Thursday, January 11, 2007


Dear readers,
I am so speechless and cannot find words to express my gratitude and appreciation to you. I want to let you know that I am okay and nothing bad happened to me. I just had to escape for some time to examine life more deeply. I have realized that I have been extremely angry and frustrated and needed to take the time off to cool down. I went to a place with no Internet and no phones and served many poor people there. I invite all of you to serve the Lord with all your might and only then you would find true meaning in life. I feel much stronger now, especially after helping many needy people. I want to apologize to those who were dead worried about me for not assuring them for such a long time, but I want to tell them that I am okay. I want to give special thanks to those who signed their names such as Egypeter and true Egyptian those who did not and sent anonymous comments. I will not write any more but I will keep this blog and won't delete it because everything I wrote here about Muhammad is true and Muslims are realizing it as we speak. If I hurt their feelings in the process of doing that, I feel horrible about it, and that is why I will not do it again. However, I will keep my articles. May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you all and may Egypt become a better place to live and be.
P.S. I feel great that the democrats took over and because Saddam is gone. Here I go again!


Anonymous True Egyptian said...

Welcome back.
I am very glad that you are OK. Please keep on writing, it is a fresh look and ideas and it makes people think.
May the peace and love of our Lord be with you always.

3:41 AM  
Blogger Egypeter said...

Hey finally! Well, thank God you are okay.

All the conspiracy theorists had me worried and we all know what happened to poor Kareem Amer for expressing his unpopular views on his blog...the government threw him in jail for having his own opinion. And where was the outrage from your average everyday Egyptian or even the Egyptian media?? Why not rally for Kareem like everyone rallied for Alaa when he got thrown in jail?? Well, no, not in modern day ultra-conservative Egypt, where EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY decision is made with religion in mind. And since Karim obviously had different views, all of a sudden no one really cares if he dies in jail-for doing NOTHING wrong. It's like, "oh well, let the kafr die"....nice, huh?

Then there was that story on Sandmonkey's blog about a former Egyptian sheikh who peacefully converted to Chrisitanity and what did the government do? Yep, they threw him in jail for "Insulting Islam" or was it "Insulting Egypt" maybe it was "Insulting Muburak" whatever it was, he was charged with the violent, gruesome and heinous crime of "insulting (fill in blank)" how terribly ridiculous.

So it wasn't a stretch to imagine something bad happening to you but thankfully you're fine :)

Like I said, glad to see you back and safe Maged (even though I'm a Republican :)

Salaam and God bless.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Salma said...

hmmm, here you are again, it's nice of u to stop mocking us although it makes no difference wether u wrote or not, anyway im glad that 2amn dawla didnt capture u, if they had done it, i'd be sad, bcoz whatever u said and did u're an egyptian man. byebye

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came to this blog by accident. I was only searching for poets and I found my self in this blog. Jesus Christ is alive, and I'm sure that he is deeply sorry for you since you call him the Lord. There is no God but Allah. Jesus is not a Lord; he is a great prophet that suffered a lot from people like you!!! People who lie and turn facts upside down!!!. He will also be sorry for the impolite, etc., way that you use in your writing and the endless curses that you use and the horrible descriptions that you used to describe the prophet Muhammad with. We Muslims believe in all prophets and all holy books. We believe that Muhammad was the last prophet and Qur’an is the “last version” of holy books that all human beings should follow. All prophets are human beings. We do not make them Gods (Lords) as you do with Jesus Christ. They are good examples for humans that are almost perfect. They are the role models that we all should follow. The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last and the best. I’m not astonished by the enormous amount of hatred that fills your heart since Allah told us about people like you in the Qur’an saying: Hatred has already come of their mouths “in their speech” and what their chests hide is greater than that. We do not worship Muhammad as you worship Jesus Christ. Muhammad is prophet, a perfect human being, the best son of Adam and he did his mission as a prophet and a messenger in a perfect way and he finally died. We worship Allah that will never die. Jesus Christ did not die yet, he will come back to complete delivering his message, the same message that Muhammad delivered to all human being. I hope you will be alive when he comes back to know how wrong you were. You and all people of the “hatred and envy camp” are attacking prophet Muhammad as an approach to attack Islam. All what you have mentioned about Muhammad are all lies. Muhammad was a prophet and prophets do not commit sins. They do not deliver their message, they deliver Allah’s (Gods’) message. Allah is the real Lord and not Jesus Christ or Mary. All Muhammad’s actions and sayings (hadiths) were all inspirations. He is the only human being without a single sin. He did not marry; he was ordered to marry. It was a part of his mission to marry. He “was married” for wise, noble ends that people like you cannot understand. He was also ordered not to have any more wives at a certain time of his life and again as a part of his mission since more marriages will not serve any more ends. I thought a lot not to write to you since I already know all what you are saying. It does not even deserve to reply to that. Finally I decided to reply hoping that you may review you writings, apologize for them and discover that you committed a big sin. I’m sure that the prophet Jesus Christ - that you love and we love- is really sorry that you committed such a horrible sin which is cursing a prophet and describing him with such horrible descriptions that you will be sorry if somebody cursed you or one of your family members with these curses or described you with these descriptions. You may ask Allah “the real lord” for forgiveness and ask him to guide you to the real road, I mean to Islam. All religions were originally the same, were originally Islam but they were modified/distorted by people like you. People that hatred, envy and arrogance made them blind/blind-hearted and made their hearts as hard as rocks.

