Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Muslims Killed Again

So Muslims killed 174 people in India yesterday. What is new? Nothing. I feel that I am hearing a broken record: Muslims kill, Muslims murder, Muslims attack, Muslims blow themselves up, etc, The world needs to unite and eradicate Islam. It is a mental disorder. I am sick and tired of this bloody religion. I am sick and tired of fucken Muhammad the child molester who fucked a 9 years old girl, his aunt, and his daughter in law. When the hell will Muslims wake up and realize how bloody their religion makes them. When the hell will they realize that they are having a really bad image and that they are hated by everyone. When you watch the news, everything about violence and sectarian fighting is always related to Muslims. They fight with the whole world because fucken muhammad told them to do that. Fuck you Muhammad begad and fuck Islam


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tesda2 en enta ebn mara metnaka wen enta gaban 3ashan bet2ol keda 3ala el el net w7anet2bel fe el 2a7'ara ya kos omak wenta bet3ayet wmestny el enta betshtmo da yeshfa3alak bs sa3atha my yenf3sh el nadm ya kafer

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