Thursday, February 08, 2007

To Sarah

I cannot help but respond to Sarah's post which was as follows:

Dear maged, i've read some of what you've written about islam and so on... hmm though a lot of it sort of took my breath away, but i dnt blame you. i'm a muslim (and not ashamed nor afraid to post a comment as annonymous) and i know we've drawn a very bad image about islam in the past years. bas just to remind you before "thawra" there was nothing like muslim and christian and we were all brothers and sister, and i would still like to stick to that idea. and to stick to that idea maybe we should start to respect each other independently from what our beliefs are, i believe in god and mohamed, you believe in jesus and i dnt know what else, i respect your beliefs and i request that you respect mine. if i wanted to i could have humiliated christians figures like you did, but i wouldnt, muslim figures are humans and allowed to make mistakes, they are not perfect and not neccessarily everything they say is true, nor everything they say we believe in. for the sake of humanity and peace for this country, i request you to respect me as a fellow citizen. whether egypt is arabic, jewish, coptic, atheist, i dnt care, it's still my sole that i love. try to think before you write all this what kind of trigger you're pulling. to be fare i didnt read everything you've posted coz i have an exam 2mrw, i was just interested in fo2ad negm and found this by coincidence. soon, when i finish exams i'll read everything you've written and we can discuss all your views and all your criticism. but please, dnt offend people we love. if they're wrong god will punish them not us.thank you for reading thisyour fellow citizen

First of all, let me express my gratitude to your calmness and kindness. You are the first Muslim woman to come to this blog and not accuse me of anything! Please read my comments about Muhammad as if you are reading a research article. Do not mind my sarcastic tone. Here is my challenge to you: If you are able to verify all the information I posted, will you really have an inch of respect for Muhammad? I doubt it. As I said before, I totally understand the pain and hurt I am cuasing to many misguided Muslims, so I stopped blogging about Muhammad. God bless you and bless Egypt!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went through your blog by accident, [while i search for story about Moh'd Emara, whom i share you a deep disrespect to him], I am amazed by the contradicting feelings you hold inside, it seems you spend a pretty long time to feed your hatred to many things in the site.
you are person CONSUMED by his hatred and will spend his life like a poor Zamalkawi wishing to see Alahly defeated!
Get out of this mode, you will never be able to change the Egyptian society, and the 7-10 million Coptic will not declare independence in another Egypt, Coptics and Muslims are doomed to live together like church marrage though they don't like one another, learn to adapt and communicate and live....
and don't fight others battles, Lebanse, Palestinians & Iraquis are simply paying the price of their miscalculations & inefficiency.
I pity for you and all whom like you.....(if you want to speak with me, feedback my comment)

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are an ignorant bastard who obviously has no religion,culture or any sort of decent upbringing.but its not your fault,that would be your parents' fault.the people who obviously couldnt do a better job raising you into anything respectable...

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all comments reflects your fact as being muslims!

Which simply:
Don't behave as human
Try to insult everyone
Try to condesence others
ooooppps...i don't have time to keep writing for a year!!!!!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site is a Common Mabwala, a real mental trash, a place where psychotic drunks piss their Booz.
a place where fashist coptic psychos scream to thier images in the mirror.
Moreover, the site is visited by 2-3 scums only, 3 pathetic scums psychos screaminhg to their image in the mirror.
Fuk you motha fuckars....Kus Ummukom ya manayek.
I really wish to see the face of one of you and i am glad of pulling the shet out of your ugly souls!!!!!!

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, i think if muhamed was a bad person like you are trying to prove, we wouldn't find a trace of a coptic or any other christian in the arab world, but on the other hand , muhameds people are those people who saved the rest of christianity from the romans, your chirches are intact, your religion is totally safe for worshipers as long as they pay "gisia" , and i want you to look at your democratic gods of america, how they are treating people, masacars, everywhere they land, from the native indians in america untill what you see everyday in iraq, and i don't assume that you forgot vitnam...

i think man you really read only what you want to read from one side, and you leave the other side..

i tell you what, your democracy will NOT bring coptics in power in egypt, you know why? simply because coptics are MINURITY in egypt, your democracy will bring MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, because they are the real majority in egypt if you want that or not, and at this point, when the majority rules we can really say at the end that egypt is ruled in the end by egyptians, whatever the consequenses are, and at this time you will know that egypt people are mainly muslims, and these muslims are the frist who will defend your chirches like they always did, not tear it down like what your fellow civelised americans are doing to everything that belong to every culture they are trying to invade, starting from the indian tempils untill the muslims mosques

