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Shikh Shaarawy الشيخ الشعراوي

I hope that this post does not offend my brothers and sisters who follow the Islamic faith, but I really need to get this issue off my chest. This post is about Shikh Shaarawy, the most famous Islamic cleric in Egypt’s history. Shikh Sharawy was the equivalent of televangelists in the United States. Every Friday at 2: 00 PM, many Muslims watch that guy and were fascinated by his thorough explanations of the Qu’ran. To that end, he did not really bother me- I did not have any problems with him preaching whatever religion he liked. However, this guy was really rabid whenever he spoke about Christianity in his show. I was 12-years-old when I started to notice that man. I can forget the face of my father watching this guy trashing Christianity one day. He heard him saying that Jesus married the 5 wise women- of course this was a blasphemy to Christians and they felt very offended by his idiotic remarks. That was a time where I really started to feel as an oppressed minority in Egypt and started to be disgusted with my life there. Muslims can trash my religion but I can not dare to say anything about theirs. I can not tell them that I am disgusted with their prophet who married a 9-years-old and by those who justified it. It was so painful to hear that man insulting my religion and my people one Friday after another. He also had a freaky way about him. He did not sit still at his seat and he was dancing inside it like a monkey. Actually, he did look like a cute monkey- you can tell from the picture. Of course, we were vindicated years later when a scandal broke and this man was accused by boys of molesting them. The government did not want any riots by the Muslims and did not want to publish the news but many years later, Mr Ibrahim Saadaa, the editor of Akhbar el Youm, an Egyptian’s daily newspaper, bravely published this news. The former Minister of Interior, Zaky Badr, said in the parliament that he had video tapes showing that despicable cleric in many sexual positions with many boys. By the way, his brother was a very funny actor who always played the role of a “dirty old man.” His name was Mohamad Shawky.


Anonymous dr-counsel said...

Dude, I can't wait to see those tapes.

I have-like you-lived all my childhood in Egypt, having to watch and listen to this disgusting creature day after day trashing our pure religion..

I now know for sure-after hearing about his child molestation- that Sha3rawy is indeed a very pious Moslim, why not! and he fervently following after his prophet's footsteps?
one more thought... Sha3rawy was years ahead of himself, couldn't he wait until going to Jannah(heaven) to have molested all the boys he want, and it would have been 7alal( permissible)!!

2:30 PM  
Anonymous mohager_4 said...

El sha3rawy was a real Muslim , he insult Christian every single time he open his dirty mouth , he was so stupid that he didn’t know that he was that dumb.

He had a big case in the court for been homosexual because that is a crime in Egypt and he was accused one day and then they cover the story of course later.

El sha3rawy was a typical Muslim, ignorance as large and dirty as his behind.

What do you say about a guy like that actually a Gay like that: Thank god he is gone to his lover Mohamed to HELL!!!!!!

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody who worked at the Egyptian Broadcasting corporation relayed the following about the said Sheik:

He used to go there and record a stent of 6 hours in a stretch. This is shown in parts on the TV. He used to drink a lot of wisky during these long sessions, speaking about a bottle or more.
To keep him awake, they used to supply him with and endless stream of coffee.
This Sheik who pretended to be pious infront of the masses on TV was a practising homosexual and a heavy drinker.
The story of the two boys:
They were caught with expensive watches. they told the police that it was the sheik who gave them these watches after they obliged him with their youthful homosexual activities.
The police verified this with the Sheik, who acknowledged the fact.
This is a well known story within the police circle and the Egyptian community.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its called Mofa7'azet el attfaal ya gahlaa - tafreesh el atfaal fee el lo3'a el 3ameyaa

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi all,

i say you...fuck your ass..all ..stupid sheikh alsha3rawy was a real good man..he see us the real of all people who told ba d on him...ok,..if not..i'll not be very nice with you..if you wanna beleive me..give me your adress and i promess you that you will be killed in 10 days..trus me..i can do that ..i have enog money to do that...
so fucking your ass..even you are crestian...

7:57 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

What are you doing in France ya ebn el mo7alel... You threatened my life and the French government will take action. Wait and see what will happen to you. el shikh sha3raw liked little boys and enjoyed having sex with them. He was beta3 3eyal zay deen om muhammad beta3ak

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Peaceful_Muslim said...


I am a Muslim, and Islam taught me how to respect others and not to insult them back. I could insult you, but we would not get anywhere.
First, Christinaty was a true religion until St. Paul came along and let the people keep their pagan practices.

Second, did Jesus ever tell WHICH church people should follow? And also did Jesus say WHICH bible we should follow? If Christianity wasn't changed to suit people's desires, their would be 1 Bible, and 1 church. So which Bible do people read?

Another thing, maybe non-Muslims don't know, but our Beloved Prophet Muhammad actually married an Egyptian woman, she was known has Mary the Copt. So instead of bashing Muslims, keep in mind that Christians pray to an 'image' of Jesus...this 'image' can't save you, can't save itself from anything either. I am not bashing our Beloved Prophet Jesus, because he is also a prophet of God. Do not sit around and complain about how 'terrible' all the Muslims are...maybe you should go to

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Sarah Elkasrawy said...

