Thursday, February 08, 2007

To Sarah

I cannot help but respond to Sarah's post which was as follows:

Dear maged, i've read some of what you've written about islam and so on... hmm though a lot of it sort of took my breath away, but i dnt blame you. i'm a muslim (and not ashamed nor afraid to post a comment as annonymous) and i know we've drawn a very bad image about islam in the past years. bas just to remind you before "thawra" there was nothing like muslim and christian and we were all brothers and sister, and i would still like to stick to that idea. and to stick to that idea maybe we should start to respect each other independently from what our beliefs are, i believe in god and mohamed, you believe in jesus and i dnt know what else, i respect your beliefs and i request that you respect mine. if i wanted to i could have humiliated christians figures like you did, but i wouldnt, muslim figures are humans and allowed to make mistakes, they are not perfect and not neccessarily everything they say is true, nor everything they say we believe in. for the sake of humanity and peace for this country, i request you to respect me as a fellow citizen. whether egypt is arabic, jewish, coptic, atheist, i dnt care, it's still my sole that i love. try to think before you write all this what kind of trigger you're pulling. to be fare i didnt read everything you've posted coz i have an exam 2mrw, i was just interested in fo2ad negm and found this by coincidence. soon, when i finish exams i'll read everything you've written and we can discuss all your views and all your criticism. but please, dnt offend people we love. if they're wrong god will punish them not us.thank you for reading thisyour fellow citizen

First of all, let me express my gratitude to your calmness and kindness. You are the first Muslim woman to come to this blog and not accuse me of anything! Please read my comments about Muhammad as if you are reading a research article. Do not mind my sarcastic tone. Here is my challenge to you: If you are able to verify all the information I posted, will you really have an inch of respect for Muhammad? I doubt it. As I said before, I totally understand the pain and hurt I am cuasing to many misguided Muslims, so I stopped blogging about Muhammad. God bless you and bless Egypt!