Sunday, February 26, 2006

Love Thy Enemy?

Growing up as a Coptic Christian in Egypt, I was always puzzled by Jesus’ appeal for us to love our enemies. I asked myself how I could possibly love people who constantly treated me as a second class citizen. I could not forgive them for the churches they burnt and for the children they orphaned during many racist attacks against my people. How can I forgive Arabs who came from far away and destroyed my Coptic culture? How can I forget what they did to my people from one generation to another? I asked myself: Is Jesus out of touch? How can He expect me to forgive these people? I hated Egypt so much and I decided to move to America. I first idealized the American people, but was gradually able to see how there is such an institutionalized racism in this country. After 9/11, I started to feel unwanted and many incidents of racism happened to me. One time a man looked at me during a traffic stop and said “you Arab why are here? Go back to the desert!” He could not even entertain the thought that I left my home country because of the very same people he feared and hated. I also received an anonymous email from a student poking fun of my brown skin and asking me to go back home to where I belong. When I ignored the poor prick, he emailed my boss and asked him to fire me for being anti-American. I think I pissed him/her off after speaking about my experience as a marginalized Egyptian in a country that is becoming so racist after Bush took over. I allowed him to get in touch with his privilege and caused him to feel guilty. Once again, I asked myself: How can I love these people? I honestly started to believe that Jesus is out of touch. How dare He ask me to forgive those idiots? I yielded to my anger and I started hating my enemies. I got in touch with feelings one day and looked at the mirror. I realized that they turned me into a hateful angry person. It even shows in my face. I hate to be like that and I won’t be like that. I guess Jesus is right. We should love our enemies because the alternative is to hate them. When we hate, we are dehumanized and we become obsessed with our fear and anger. If we do not love them, we are imprisoned by our hate and our hate permeates our lives to the extent that we may start hating ourselves. I am telling racist Muslims and racist whites, I will stop hating you. In my new posts, I will show this love. I will let you keep the hate and I won’t compete with you over it. You won it all!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Do You Think You Scare the World?

Listen to me you deluded immature Islamic fundamentalist slobs: You do not scare me and you do not scare a chicken. Look at you every where in the world. You are crushed by non-Muslims. In response to your attack on his country, Bush killed 100,000 of your brothers and sisters in Iraq and 30,000 in Afghanistan. India crushed you in Kashmir. Israel humiliated you and destroyed your symbols such as Ahmad Yaseen and AlRanteesy. The Philippine perished your terrorist Abu Sayaf group. How about the Russians and what they did to your Chechnyan idiots? The list goes on and on. However, you are mostly crushed by your own people. Should I remind you with how the regimes in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Pakistan, etc. crushed your heads? You are nothing but a fly on the wall that makes noise but is doomed to die. You make me sick with your beards and your burned foreheads. You make me vomit when I see how you treat your women and how you imprison them in your shit-holes. Let me tell you something, if there was a liberal drop of blood in me, you sucked it dry. I call upon non-Muslims in the world to continue to destroy these Islamic miscreants every where. Do them a favor, they desperately seek virgins in paradise and you are their only hope! Do not stop please because if you stop, they will kill and destroy you. One last thing, I dare any Muslim fundamentalist to explain this to me: Whey would you love a man who took a 9 years-old as a wife, married his daughter in law, stayed in his mother’s uterus for 4 years, wrote in his holy book that it is okay to marry infants, split an old woman into 2 parts using 2 strong camels because she cursed him, and asked his followers to eat donkeys?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

How Many Will Die?

The Egyptian government finally admitted that many cases of the Avian Flu were discovered in its territory. I am very concerned about the safety of our people. The government has no safety regulations and some people can be extremely dirty and ignorant. In many neighborhoods people raise their birds (chicken, pigeons, ducks, geese, etc) in their households either at their roofs, their basements, or their balconies. I think we need to ban these practices. Yes, Egyptian poultry tastes better than American ones because they are not fed with hormones; however, we do not have any safety rules and things go unwatched in our beloved Egypt. We are lucky that the virus did not mutate until now to cause human to human infections but if this becomes the case, I expect thousands, if not millions, in Egypt to die. God be with us.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Do Not Cry for Child Molesters

I could not believe my eyes today. A Pakistani mob torched Ronald McDonald and burned Western restaurants and banks. How traumatic this scene must have been to many children! Do they know how many children all over the world love Ronald? Don’t these people have hearts? What is McDonald doing there anyway? I heard that Pakistanis eat goats and I am not sure if McDonald can compete with its hormone-fed cows. Why are these people so angry? Why do they love a child molester that much? Two young men died defending a womanizer, a child molester, and a murderer who said that he will marry the Virgin Mary in Paradise. I feel bad for them and for the stupid idiots who marched with them today.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Our Impulsive Arab World