Dear maged,
i've read some of what you've written about islam and so on... hmm though a lot of it sort of took my breath away, but i dnt blame you. i'm a muslim (and not ashamed nor afraid to post a comment as annonymous) and i know we've drawn a very bad image about islam in the past years. bas just to remind you before "thawra" there was nothing like muslim and christian and we were all brothers and sister, and i would still like to stick to that idea. and to stick to that idea maybe we should start to respect each other independently from what our beliefs are, i believe in god and mohamed, you believe in jesus and i dnt know what else, i respect your beliefs and i request that you respect mine. if i wanted to i could have humiliated christians figures like you did, but i wouldnt, muslim figures are humans and allowed to make mistakes, they are not perfect and not neccessarily everything they say is true, nor everything they say we believe in. for the sake of humanity and peace for this country, i request you to respect me as a fellow citizen. whether egypt is arabic, jewish, coptic, atheist, i dnt care, it's still my sole that i love. try to think before you write all this what kind of trigger you're pulling. to be fare i didnt read everything you've posted coz i have an exam 2mrw, i was just interested in fo2ad negm and found this by coincidence. soon, when i finish exams i'll read everything you've written and we can discuss all your views and all your criticism. but please, dnt offend people we love. if they're wrong god will punish them not us.
thank you for reading this
your fellow citizen

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" I hope that this post does not offend my brothers and sisters who follow the Islamic faith "

right, and i'm as a muslim supposed to believe you? anyhow.. god knows that i do my best to listen to the guy and i've never heard him say say anything negative about christianity. on the contrary, he regarded them highly as brothers in god and humanity. did he say really say something offensive to christianity? god knows, but from what i know about him he was either misunderstood or made a mistake that only god will decide whether or not to forgive him for it, afterall he's human. but frankly, i would've never expected to see people so low as to insult those who gave them protection and accepted them as equals for over fourteen hundred years. if muslims were so cruel as you now declare, can you please tell me how your ancestors lived under that prophet's code of law you now call everything under the sun? let me spare you the search for meaningless reasons. for the first time in decades is islam totally out of the picture, totally loosing influence and power in the society. true, some groups exist but they are nothing more than mass murderers or politicans hidden under religious cover, which is nothing unique to islam. you grew up to see the nation of islam fall and a great tide of anti-islam rhetoric throughout the world when islam is at its weakest stage. riding the tide, you thought about taking your share of insulting islam and muslims. although i feel like exchanging the verbal attacks, i was taught by the "disgusting" prophet through the "molesting" sheikh sha3rawy that one must "love for others what he loves for himeself to truly believe."

peace be on believers

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3ala fekra enta aktar bany2adam 7omar w 7aywan shoftoo f 7yaty w ana mesh mesta3'rab mn keda el wa7d hykoon mestany eh mn wa7d bysma3 ruby w mo3'ram beha enta t3raf eh 3n el islaaam aw el seeera el nabawya aw el sheee7' sha3rawy enta 7omar asasn 3shan tetkalm 3n el nas di keda el nas di leha tare7'ha elly howa a7san mny w menak ya 3'aby w di a2al 7aga momkn a2olhalak ana mesh 3ayz a2oool klam safel 3shan enta mn el nooo3 ellly mesh by7s .....

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yabn el mara el mtnaka eah elly enta bt2olo da esh 3arafak 7aga 3n el deeen yabn el 7'awal kossaha tayb yabn el mtnaka enta 3aref enta 7alak eah howa enta 3ayz 3abd aswa yagey yneeekak yabn el sharmoota ana so7aby aktarhooom messe7yeen bas mesh wlad mtnaaaka zayak dol nas fhameeen el deen sa7 ama enta bkoss omak enta trooo7 tshooof 7ad yn2orak f teeezak elly hatetnaaak orayb w mn wa7d moslem yabn el mtnaka w brdo kossaha tayb w leen 7alkaaat kadema yabn el mara el mooomes w kossomak 3ala kossom rouby .......

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

enta yad ya maged yabn om maged law ragel tegy masr wt2wl ana maged enta mosh 3aref hn3mel fik eh h3sork been 2dia hnf5k walla ana hmsakak 23rafk el din ya 3dim el din t3ala masr we hatshof bas 2zhar ya kskos ya 7yltha 2mak m3rftsh trabik ana el hrabik

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find this very very hurtful. You don't like it when you are targeted and humilated. So why do it to this good Sheikh- who showed an enormous amount of respect for all members of different faiths. Have you forgotten his speech to both Muslims and Christians in his village town of Dakadous, where he said we are all members of one extended religion and that Rasullah (s.a.w) said "You will open the land of Egypt after me, and when you do look after and treat the Copts well" and that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) married Mary the Copt in addition to speaking very highly of the beloved Prophet of Allah, Isa (a.s).

