Friday, March 24, 2006

Why Am I Doing This?

I read comments made by egypeter, peace on earth, and forsoothsayer in response to my posts about Muhammad and Aisha. Egypeter asked me to be kind and gentle to moderate Muslims and indeed, forsoothsayer accused me of being hateful without making a clear case for her cruel accusation. Do I hate Muslims? Far from it! You can actually read my comments in Egyptian sandmonkey blog and see how I defended Muslims from racist White Christians in his blog. So, what I am doing? I am speaking out against a historical figure whose teaching inflicted so much pain on Coptic Christians, including myself, in Egypt. This man said “I was ordered by Allah to fight people until they say that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger.” His followers doggedly adopted his brutal message and killed millions through the ages. Muhammad instilled racism in his followers by saying: “You are the best nation God ever created.” This man ordered his men to invade my country in the 7th century and force the majority of people to convert to Islam or pay poll tax. I hear this man’s teaching every where in Egypt. I do not feel protected or safe because of what he taught. I do not believe that there is such thing as moderate Muslims. If you believe in Islam, you are automatically a racist and a killer. I know some Muslims may remind me with the rhetoric of the Old Testament and tell me how violent it is. Fine, I will give you that, but Christians in Egypt never politicized their religion as Muslims did since Jesus asked us to separate church from state. Can Muhammad match that? I am really sorry if I cause pain to any Muslim, but Islam is not just a religion; it is a political ideology and I do not like it. Muhammad was far worse than Hitler and Mussolini and anyone who follows him and believes his message is prone to be racist and violent- no exceptions.
Peace on earth, you said that I may be harming Copts in Egypt. Well, I live in Egypt and I am not scared any more. How bad can it get? Muslims just attacked 5 churches in Egypt during the last 2 months. They abducted many Christian minors and forced them to convert. They created obstacles for building new churches. They spit at priests and nuns in the streets everyday and desecrate historical monasteries. They are the scum of the earth. If you are a Muslim, you are hard wired to kill. I do not really believe that there is such thing as “Moderate Muslims.” It is the same as saying there were “moderate Nazis.”


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3adma zarqa. wa kaddab kaman

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Anonymous Amirah said...

My dear your hurt is truely understandable, i left a comment on a previous blog of yours, i think it was the one on the evidence of Muhammads facism! please do read it!
in my comment i mentioned how i am from australia and am a non eygptain muslim who is actually really close friends with alot of eygptian orthodox chrsitains! in fact my eyptaqin christain friend said to me that she belives the resaon why we get along so well is because of our religion, this is beacuse she too like you are misinformed about the quran and the teachings of teh prophet! your blog is filled with sooo much hurt and anger and i think you hvae every right to be. One of my uncles is actually eygptain muslims and he was trelling me how the orthodox christainb were mistreated by the muslims!
i would like you to know that it is not the religion that brings all this disgust to eygpt but is it the pple, if Muhammad were here he would stand infront of your churches and defend you he would not let even one of you to be harmed! be this by a muslim or a non muslim.........................and being muslim i tell u the same........if i were to be in a situation where a muslim......for some stupid reason were to try n kill u they would have to get past me!
i do not know why the condition of muslims in eygpt is so barbaric but what i do know is that islam is definately not what is written on your blog and that my prophet is very much misinterpreted by you!

hope u stay well, God bless u! and God help those stupid muslims in eygpt, they r destroying it for the rest of us and for our religion!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Baby

i think you have little experience in life

In egypt it is not a problem of a muslim and a copts.

you are discussing the religions in egypt only these few years you have seen in your short life.
but you have to look from a proper and more higher view.
te islam and christs and jews lied in egypy thousands of years before you came to life.

and when you where born you found a living rich and powerfull christian comunitee living in egypt.

please read the history o spain as an example

and then write again some other lies

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Anonymous said...

Amirah! You are either deluded or a damn liar and you are a great follower of Mohammad's commandments and examples to: lie to the people to deceive them, while desiring their humiliation and wishing/hoping/(attempting?) their destruction. You know this. You are Muslim. If you are honestly mistaken, then, I apologise for my error in assessment of your untrue assertions above in your comment. You sound at first patronizing, (my dear) and try to fool people by your bullshit subterfuge, false sympathy, and lies about what 'Mohammad would do' (HA HA!). If you are illiterate about your Quran and never read it, then, please go and borrow one now and start reading but first take an Alka Selter or drink Ginger tea because you will be nauseous before too long. If you are human any more. Why do you lie? What God is Allah to teach you to lie so blatantly? To say to do evil cruel things to your fellows? What is there to like about him or Mohammed, who you know raped, murdered, deceived, brutally killed and tortured victims and loved destroying the good??? Why don't you face your facts?? why are you so afraid of facts, Amirah? You are supposed to be human, use your brain for good, and read and learn and go where the truth takes you. Why don't you face up to the evil of Allah and Allah's prophet??? Please be honest for once in your life.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous said...

Anonymous ('Dear Baby') and Anonymous (all caps at 8:02), I see you are sarcastic hateful and both extreme liars. to the second one, 'dirty comments about Islam'? Islam ITSELF is Dirty, not dirty, only, but FILTH immersed in HATRED FOR HUMANITY. And you are a living breathing product of it, frightening evidence of its inexplicable power to inspire people to become complete reprobates. If there is hope for you, you will have to have miraculous help, as you seem not to have any will to be human, honest, fair or kind. Telling the truth about Mohammed/Allah is not 'making dirty comments'. Reporting to the general naive/ignorant populace on what Islam teaches you is not 'hateful'. Why are you scared about the truth of what Mohammed did during his life, and why don't you want the infidels to really know the truth about him??? Why is that offensive to you?? Why is the truth of your religionso offensive to you???

11:00 AM  

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