Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Price of Oppression

I received an email from a Jewish reader who said that he had enjoyed my web site and visited it every day until I started to “trash the Jews and show my true racism against them.” He also advised me to seek professional help to handle my angry outbursts and my deep sense of resentment towards everybody. He ended his email by saying that hate begets hate.

Let me clarify something here. I hate hateful people, who use their power to humiliate others. I hate people with supremacist mentalities, who think they are better than everyone else, by virtue of their race, religion, or gender. I hate hypocrites who want to give me speeches on how to live in peace even though their government wage wars and kill thousands, if not millions, of innocent civilians. I hate those who think that they know the “TRUTH,” and feel that they need to force it on me. I hate those who indiscriminately kill people with the most sophisticated and vicious weapons humans have ever known. I hate those racist whites who tell me that my culture is sick and that I need to adopt theirs. I hate those Christians who think that Jesus endorses the oppression of gays and lesbians. I hate those Muslims who go to my churches and slaughter my people. I hate those Jews, who never had a closure on their oppression by the Germans and use every chance they get to displace their anger into innocent Palestinians and Lebanese (watch “Munich” the movie by Spielberg).

If that makes me a hateful person, I am proud of it. Just do not give me a lecture on how to stop my hate if you are sheltered, privileged or pampered in your country. I gave up the luxury of living in America, because I want to be close to those who are oppressed, and that is something you will never have to courage to do. My hate for evil is being balanced by my love for the oppressed and the marginalized.

Let me go back to my title. I want to warn any race who oppresses another. Life always goes in circles. One day your race may be in power but tomorrow things may change. The Jews were once oppressed by Arabs and now the reverse is happening. I am worried about Copts. They are oppressed now, but I can see their potential to be oppressors as well. Their blind support for Israel is fucking sickening.

Do not tell me to stop being angry, because you do not know what it means to experience oppression.. Do not tell me to stop speaking out, because you do not know what it means to be marginalized


Anonymous A White Guy said...

You are a victim of sick, hateful, and guilt propoganda (Munich...get real!!). You also like being a victim and love recieving the attention it gets you. You got that much from living in America and so it entitles you to "speak out" against all the moral crimes of the world while acting as a dual catalyst for the same hate. Choosing oppression over a free society doesn't make you any more just or saintly. Nor does it make you any better than myself or those of us who come from countries where oppression isn't the soup of the day.

You can enjoy your victimhood in any society in the world, the Middle East isn't the sole carrier of that disease.
And by all means, keep hating.

10:16 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Are you listening to yourself? Who would like to be a victim? Do you think I enjoy it. I guess you are trying to justify the fact that the government you support is oppressing many people, and you automatically become a part of this opressive system. If blaming the victim makes you feel little better, go for it, after all, you never acknolwedged your guilt of being a aprt of a system that oppresses and marginalizes those who do not look like you. By the way, what propaganda? Why do you hate people who expose how corrupt and fascist bush is? Why this blind support for an evil man?

11:06 AM  
Anonymous A White Guy said...

You haven't spent nearly enough time in the US to understand that the victim mentality is the "IN" thing. Even in casual conversation you hear people saying "You think you got it bad, let me tell you about....." and on and on they go. Victims fill up our government assistance lines and blame everyone else except themselves for their problems. Blaming the white man is a cop out, especially in this era of NAACP, the feminist movement and many other special interest groups.

The government I support is not inhumane and there is no more merciful country than Israel on the planet. More money for humantarian aid flows out of my country than in any other place in the world and Israel has before their attacks WARNED civilians to leave. Israel abided by every resolution over the past six years and to what end? To be shot it, to have their people killed and kidnapped and only encouraged by the puppets of Iran?

As far as acknowledging my guilt, I have none. I don't subscribe to white guilt and I don't subscribe to the idea that I should have to feel guilty for my country's past. I don't feel guilty because of Israel's actions either. They are not the ones hiding behind their woman and children and causing death because of their cowardice. Israel can't help it Hezbollah has got no gonads and can't fight without sacraficing it's woman and children.

And the propoganda......unless you understand the people behind the stations, funding the stations, you won't understand how our media system until recently has gone unchallenged. I might simply reverse the question and ask why the blind hate and racism for Bush when you continue to extract the same thing. Sounds two the peace activists who attack others who don't agree with their point of view and spew verbal hatred. Ironic.

9:23 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

I am puzzled by how far you can get to defend oppression and racism. Enjoy it.

11:16 AM  

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