Thursday, January 25, 2007

To Think Deep

I received the following email from one of the most respected bloggers in Egypt: Thinkdeep.
Dear Maged,

I read the article you wrote on which you mentioned the perverted life of Prophet Mohamed and the references you used to reinforce your argument. But it lead me to numerous questions that made me confused. I gently request your help in solving these questions,
Thank you:
1) After almost 14 hundreds years and all these Muslims, nobody during these centuries discussed this issue?
2) All these proofs you used, with no offense, I heard it before but in your case, I repeat no offense, are not complete beside it doesn?t take into consideration the reasons of having these Q'uran statements, why they were sent to Prophet Mohamed.
3) I need to put myself in their places and then find an way to attack, I mean there is huge amount of references, why just picking the -ve few ones and neglect the majority which are praising.
4) Prophet Mohamed died long time ago, the responsible of the religion are his followers now, so you should talk and take your questions to them in order to have civilized discussion and get better results, I meant all of us not you specifically
.Is this is true?
I am seriously wanted to know the answers of these thoughts from you, what do you think , how you build your articles, on which arguments?
I appreciate your time and thank you very much.....

First of all, I am truly honored to have received this email. Due to security reasons I did not want to respond to the email and I hope that thinkdeep won't be upset that I am posting his email along with my response in my blog. By the way, this will honestly be the last thing I will write

In response to your first point: After the death of Muhammad, there was a huge (fetnah) in which thousands of Muslims decided to revert back to their old religions. If it was not for Abu Bakr, the successor of Muhammad who crushed these individuals, Islam would have crumbled. Many of those who decided to give up Islam during that time spoke out against the perversion of Muhammad. Also, after the split of Muslims into Shiaa and Sunni, there were a lot of personal attacks from the Shiaa against Muhammad and his wife, Aisha. Also, many Europeans investigated Muhammad and exposed many of the perversions I mentioned in my articles.

2. In response to your second point, you are making an assumption that something was "sent to Muhammad. This is far from truth. Muhammad had friend who was a former Christian priest; his name was Warakah ebn nofal. There is a famous hadeeth that the "divine inspiration" was halted after the death of Warakah. In other words, Warakah took the bible, perverted it, and used old Arabic poetry to make it sound palatable. He was the master mind of the Quran and quite honestly he made such a cheap imitation! I am also not sure what you meant when you said that my evidence was not complete. Please read your Islamic oral traditions very carefully.

In response to your third remark, I think you are making a huge point there, but even those hadeeth in which Muhammad was praised did not show any mercy at all. They reflected a man who is very strong, sexually monstrous, elitist, with an inflated sense of self. Can you really look at these praises and see how sexist, racist they are?

Finally, thinkdeep, I would really like you to be honest with me? Do you think I would be safe to go to a Muslim and tell him/her how I really think about their prophet? Even the media elitist such as the guy in orbit and el beet beetak threatened Father Zakareyah with death. I am nothing compared to him but imagine if I go to a coffee shop and start a conversation with a Muslim about the ill manner of Muhammad? I think I would be killed. The strategy I am following is the best strategy as far as spreading the real information about muahmmad,
You are such a great thinker and I hope my answers satisfy you. I am so humbled by your calmness and wish to learn how to do the same. God bless you!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Dear readers,
I am so speechless and cannot find words to express my gratitude and appreciation to you. I want to let you know that I am okay and nothing bad happened to me. I just had to escape for some time to examine life more deeply. I have realized that I have been extremely angry and frustrated and needed to take the time off to cool down. I went to a place with no Internet and no phones and served many poor people there. I invite all of you to serve the Lord with all your might and only then you would find true meaning in life. I feel much stronger now, especially after helping many needy people. I want to apologize to those who were dead worried about me for not assuring them for such a long time, but I want to tell them that I am okay. I want to give special thanks to those who signed their names such as Egypeter and true Egyptian those who did not and sent anonymous comments. I will not write any more but I will keep this blog and won't delete it because everything I wrote here about Muhammad is true and Muslims are realizing it as we speak. If I hurt their feelings in the process of doing that, I feel horrible about it, and that is why I will not do it again. However, I will keep my articles. May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you all and may Egypt become a better place to live and be.
P.S. I feel great that the democrats took over and because Saddam is gone. Here I go again!