Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why Did Zidane Snap?

I am a huge fan of Zineldeene Zidane, the best French soccer player ever lived. He led his country to the World Cup Final through his talent and hard work. He scored most of his team goals even when he reached the age of 34. He is one among 4 players in world cup’s history that scored goals in 2 finals. Needless to say, this man is a soccer-phenomenon and will be missed by many.

Unfortunately, this great player snapped and viciously attacked an Italian player by plowing his head into his ribs. As a result, he was kicked out of the match and caused France to lose the final game.

So what happened to this man? I will tell you what happened. Racism of whites and Muslims is to blame. The Italian player called Zidane “you terrorist son of whore,” and Zidane responded by hurting him the Islamic way. See Zidane is a proud Muslim who follows Islam teaching of fighting and killing people. This exchange is the story of my life. I have been hurt by both white and Islamic racism and it is refreshing to see the clash between the white supremacist and terrorist Muslims. I am really enjoying the fact that the current fight in Iraq is between evil whites represented by bush and evil Muslims represented by Osama and his followers, the followers of Muhammad the biggest terrorist ever lived.


Anonymous Marian said...

hi maged,
i read most of ur blog, it's pretty good although i dont agree with u in insulting Muslims like that because this may raise hatred between us and muslims in egypt although i like the fact that u express ur ideas in a logical way and in a way that let anyone talk to u "shut up" and cant reply :)
actually, that's my first time to write to a blog but since i admire ur way of thinking i want u to help. Actually,it's obvious that im a christian egyptian girl, i have 23 years old. the problem is my brother he's 21 years old, he's very smart and he graduated in faculty of engineering this year with flying colors and made us all happy, the problem is when he was in his 3rd year, he met a muslim guy, he liked him so much he said that he's so cool and a real man, but then that didnt bother me, frankly i met that guy he's in my age, he's handsome, successful, a real man and nearly perfect as my brother said, my brother started to read about islam cause that guy was committed to his religion and he used-when we go out-to leave us in order to pray and come back smiling gently, we met his sister, brother too, they was so much like him in every thing, actually my brother was very attracted to his sister, and kept talking to her about wut he read about islam and she kinda liked the fact that he dunt hate islam, more and more my brothr fell in love with the girl(veiled). frankly maged, she's an angel and nobody can hate her. this year i was surprised when my brother told me that he wanna marry her and that couldnt happen except if he converted to islam and of course u know wut that mean to a christian family, im with him that the girl is adorable but not to the extent that he leave his parents' religion for her sake, i tried to convince him by telling him that mom and dad could kill u for that, or that he dun know much about islam, i showed him ur site, i told him that her brother would refuse but nothing, he told me that he read so much about islam and he's convinced and he's old enough to decide, he also said that he kept thinking of that for 2 years, actually i knew that the girl asked him not to do so in order not to make us angry, she told him she loved him but he shouldt do that and he shouldnt convert to islam unless he's 100 sure, and becoz of her words he decided to think about that more, but i think he really wants that, he said about u that u're envious and u take the bad sides and searching for every word that may mean something bad and keep talking about it leaving the bright sides, i really dunno, he stopped going to church, shall i tell mom and dad, or shall i bring Father to talk with him, im really afraid he could get hurt by our parents, i really dunno, im not refusing the girls or islam im just refusing him to converto to another religion even if it was catholic christianity, tell me wut to do maged pls

1:37 PM  
Blogger VIVA said...

Hello Marian,
Show your brother this site :
and tell him to join/read the forum.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are just a freaking illetrate piece of shit, I dont know your backgound but all you have said belong to trash, You fuckin faggot need to odo some research about it,

2:47 PM  

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