8:22 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

You insult me by saying that Jesus is a prophet and by also saying that Muhammad is a prophet. Muhamad was nothing buy a child molester. You know it and you cannot hide it. I won't get dragged to start over again because I already gave you ample evidence that Muhammad molested a 6 year old aisha, married his daughter in law, killed thousands, spewed hate in the heart of all arabs and muslims, and had sex with tons of women he wom from war. I would like you to read my post again. I will say it again to you. I will never retrieve any word I wrote because everything I wrote in this blog was backed by evidence from your sick muslim books. peace!!

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again you curse. I will not reply to curses by curses. This is what Muhammad taught us. He also taught us to call (preach) to Allah by wisdom and good /nice words not by curses. I do not think that Jesus ordered his followers to curse all the time as you are doing, He was a great prophet.I love all the prophets. You are lying if you said that you follow Jesus doctrine. Again you keep on lying, no wonder you keep on doing that. The evidences you talk about are all lies. Lies that you and people like you, created and believed. It's just a reflection of your blind hatred to Islam and his prophet. You are not Unique in history. There is a long row of people like you that attacked Islam and his prophet for centuries and it did not work!! Even when Muhammad was alive, he suffered from people like you who denied his call to Allah and refused to follow his message (Allah message). People like you will not stop the spread of Islam towards the hearts of people and will not delay the vast conversion of millions into Islam. It’s the “light” that gets into hearts. I hope it will find its way into your heart one day. You are just cursing and shouting but nobody will listen. Allah promised us that he will complete his "light" i.e., complete delivering his message even if disbelievers hated that.


9:18 PM  
Anonymous True Egyptian said...

Dear Anonymous (Muhammad)

I would like to take the point with you regarding Islam and the teaching of the profit Mohamed to his followers.
I do not curse of abuse, but rather I do use logic and knowledge. I hope you do the same, which you seem to be trying.
I do feel sorry and sympathetic towards you, because you can not believe your eyes and what you read? Even it seems to you as blasphemy, but what if it id true? This is the CHALANGE, to check it out, research and find out if it true or not??????
Here are some sites for you to research and come back and tell us if it is true or not?

No2 above has all the references you need and it is written by a scholar of history and religion.

The other issue I would like to take up is “if Islam is truly a religion of peace; Why is it all this killing and hate by Moslems around the world? If this is what god is all about I do not want that god??????? Can you explain to us why is all the hate and killing? Where is the love and peace?
Dear friend I have lived in a mainly Moslem country for some of my life, I have seen first hand what they are like?????

God bless you and I hope that our Lord Jesus Christ forgive you and enlighten you to see the truth. But please research what the Quran says??? And the history of Islam.

4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello True Egyptian,

All the issues you are discussing about the prophet Muhammad concerning his marriage and others are not new and do not claim that you discovered that as a result of your research!!! They have been discussed for centuries and the answers are also there along time ago in internet sites different from the “suspicious” sites you recommended. I think you can read in Arabic. You can find all the answers in this site:

Being married to his aunt as Maged lied, is a big “fake”!!! This is Mageds’ new “false” discovery. He will be a famous historian soon and he might be granted Noble prize for that. But this is not the core issue.

The core issue is to believe first that there is no God but Allah (not Jesus) and Muhammad is his messenger. If you believed in that, you will then accept all Muhammad sayings and acts because you will then believe that they were not “his” sayings or acts or teachings. They were all inspirations with noble, wise ends behind. He was ordered from God to say what he said, to do what he did and to preach by what he preached. Do you think that Allah (God) will order Muhammad or inspire him to say or do something wrong??? Muhammed is the only human being who did not commit a single sin along his life, even before being a prophet. You could ask me why eating Pork in Islam is forbidden (haram). Again the issue is that: If you believe in God you will follow his orders whether you had known the wisdom behind or not. We do not worship Muhammad (as you worship Jesus), we worship Allah. Muhammad (as all prophets) was the great example (role model) that applied Allah teachings to himself first.

