Monday, July 31, 2006

Why Israel is so Brutal?

I have spoken before about the price of oppression and warned against the consequences of oppressing one race by another. I am trying to understand the vicious nature of the Israelis and why they have became so vindictive and vile. I decided to search Israeli blogs for an answer and came to the following conclusions. I think the case of Israel’s aggression resembles the way an African man oppresses his woman. See, he has been terrorized and dehumanized by fucken white supremacy and felt helpless about it. He just could not reclaim his pride and felt continuously fucked by it. What to do? If you cannot beat them join them. In other words, African American men identify with those who fucked them up. They became one with them. They adoped their vicious dominating attitudes. No wonder they are the number 1 spouse abusers in the US. The same goes for Coptic men. We all remember the famous case of Wafaa Kostanteen, the priest’s wife who ran away with a Muslim man and caused uproar among Christians. Her husband, the priest, oppressed and humiliated her. He also physically and verbally abused her. See, he could not fuck those fucken Muslims who humiliated him for years and made fun of his religion. He had to be like them by oppressing a helpless woman.
It is time for self-reflection. One person responded to one of my posts by writing that I enjoy being a victim and that I am equally guilty of the hate that I despise. Maybe I am identifying with the aggressor but see the difference here is that I am not targeting my hate to helpless people. I am exposing every fucken oppressor who destroy others. I am speaking out against Muslims who oppress Christians and against Jews who oppress Muslims and Christians who oppress both Muslims and Jews. See I have to say that we, Christians, are fucked up too. Just watch fuckers such as jerry Falwell and pat Robertson who cheer Israel and want a serious war in the Middle East. I can also see how our Pope oppresses the thousands of Coptic women who deserve to be divorced from their abusing husbands, but he is impeding them from doing that, something that may lead them to lose their religion and run away with Muslims, who will also oppress them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me ask you a question:
if egypt was suffering from non stop rockets from Gaza, Israel, Lybia or Sudan. what whould you suggest to do? sit back and wait until it is over?
i believe the ball is in Hammas hands, if Hammas stops violating the peace, there will be peace.

why dont you investigate Hammas reasons shooting on civilian targets?
is your black/wife theory relevant in their case as well?

think about it.

peace and respect!!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Jake said...

I agree fully with the previous comment. Israel is not aggressive, it is acting preemtively in defense.

During the Six Day War, four countries declared war on Israel. Israel, a tiny country, beat them back. They beat them because they had to in order to survive. It is a fight for life.

The surrounding Arab countries simply will not let them be, and as long as they fire rockets into our civilian cities, we will strike back so hard they will regret their actions.

2:24 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to this blogger. I don't see any new posts.

I know they may never read it but these two above who are spouting lies about what's really going on need to be corrected. Neither Sudan, nor Libya, nor any other country in the middle east is firing rockets into Israel. That is patently false and you know it. Sensationalist bullshit. Saudi Arabia is a friend of Israel. Qatar is a friend of Israel. Kuwait is a friend of Israel. UAE is a friend of Israel. It's only the Lebanese and the Syrians who are enemies with Israel and they have every right to be considering the shit that Israel has perpetrated in those two countries. I can't stand it when Christians stand up for Israel. Talmudic Jews hate Christians. They refer to Jesus Christ as the son of a prostitute. The Sanhedrin crucified Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ hated the Saduccees and Pharisees. Jesus was a Palestinian, not a Jew.

2:02 PM  
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