Friday, February 10, 2006

Egyptian Women: Please wake up!

Our country will conquer its wide-spread ignorance, prejudice and cultural bankruptcy if our Egyptian women decide to take a strong stance against their systematic oppression in our nation. I wish that Egyptian women demonstrate and protest against a recent verdict to dismiss the case of Hend el Henway (who I consider one of the pioneers of women’s rights in Egypt) against “Islamic preacher” Ahmad el Fishawy. Hend asked the court to force el Fishawy to acknowledge that he is the father of her 2-years-old daughter, Leena who was the product of their “common law marriage.” The judge dismissed her case citing a sick Islamic law that advocates that only those who are publicly married should acknowledge their parenthood of their children. In other words, according to this perverted Islamic law, if you have an illegitimate child with a woman, you do not have to acknowledge that you are the parent of this child and you do not have to support him/her. I am extremely disgusted by this judge and by the law he used in making his verdict. I am dismayed by that pig el Fishawy who refuses to acknowledge his parenthood of his daughter, his flesh and blood. What a callus and coward pervert! I hope his daughter grows up fast and becomes like Roubi (Egyptian sex symbol) so that he could kick himself in the balls. Our women need to speak out against that verdict since it absolves men from their responsibility towards their children. That is, our men can “have fun” with women without paying alimony or child support leaving these women without financial support in a sick socity that discriminates against them. You want to be more outraged? Some of the Muslim clerics in Egypt are issuing a “Fatwa” that Hend should be stoned to death. I am sick and tired of this Wahaby government and this Wahaby judicial system.


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u r soo democratic, as u speak about mohamed in a bad way but ofcourse an eduacted man like u should know that muslims can't be muslims unless they believe in all the prophets and respect them.
Thank you for being democratic.
U hate the idea of arabs took over egypt hundreads of years ago so tell me, is it our fault now as nowdays people that we live there and face the same shit that u and other christians face. I understand ur point and i'd feel the same but u should learn to look at the bigger picture that not all muslims are against christians, not all muslims are racist. I live in london and i have alot of coptic friends and walahi we been like more than brothers, we lived together in the same house for years, we all share eachother happiness and bad times.
Don't judge Islam because of minority of racist people.

Thank you for being democratic.

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