You claimed that Muslims are committing killing around the world. I do not claim that Muslims are angels and there is a difference between Muslims and Islam. Some Muslims are not good example for their religion. At the same time it’s not fair to claim that Muslims are committing killing and hate around the world!!!!. In fact, in all the conflicts that are happening now around the world, you will find that those who are killed are the Muslims, those who are oppressed are the Muslims, those who are being forced to leave their homes and lands and live as refugees are Muslims. Massacres are committed against Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Kashmir, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Lebanon, etc. And when they try to defend themselves and get their rights back, they are then accused to be terrorists.

Muslims are against suicide bombing and against terrorist attacks since they kill innocent people. But, when a suicide bomber kills himself, as a hopeless final solution that he found no other solution but to kill himself and makes a bomb out of his flesh and blood to get his rights back, you find all the western media cry and scream for that. But, when hundreds of thousands of Muslims are massacred with all the up to date, forbidden/banned weapons, no one cares since they are just Muslims. They are in the eyes of some (not all) western people at a less degree that animals!!! Do you think that suicide bombers love to die? Do you think that they will use suicide bombing if they have rifles, tanks, and other weapons that they can use to defend themselves and get their rights back? I think they were trapped to the degree that they found no way to kill their enemies but their bodies!!!! I’m really sorry for them and I hope to stop doing that and find another, less controversial, way to defend their rights. Give them the weapons to defend themselves and I’m sure that suicide bombing will be a history.
Racism against Muslims is now the heart of the current, man – made, “extreme” Judaism and Christianity. The divine Judaism and Christianity do not accept such racism against any human being because of being different in color or race or religion or belief.

I love the West as I love my country and I have many Western friends that do not hate Muslims as you do.. The majority of Christians in the West are wise and fair.

I know very well about my Qur’an and the Islamic history. I know also very well about the bible/Gospel and your beliefs since Allah have told us about that in Qur’an. I know how the current bible/gospel describes prophets in a terrible way. No wonder you describe Muhammad with the same horrible descriptions that you used to describe prophets with in your “man – made” bible. Muslims love all prophets and believe in them on equal basis. It’s a part of our faith/belief in Allah is to believe in all prophets as they all delivered the same message from ONE God (Allah). But they are all human beings NOT Gods.
Thanks for writing in such a polite way, I do appreciate that. You are totally different from your friend Maged who always curses and then claim that he loves Jesus. I’m afraid that such blogs will turn Egypt one day into Lebanon. If you are real Egyptians you should NOT do that. You are playing with fire. Egypt should stay the land of tolerance in which Muslims and Christians are living together in peace. I have many Christian friends that do not have such aggressive attitude like you. We discuss many political and religious issues with love and respect. I think your priests/ministers will be very sad and angry if they stop by this blog that spreads hatred and enmity/hostility among people of the same country. May Allah bless Egypt and keep it safe.


8:16 PM  
Anonymous True Egypian said...

Dear Muhammad,

Thak you very much for your attempt to answer my query and I do appreciate your effort, zealousness and frankness, however you did not answer my query or meet my challange, you simply answering me with "motherhooa and apple pie" statments which mean nothing and have no substance.

Let us take step by step, OK
The Qur'an starts every sura with
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم in the name of God the most merciful and loving.

Here is a simple exercise and very specefic, let us be positive, can you please find out how many instructions ar teaching you have in your holy book support this statement of love and how many oppose?
Then we talk more

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too, came to this blog by accident. Nothing new here on the internet. It's all been said before--same shit...different day. OK, so you hate Islam and Muslims. Blah, blah, blah. I'm sure they could care less.

And you hate the Egyptian government. Yawn. You're not alone there either. You will find people of all faiths in your country hating the government.

So the only thing left to comment on really is your hypocrisy. You are obviously a Christian, and a typical Egyptian Christian at that. Jesus is your Lord, therefore I assume, he is also your example? If you are acting in a Christ-like manner, inciting hatred, then I could assume, using your own logic about the Prophet Muhammad, that Jesus is one horrible role model.

Before you continue your rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth insanity, ask yourself...WHAT WOULD JESUS DO???

(another anonymous)

6:44 AM  
Anonymous True Egyptian said...

To another anonymous

Yes I was born in Egypt and yes I am a Christian and yes Christ is my Lord and I do this out of my free will and after long and labourious study and search.