As I witnessed the Arab streets’ latest reactions to the Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons, I was perturbed by the impulsive nature of our people. Arab street protesters were unable to act like mature human beings; rather, they responded like very young children. I am unsure what to make of their heinous attitude, but I think we need to have a serious examination of our attitudes and behaviors as Arabs. Why did not these protesters get so outraged when a bunch of virgin-seeking delusional miscreants flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and killed thousands of people? Why did not they get outraged when a thousand innocent migrant workers were eaten by Red Sea sharks as a result of a greedy government official (the owner of this ship is a parliament member) Why did not they get outraged when sheet-wearing men blew up trains in England and Spain? Why do they care so much about the dignity of a man who married a 9-years-old child and not about the lives of thousands? Can they get any lower? I know why they are not outraged. They are jealous. They do not have tall building so they destroy them when they see them. They do not have good lives so we destroy the lives of those who enjoy their lives. They are caught up in their narcissistic fantasies since they think they are better. They have this distorted thought because they think they have God, but let me tell you something, they made God look like a violent bloody pimp!!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Arab World is in a Sexual Revolution

The Internet has finally exposed what Arabs have been trying so hard to hide from the outside world: Their sexual revolution! I have been discovering daring explicit video clips taken by people who use their camera phones. These clips have been exchanged through a variety of web sites (e.g. and contained scenes of sex acts between Arab men and women. These clips can sometimes include group sex, anal sex, oral sex, and same sex acts. Some of these clips showed sexual acts in cars parked at rest stops in a highway and also showed many veiled women who experimented with different sexual position. Other clips showed celebrities such as the daughter of Samir Ghanem, famous Egyptian actor with a Saudi man and Dina, the voluptuous belly dancer with Hossam Abu el Fetooh. Some of these clips were taken in Egypt with many covered girls. I should also note that most of these video clips were taken in the Persian Gulf. Since this blog is clean, I will try to give you a sanitized sample by presenting 2 pictures of the wife of wesam, one of the fanatics in Paltalk.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Egyptian Women: Please wake up!

Our country will conquer its wide-spread ignorance, prejudice and cultural bankruptcy if our Egyptian women decide to take a strong stance against their systematic oppression in our nation. I wish that Egyptian women demonstrate and protest against a recent verdict to dismiss the case of Hend el Henway (who I consider one of the pioneers of women’s rights in Egypt) against “Islamic preacher” Ahmad el Fishawy. Hend asked the court to force el Fishawy to acknowledge that he is the father of her 2-years-old daughter, Leena who was the product of their “common law marriage.” The judge dismissed her case citing a sick Islamic law that advocates that only those who are publicly married should acknowledge their parenthood of their children. In other words, according to this perverted Islamic law, if you have an illegitimate child with a woman, you do not have to acknowledge that you are the parent of this child and you do not have to support him/her. I am extremely disgusted by this judge and by the law he used in making his verdict. I am dismayed by that pig el Fishawy who refuses to acknowledge his parenthood of his daughter, his flesh and blood. What a callus and coward pervert! I hope his daughter grows up fast and becomes like Roubi (Egyptian sex symbol) so that he could kick himself in the balls. Our women need to speak out against that verdict since it absolves men from their responsibility towards their children. That is, our men can “have fun” with women without paying alimony or child support leaving these women without financial support in a sick socity that discriminates against them. You want to be more outraged? Some of the Muslim clerics in Egypt are issuing a “Fatwa” that Hend should be stoned to death. I am sick and tired of this Wahaby government and this Wahaby judicial system.

Protests and Boycotts have created a backlash in Europe

I call upon Muslims all over the world to stop carrying out protests against the cartoons of their prophet. These protests annoy the West because they attempt to censor freedom of expression. You have to understand that these people's religion is their individual freedom and they could also die for their religion the same way you could. In response to your protests, Europeans are publishing new cartoons that are more daring and “offensive.” This is a brand new cartoon from a Czeck web site clearly showing the infamous story of Muhammad’s marriage to 9-years-old Aisha.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Iranian pigs

Here is the first cartoon about the Holocaust made by the religious yahoos in Iran.


Time for democracy in Egypt

In Egypt, we had the first government humans ever created and we were the first to write and read. We had a rich history and our people are kind and warm. We have one of the richest countries in the world since it’s not yet bankrupt despite the billions of dollars extorted by our government officials. We have great minds such as Mahfouz, Zowail and Baradaay. We love sex, food and shishah. We have organic food in many parts of the country, especially our poor neighborhoods! We have people who can do anything for those they love and fight for their children. We have children who never put their parents in nursing homes when they grow older, and yes we have a good soccer team. We have stores and coffee shops that open until 3AM every night even in winter time and in Mondays. We have belly dancers and we love Dina and Souad Hosny. We have 5 stars hotels and we pay 30 dollars a night for a room to be there. We have the best food ever made and we have the best water ever tasted. God, we have so many things don’t we? Alas, we do not have the most important thing in life: Democracy. My blog will support the current democratic movement in Egypt. We will defend Dr Ayman Nour, my hero and will pressure our government to release him. If Gamal Mubarak promises us democracy we will support him and if he is a copy of his father we will work against him. We will fight for women’s rights. Women in Egypt don't have equal inheritance and if they testify in court they are counted as half men. We will advocate destroying any political, educational and employment barriers they face . It is time to have a new spirit in Egypt. I am a secular guy so I believe in the separation of State and religion. I may be able to tolerate those who say that Islam is the solution but I won’t tolerate their stupidity in making their argument about that. When you say that a specific religion is a solution, you are automatically abolishing the rights of those who differ from you. I have every right to believe in a God other than Allah and you have every right to believe in a tree, sex object, Dina, and of course Ruby (she is a goddess is not she?) Let us roll.