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is made by a moron and attract nothing bot morons!(Copts & Muslims alike)

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man is man,black, white, tall,short, fat, thin, president, thief......... ect. finaly he is a man declined from SAYEDNA ADAM & Allah IS THE CREATOR, so live what is remaining of ur small misrable lives in fucken peace a little bit TAKE A BREAK this is my advice man, i seems that i am watching a poor drama. GOD BLESS ME

8:40 PM  
Blogger KA said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You sould like an intelligent person, Please enough hate.. Allahu Akbar aw Allahu ma7aba, whichever, just break this circle of hate.. I know of many unspoken oppressions against our christian brothers but you have to know muslims(or arabs in generals) too are sometimes discriminated against in the west. Hey no one is perfect and minorities have issues all over the world.. The only difference, copts are our brothers and have been there for a long while and we really don`t wanna end up in a civil war with the first turbulence. So look at the half full of the glass and just try to take the hate from your heart quoting from your side,, allahu ma7aba.. so move on. Very easy to say but I hope u be able to look at US, ALL OF US in a more constructive & unifying way.. maybe like the coptic leader of Kefaya.

Take care,

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If he stopped hating, he would 'lose', that's why we must first kill the ego

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a muslim who really had bad luck to find this shit , this blog is no more than a shit in the side of the street . Listen you bastred I can see how much you hate Prophet Muhamed BBUH and I know why cuz you scum can't be even one of his followers and that burns you. I want you to know that you are only a dog like those dogs who are barking everyday trying to declear war on Islam and the Most Hounrable man the prophet muhamed. One word I will say to you Pig Compare between how muslim Deals with Jessus and How do chrisitans you will know who really respict him ,, I hope Allah direct you to the right pass or to the Hill where you will find what he prepared for you and for those who dare to talk about his prophet . La Elah Ela Allah Muhamad Rasol Allah ... Wa saya3lmo alazen Zalamo ay mwnkalaben Yankalebon .

4:58 PM  
Anonymous NTW64 said...

You act appalled at sensless deaths until they go against your agenda... I am truely beginning to believe the time to go to war with islam is here more and more....

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



if the truth hasn't set you free, its about time it has..

3:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog opened my eyes.Till now i had a different openion.Thanks to salmah. Now i understood the problem of india

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really hope that u r still checking your blog and the comments. I’m a fan of your wide knowledge about Muhammad. Actually, I’ve been making extensive research all of my life about this subject. I would really like to discuss some things with u, if it’s possible, and that will enrich what you know already. I already knew the things you wrote about Muhammad and Warakah Ibn Nofal and how this priest helped Mumammad write the Coran. Obviously, Muhammad needed his help because he was illiterate and he didn’t know how to read and write. I was asking my self for a long time, why did Waraka help him? I actually, sort of, found out why. I have official historical proves…and I would like to discuss all that with u because I’m sure that will help me eventually discover some more information about this subject. I really hope that will be interested discussing all that with me. If not, I would really appreciate if you tell me something. You wrote: “There is a famous hadeeth that the "divine inspiration" was halted after the death of Warakah. In other words, Warakah took the bible, perverted it, and used old Arabic poetry to make it sound palatable.” Did actually read the Hadith? If yes witch one. Do you have an official source that you can give me to support this argument? I know it’s true but I really need a source. I also heard that Muhammad killed this guy later (apparently he wanted a share of the pie and Mumammad refused and got rid of him). Do u know who helped Muhammad write the Coran after Warakah’s death? I also heard that Muhammad’s wife, Aisha, the one hi married when she was 6 years old, was actually the one who killed him. Would you know anything about that? Thank you.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Ester said...

