Thursday, February 09, 2006

Time for democracy in Egypt

In Egypt, we had the first government humans ever created and we were the first to write and read. We had a rich history and our people are kind and warm. We have one of the richest countries in the world since it’s not yet bankrupt despite the billions of dollars extorted by our government officials. We have great minds such as Mahfouz, Zowail and Baradaay. We love sex, food and shishah. We have organic food in many parts of the country, especially our poor neighborhoods! We have people who can do anything for those they love and fight for their children. We have children who never put their parents in nursing homes when they grow older, and yes we have a good soccer team. We have stores and coffee shops that open until 3AM every night even in winter time and in Mondays. We have belly dancers and we love Dina and Souad Hosny. We have 5 stars hotels and we pay 30 dollars a night for a room to be there. We have the best food ever made and we have the best water ever tasted. God, we have so many things don’t we? Alas, we do not have the most important thing in life: Democracy. My blog will support the current democratic movement in Egypt. We will defend Dr Ayman Nour, my hero and will pressure our government to release him. If Gamal Mubarak promises us democracy we will support him and if he is a copy of his father we will work against him. We will fight for women’s rights. Women in Egypt don't have equal inheritance and if they testify in court they are counted as half men. We will advocate destroying any political, educational and employment barriers they face . It is time to have a new spirit in Egypt. I am a secular guy so I believe in the separation of State and religion. I may be able to tolerate those who say that Islam is the solution but I won’t tolerate their stupidity in making their argument about that. When you say that a specific religion is a solution, you are automatically abolishing the rights of those who differ from you. I have every right to believe in a God other than Allah and you have every right to believe in a tree, sex object, Dina, and of course Ruby (she is a goddess is not she?) Let us roll.


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