Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thank you Mubarak

You owe me one big apology buddy. I trashed you for a very long time and designed this web site to attack you and your regime. I am sorry and i take back all these mean things I said about you. I realized that I was being unfair. You are one among the few wise people in our crazy and war-stricken region. You know that we can’t fight Israel (Aka America’s 51st State) and you opted to choose peace. I cannot imagine Egypt going through what Lebanon is going through right now. I can not imagine myself trapped in Egypt, unable to leave because the airport is destroyed. I can’t imagine living under the mercy of America-made Israeli war planes. I cannot imagine worrying about my family lest they get bombed. I cannot imagine not having food or power. I cannot imagine seeing scores of people dying. Mubarak knows it all; after all, we went through many wars with Israel and were almost destroyed. Mubarak knows that Bush and previous US administration are pimping on Israel because they wanted to court the Jewish US vote. Mubarak knows that we cannot survive another war with the racist Israelis, who became uglier and more violent than those who baked them in ovens. We have a sick fuck now in Egypt that wants to drag us to destruction the same way the muslim militants of Hizbbullah did to Lebanon. His name is Mahdy Akef, the leader of the Muslim brotherhood, and he wants us to have a referendum on the peace treaty with Israel. He wants our country to be carpet-bombed and wants to destroy our infrastructure. I hope Egyptians wake up and realize that the violent ideology of islam does not work any more and it can get our ass kicked. I hope they wake up and realize that anyone who carries the fucken symbol of Islam will eventually destroy us all. God bless you Mubarak; I hope you live forever. I hope the fucken US administration does not pressure you any more and understands that if you fall, the whole middle east will fall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya maged
walahi 3ndak 7a2 wel mos7af eno motakhalef mahdy 3akef we en beta3 hizbullah kaman motakhalef 3shan homa msh 7aseen belly feeh el civilings men suffering and pain but msh el islam el cause, misunderstanding islam hua el cause, w homa kaman 3arfen en elly by3melo msh islam serf bs homa 3ayzaan y3melo abttal, bs islam is not the problem, lw keda yeb2a el yahodya we7sha 3shan olmert w sharon w israel we7sheen, lw kedah teb2a christianity hia el sabab fe kol 7aga 3shan bush christian hia nafs el 7aga ya maged, nafs el 7aga walahi
P.S: i got 96% kabssa :)

12:18 PM  
Blogger delightfulsin_vittorio said...

you dick head when olmert stands ehind the pulpit and declares to the whole world : we have lost the war..what do u think of that ? who told u the egyptians dont stand a chance against israel ?? its ppl like u keeping the arab world behind, ppl like u who are a bad excuse of a human being that gives the upper hand to israel in wars..if u are weak and if u are a chicken, u dont have to ask us to follow ur steps and shit in our pants scared of the israeli cowards.. again, go fuck urself :)

6:47 PM  

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