Friday, July 21, 2006

Muhammad's Teachings Fucked you up Again

I understand how you were so influenced by the teaching of Muhammad, who urged you to terrorize and kill people. I know how you follow his footsteps in destroying the lives of many. You are a true Muslim who follows his Islamic violent teachings. It worked for Muslims in the past since their terrorism helped them invade countries and grow in numbers, but now it does not. I want to give a word of advice to Muslim terrorists every where in the world. See, you are dealing with a breed of people that are as vile and vicious as yours. You are dealing with racists supremacists who killed million people in Vietnam and 100.000 in Iraq. You are messing with a breed of people who massacred close to 2 million African slaves and Native Americans. You are fucking with a breed of people who murder 2 million unborn children every year. You are pissing off a breed of people who kill and do not talk or negotiate. You are fighting a group of people who allow Israel to take its vengeance out on poor Lebanese and Palestinians. See, the Jews feel bitter and hateful after being baked in ovens (6 millions of them). They cannot kill Germans so they are killing Lebanese and Palestinians. They had to unleash their repressed anger into innocent civilians and you are giving them this chance.


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