cannot help it when they see Israel bombing innocent civilians and destroying many Arab countries . During the 6 day wars in 1967, Israel also used its heavy hands in my own country and demolished many towns along the Suez Canal. It also destroyed a school and killed tens of children in bahr el bakar. Egyptian Muslims also witness Israel destroying the lives of many Palestinians and humiliating them. These factors all led to an uncontrollable anger in the hearts of Egyptian youths. They turn into religion, and their religion clearly gives them a license to hate and kill. It is not that they are economically oppressed and they are acting out. They are just reacting to fascist Israelis. I said before that Israel has a deep rooted sense of resentment and anger about the dehumanizing way with which jews were treated by the Germans. They hate humanity and they are extremely angry. They have to find a target to displace and discharge this toxic energy and killing helpless civilians helps them do that. These recent actions by Israel has probably polarized more Egyptians towards Islamic fundamentalism and hate. The fucken US administration’s rejection of the cease fire is making things worse and is probably creating more fucken Muhammad attas as we speak. I was walking today near a mosque and I can sense the hate these people have and their deep bitterness and resentment. I am worried that they will attack more of my churches. I am worried that they will kill more of my people. I am paying the price for israel’s racism and Bush’s stupidity. I am sick and tired of stupidity especially when it is mixed with oppression and racism. Fuck it


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I came across your blog by sheer coincidence, and the first few lines caught my interest so I started reading further. I admired your courage of digging into forgotten truth and presenting a side of Egypt that needs to come more to the surface, a secular side. I was disappointed by Egypt and ended up immigrating to the west, because of the current circumstances...but then you turned things upside down. I believe in no religion, but I see God and religion as symbols that desorves respect due to their contribution to humanity. And this does not stop at what we call Heavenly religions (Judiasim, Christianity & Islam), but extends to every single religion that uplifted the human kind. I totally agree that christians are oppressed in Egypt, but I don't see how your propsed solutions would help. The result is the comment you got by "sweet", (I have to say her comments gave me a good laugh).

To cut the story short, I hate to accuse you of being as fundamentalist as any Al-Qaeda member. You want to change, which is great....don't let your frustrations put you on the wrong track.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Mike Miz said...

Let me start off with this, the internet is not a legitimate source of information, unless if is from a government website.

Ok so you think Israel is racist right? You think Israel is evil, for oppressing your people and the people of the region?

If someone launches a rocket into your house when your just living your life, what would you do? I think you would not just sit there an allow people so spill your family's blood like the neighboring nations around Israel do.

Also when Israel hits a house in a residential area its obviously to get rid of a terrorist. Why would a country like Israel that has the whole world on its case about everything go and kill non combatants? Do you honestly think any government is that stupid?

Let me guess you said yes right? Then why is it that Israel calls the house 24 hours before they bomb it and tell all the people who live in the area we highly suspect that there is a terrorist in this house please stay away we are going to bomb it. That simple, why? Because they do not want to take a life without need, or take life of an non combatant.

While the other nations around Israel attack who? They attack were the people live not the military base, or other strategic targets. They instead go for the less defended civilians who have to walk down a street fearing if the guy next to them has a bomb strapped to his stomach.

Who is the bad guy? When Israel kills people they do it because either they are helping a terrorist (someone who is trying to hurt Israel) or because they got in the way. A kid hangs out with terrorist what do you expect when the terrorist training camp is destroyed? They should try not to destroy all of it?

Come on! I know your really ignorant, xenophobic and obviously uneducated on politics or Israel foreign policy (other then the made up stuff from other people's blogs and the internet) but do not post this stupidity on the internet unless you have proof to support it.

If you have any questions on what my sources are, they are the following. 1st I have friends who are in the Israel Defense Force, 2 The Case for Israel by Alan Dershowitz, and 3 I have taken a bunch of courses on middle eastern politics (which yes are from america who is an Israeli ally but here we can say fuck what the government says in class or in public and not get shot). My point being your talking big talk for someone who discovered all these fasts based on the internet where anyone can write anything and it does not have to be true **cough** this blog **cough**.

You obviously do are not require to speak truth when your are on the internet so why trust it? Especially when your talking about blogs.

And one last thing, please ignore any idiots who just post things like,

"SHUT the FUCK UP you MOTHER FUCKER..did your mom fucked a pig??are you sure your dad isn't a pig??hahahahhahahahahahha," that does not prove anyone right or wrong it just shows that your distasteful and are probably wrong because you can not argue you point, instead you can only insult the other party (in this case you). Idiots like that give arguing a bad name.

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