Monday, February 13, 2006

Our Impulsive Arab World

As I witnessed the Arab streets’ latest reactions to the Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons, I was perturbed by the impulsive nature of our people. Arab street protesters were unable to act like mature human beings; rather, they responded like very young children. I am unsure what to make of their heinous attitude, but I think we need to have a serious examination of our attitudes and behaviors as Arabs. Why did not these protesters get so outraged when a bunch of virgin-seeking delusional miscreants flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and killed thousands of people? Why did not they get outraged when a thousand innocent migrant workers were eaten by Red Sea sharks as a result of a greedy government official (the owner of this ship is a parliament member) Why did not they get outraged when sheet-wearing men blew up trains in England and Spain? Why do they care so much about the dignity of a man who married a 9-years-old child and not about the lives of thousands? Can they get any lower? I know why they are not outraged. They are jealous. They do not have tall building so they destroy them when they see them. They do not have good lives so we destroy the lives of those who enjoy their lives. They are caught up in their narcissistic fantasies since they think they are better. They have this distorted thought because they think they have God, but let me tell you something, they made God look like a violent bloody pimp!!!!!


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