This is the same anonymous who wrote the previous comment at 6; 11pm, 18 December 2008. I will appreciate to get your answers on your blog. You can address to me as Ester. And if you are interested of knowing what I know about the previous subject let me know 2. Now, I just read the article The Price of Oppression, written by you on your blog. I’m not sure what to say, but I would like you to count how many times you mentioned the word “Hate”. I understand your frustration. I hate killing and injustice as much as u do. I will suggest something that will help you, and help every person who is against injustice and war. For now, the only true solution and the only duty for each individual who likes to stop the injustice will be KNOWLEDGE. Why? Because, Ignorance is the weapon of the Powerful. So, I’ll suggest you to vision this documentary. You can vision it on line. Here is the link: It will sure help you understand a lot of things. Please note that I don’t agree with everything said in this documentary and I don’t believe everything especially the part about the religion. I did my research and I learned that the arguments about Jesus, Horus, Krishna, Attis, Dionysus and Mithra don’t stand at all. As the matter of fact, there was no resemblance what so ever. You can Google the information and see for your self. Thanks. Ester.

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Maged,
I'm so sorry that I found this site after you decided to stop writing.

I went to Egypt to work/live, and after two years I sounded so much like you. Even now, when I think of Cairo I could weep. A city with a glorious and ancient history reduced to a rubbish tip where people fight over scraps of bread.

I never felt so humiliated as I did in Egypt. As a woman I was harassed constantly, no matter how conservatively I dressed and behaved. Even girlfriends I had who wore the hijab were subjected to this disgusting treatment. No woman was safe to walk on the streets.

And with all of this, to say one bad thing about Egypt or the state of Islam there was to invite the kind of vicious rage I see in the comments on this site. Some how in Egypt it has become haram to mention even the most obvious and horrifying defects of society. Until Egyptians are able to look at their country and themselves critically, there is no hope for anything to get better.

Go to any decent country in the world, were people can live with simple dignity, and you will find that they criticize themselves, their own government, and YES, their own religion. Because you cannot make something right until you are willing to recognize and admit it is wrong.

In Egypt, you can only say how great Egypt is, how perfect every word from the Imam's mouth is, never that something is wrong. The ministry of censorship wouldn't allow even that stupid Brendon Frasier movie 'The Mummy 2" because there is a joke in it about how disgusting bathrooms are in Egypt. Having seen many, many bathrooms in Egypt I can say with confidence that they are incredibly disgusting. Maybe if someone was permitted to say this publicly, there would be some effort to make them cleaner.

It isn't much different with what has happened with Islam, and Egyptian culture in general. Things get worse and worse, but to say so is to invite punishment, if not from the police and government, then from fellow Egyptians, who terrorize each other for saying anything critical of Islam or Egypt.

In Egypt, everyone talks on and on about how they love Allah, how they are so pious - they even rub their heads to make a big scar so everyone will see how pious they are - but then they attack girls on the street and rip off their clothes for nothing (Midan Tahrir,2006 AND 2008). For my work, I had to meet with many directors and presidents of different government ministries and organizations, and the way they treat the people who work under them is beyond shameful. Everyone treats whoever is below them like an animal, to be kicked and screamed at. Just to witness it made me sick. Of course there's racism and sexism, but the way power is abused, the way that the poor and weak are abused is just as awful.

I pray that power will come to those who wish to make Egypt a free, open, great culture again. Until then I won't go back. Egypt is losing all of her best minds because they cannot live in such a wretched place. You can run with the AUC crowd, and hide out in the upscale cafes and clubs, but the second you step onto the street you are crushed by the injustice, poverty, intellectual oppression, and vicious fanaticism that permeates the place.

If more people like you kept talking and kept pointing out what was wrong, maybe something would change. Maybe if people could understand that criticism is an act of love - not of hate, something would change.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why did you stop writing on the blog. I thought you were doing a great job.

I am not Egyptian but I lived in Cairo for 1 year as a kid and have many fond memories.

I will continue to pray for my Christian sisters and brothers in Egypt, for I have first hand witnessed their suffering being a Christian myself and having been raised in the middle east.

Unlike the many Christians in Cairo I had good fortune to also be Canadian so for me I knew that the intolerance and suffering at hands of Muslims would be something I could escape from if things got really bad (unfortunately they are also infesting this contry so God knows how long will be secure of them here) but for many Copts in Egypt this is not an option - they have to endure the injustice, but I know their reward from God will be great.

Mohamed's teachings don't measure up they at best the writings of a sociopathic pedophile and murdering sex addict who conveniently contradicted himself at every turn and covered his tracks by claiming that it was either the devil that fooled him or God sent him a vision and told him to change things around. In Christ’s teachings there are no contradictions nor could the devil tempt him.

If Mohamed be example for Muslims to aspire to belike then God save us all.

God bless you and I pray you stay well

9:40 AM  
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