And yes I will do what my Lord commands me to do:
Please God forgive them and grant them peace to see how sweet and loving God You are (Amen)
God bless you.

1:15 AM  
Anonymous 3r anonymous said...

we anonymous are not doing very well, we are swearing and attacking and they just take it? may be we should try logic?

1:22 AM  
Blogger Egypeter said...

True Egyptian is NOT inciting hatred!!!

Take a look around you in Egypt you blind fools!!! It's Egyptian muslims who are inciting hatred towards EVERYONE!!

Are you all so blind in Egypt that you don't see this happening all around you?????

Last I checked it was a Muslim (that Imara asshole) who wrote in his book that the blood of Kaffr is hillal!! What religion is Imara???

When was the last time you saw a Christian priest say the blood of muslims is ok to be spilled and then you can steal their stuff??

Answer the question!! And don't tell me this man does not speak "ture Islam" cuz I am so sick of that lame ass excuse!!!!!

Muslims need to learn to live in peace with non-muslims. THAT is the problem!

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,greetings from Italy and welcome back.
I was a bit worried about you,i really thought that something bad happened to you but from your blog i read that you have occupied all these months in a great way helping poor people and looking deeply inside you.
Surely our Lord Jesus has driven you in this important "journey".
I really believe you when you write that thanks to this experience you feel stronger.I felt the same when I came back to Italy from a wonderful experience in Bangladesh.
Hey,I've read on an Italian magazine that some Coptics monasteries are open for people that want to have a deep religious experience to pray our Lord Jesus.Have you visited one of them?

I want to leave a short message to egypeter and to true egyptian:don't get angry because of Muhammad's message left in this blog.Some months ago I got more or less same messages at my box in a site of international penfriends.A muslim was writing "kilometric"emails about Islam,Quram,Mohammad etc.I tryed with polite manners to explain him that I wasn't interested in his discussion but he continued.At the beginning I was getting angry like you but at the end I thought that this guy must be felt rather frustrated because his words didn't mean nothing to me.At the end he stopped to bore me...
Ciao to all from Italy,

6:31 PM  
Blogger mahmoud said...

dear anonymous 1:
I really appreciate ur patience,these guys will live and die like this without giving them selves a single chance to put the hypothesis that islam is maybe right,
they are simply blocking every road to them.
About Insulting prophet Muhammed (PBUH) I didn't expect better than this!!
About making challenges, sorry baby it's not a game, it's not ahly and zamalek.
IT IS A LIFETIME FAITH, and to think about the TRUTH needs a stop, reading alot, asking from the Lord, God or Allah to lead us to the true and right path with hearts that can accept all possibilities, and not people trying to make them selves right and others wrong.
At last people stop that rant we don't need this, "You have your religion and I have mine"

2:31 PM  
Blogger mahmoud said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:48 PM  
Blogger mahmoud said...

1) about that Guy who said that we can spill the blood of christians, we do not care what ignorant people say, I think el azhar had replied, and all muslims have replied for this. plz read Qur'an verse 92 suraht al nesa' (4)

speaking about muslims living peacfully with others, remember that we are living together in egypt for more than 1000 years as friends and in some cases families, and also REMEMBER what happened in the history of Spain (andalusia) and killing of muslims and u'll exactly understand what I mean. We are the majority in Egypt and ur behaving like this, I don't know what would happen if we were the 10 % , u may have slaughtered us!!!

2) speaking about the prophet as a Pedophilic, all historcians know by now that a'esha when officially married to the Prophet was between 14 and 28, plz read from healthy sources not the sick ones u PICK intentionally!!

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yes we recall the history of Spain (Andalusia), when muslims conquest it killing everyone, and converting churches into mosques!!, same as many other countries like Turkey, Egypt, Syria...etc! Maybe you need to start reading reliable & impartial sources rather thank sticking to your perverted ones.

Hey, history flashback - All Egyptians were christians before Islamic invasion!! So the 10% used to be 100%, and then due to immigration & robust birth rates muslims forms now 90% or maybe more!!! Let me ask you a question, do you know any religion having the word "Ghihad" as main concept??!!

To anonoyomous and all other muslims, stop answering blah blah blah, when you feel weak!, i know it's something in your religion to blah blah thousands of irrelevant words rather than thinking logic!!

Maged, True Egyptian others...keep up enlighting us by the islam, don't consider muslims as your target as they will never be, but God bless you for crystalizing it to others.

Maged, True Egyptian & others...please keep enlighting us about islam, don't consider muslims as your audience as they will never be. God bless you all for crystallizing facts to others.

3:12 PM  
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