Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Do Not Cry for Child Molesters

I could not believe my eyes today. A Pakistani mob torched Ronald McDonald and burned Western restaurants and banks. How traumatic this scene must have been to many children! Do they know how many children all over the world love Ronald? Don’t these people have hearts? What is McDonald doing there anyway? I heard that Pakistanis eat goats and I am not sure if McDonald can compete with its hormone-fed cows. Why are these people so angry? Why do they love a child molester that much? Two young men died defending a womanizer, a child molester, and a murderer who said that he will marry the Virgin Mary in Paradise. I feel bad for them and for the stupid idiots who marched with them today.


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what are you talking about? child molesters in pakistan??? they don't have that many catholics there...

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Ingrid (Alliance of Rats, Pigs, Dogs and Monkeys, Apostates for Humanity) said...

Yah loves us and laments that His Name and Son's identity have been taken away from our people, and we are scattered and destroyed for lack of knowledge. So i will pray for you in His Name, as we are in the last days, when the knowledge of Him and HIs Son and His Name, which the son carries, (not a different name like the Solar Deity's baby, always different from father's name)and this i pray will result in many many much more blessings and yet, those who will hate us more for this will often do wickedlyas they are wicked, yet, still, you who are faithful to your truth will be given crowns of gold and you will never taste of the second death. Death is only an instant: Everlasting death is to all those who would kill us for their evil vile hating god, al-ah, (i do not like saying his evil name for it invokes evil spirits around us). Infidels, Christians, this is information for all of us, Our Father, Maker and His Messiah want you to know it, and they love you.

Pray to Yah whenever you are worried, in danger, or scared. His angels are helping you now. In his Name, IAUE, Yahweh, is healing and protection, vital to his people to know and call upon, taken out of our Bibles almost 7,000 times, what we have of it.
This is very important to us, His creation, his humans, for that name reverberates within our cells in/on a frequency specially coded within our DNA - that's the design he made, so we can commune with Him/them both, as 'one' (they are different but they are united in purpose, as we were all prayed to be with Him, as one as in John. We are not one, but He wants us to commune with him in spirit and in truth, and purpose, willingly, of our own mind, knowing the facts and the truth, which he will show us if we dig for it, and pray to Him to help us find it. Things have been kept from us, covered up, and these days we are in danger very much for lack of knowledge, vulnerable to deceptive spirits. May Yahueh Our Father protect you all in the world who need and want Him, and are looking for Him and asking who He and His Son/Messiah is. Jesus Christ as taught and worshipped with Solar Deity rites is not the Messiah/Savior of Yah of the Bible. It is not only a matter of a different name, but a different spirit. Christmas and Easter are not his celebrations at all, they are condemned as the Solar God's celebrations (Canaanite) in Ezekiel and other places, thruout the Bible. Please study and take no one's word, prove all things to yourselves.

I love you Christians who have been given some truths, but need more, and particular information which has been withheld from us is necessary to our spirit and body and mind, and he knows your faith and loves you for it, for doing right with what you knew. His continual lament however, how sad He is, is always: "My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge...and My people forget Me and forget My Name - for the names of Baal."
If any have any questions please post them and i will help with more sources so you can prove all for yourselves.

I - we - wish and pray for you all the time, and know that everything that we are going through here on this earth was not his plan. Remember, Satan is the 'God of this world' (Matthew) and he desires to receive the world's worship as Yah, which he has almost succeeded at. We are hated for Yah loves us. Just a little more time you need to hold on, and Yah is sending his Strong Right Arm (Yahushua, His ally, Son, and soon to be King to us!) to gather together his elect from the four winds of the earth and gently lead those with young... know you are loved beyond imagination by them both, and they have noted who loves them, from what they know of them. Bless you infidels and apostates from evil, may Yah help you all

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Anonymous Ingrid said...

Here are some books (one free on the web for downloading), all but one last opinion near the last chapter is Biblical (they put this particular anti-biblical thought as fact, (in the Bible, it does say that not all will perish/die, many, but NOT ALL). It is otherwise excellent references historical proofs, and Biblical knowlege: The Sacred Name by R. Clover, (they spell the name Yahweh)and include all you need to know which has been withheld from us in your study for the truth

the next book is available over the net from South Africa, it is called 'Come Out of Her, My People, by C. J. Koster. It is shorter, handbook but packed within is vital information that you must not go without, please try to get this.

I hope and pray to Yah (Yahu, IAUE, Yahueh) that you are helped to get the information that no one in religion wants us to know. Bad shepherds, most. They will be held responsible for our deceptions they teach us. Not us, but now you may be able to know and see for yourself how we have all been lied to.

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