If you are a true Christian, you would know that accusing and insulting people is a very grave sin, and it is not the actions of the beloved Prophet Isa (Jesus) (peace be upon him). Accusing Sheikh Ash-Sharawi of pedophila and homosexuality, is the worst and lowest thing you can possibley say about this good man. And by doing that, it is obvious to me that you have acted out of your faith and I ask Allah (s.w.t) to forgive you all and guide you to the right path.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3aref an al topic 2adeem,,w 3aref an kalb matestahelsh yetrad 3lek,,,bs ana msh ha3od argy kteeer w ashtemak la2enak matestahelsh,,,w anta 3aref w mot2aked mn gowak an klamak galat gedan....
bs ana has2alak so2al w ha2olak kman!msh 3ayez rad 3shan msh hate3arf trood....leh al baba shonoda(msh ha3od a2ol guy w creature 3shan ana mo7taram)mardesh ye3mel monazra ma3a alsheskh alsha3rawy allah yer7amo???as2al nafsak,,,3shan howa msh haye2dar yetklm m3ah w msh haye2dar yewaghoh,,akeed anta kan 3andak 12 sana ayamha w konte faker,,,maftkartesh an alsheskh alsha3rawy talab monazra aktr mn mara????wala deh nesetaha.....

kefaya 3lek keda ya waty....

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all of them,who wrote this words about el eslam and el shaarawy and amr khaled they are`t polite and it`s an evidence that our religion is more polite cos we didn`t reply not because we are afraid but we don`t care about this little opinion and all of them who wrote this they knew that the muslims are doing the right thing with the right prophet so they wrote this to make the other pepole who wants to know about eslam understand wrong mean which is`nt in it.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous lazhar said...

je trouve que vous etes des gens ignorants et vulgaires vous qui disent de telles choses à propos d'un savant qui est digne et mérite tout le respect qu'on lui doit.
je vous conseille de vous informer de son savoir et de toutes ses oeuvres qu'il a laissé après sa mort, rahimahou allahou wa adkhalahou fassiha jinanihi.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Mohammed Omar said...

I don't believe till now that ur sick imagination and the ppl in your black Society made up these terrible rumors about "EL Sha3rawy".but i know that in this life this is how things goes and good ppl are always being fought during their life and after their death.ba2a el Sheikh El Sha3rawy was a heavy drinker and was a Child Molester ya Moftary ya ragel 7aram 3aleek.Also u must learn 2 respect all other religions, bas ana 3aref en sha3b el masry el gahel is very found of myths like the rumor of Om Kalthoum breathing 7ashesh before getting on stage to sing and the rumor of Abd el Haleem of dressing like a woman and singing to Homosexual arabs in gulf countries,it looks like a habit of all egyptians to trash all successful ppl [*Not comparing Sheikh EL Sha3rawy with an singer,but just to emphasize my point].So think Carefully about what u hear and write about a very good man and a worldwide known Sheikh, & am sorry for u if u believe this crab about him.Rabna yehdeek

2:46 AM  
Anonymous Mohammed Omar said...

And i really want u to ask any Archbishop why el baba Shenoda refused a Monazra with El Sheik el Sha3rawy as long as he's a heavy drinker and el baba can beat him during el Monazra[ Ya3ni by your rumors kan mesh hay7'od fe edo 3'alwa]!!!!!!!!!,am waiting 4 your answer

2:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What all this for about the story it is a well known story that the Sharawy likes young boys and I know this well from one of these boys so what you want to say or to believe, every man has his faults and the "el kamal lellah wa7doaa" this means that the Sharawi is not a god he is a human being that has his faults like every other one.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all honesty Mr. Repressed four feather fuck, I find it hard to sympathize with you because if it was not for Sharawy and his moderate tone your likes would have been crucified around Ramsis' statue ten years ago on the hands of radical islamic groups, as far as the shit you were pulling out of ur ass about the dignified Sheikh as a child molester, there is only one child molester in Egypt and it's that faggot that sprinkles his piss on ur head every sunday morning and calls it holy water, he's found in every coptic church, if you don't believe me or believe the scandals that were all over the papers several years ago, at least believe ur catholic counterparts who still suffer to this day of child molestation in their churches; and as much as it may dismay your lowly, repressed sorry ass you coptics are recieving the best treatment a minority gets in this world so like it or don't Egypt is going to remain an Islamic state.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both of you jewishtians and Mahmadeen
will be out of egypt, Civil war coming, it will be for 22 years, Saudia will help Mohamadeen, the Jewishtians all over the west will help the Jewishtians of Egypt through their military base called Israel which equipied Palestine. The only real Egyptins will be in our beloved land. Real Egyptians will not be mah amedeen or jewishtian.

3:26 AM  
Blogger bassam250 said...

al salamo 3alaykom wa ra7mat allah wa barakato

in the begining i want to say that i am muslim and i repect all prophets and religions because eslam told us to do that

secondly all bad things you told about our sheikh el sha3rawy was lies ofcourse because he was a very great man

i can insult u but i will not do that because i am better than u

finaly i want to say that i am proud to be muslim and proud because el sheikh el sha3rawy was one of our great muslim men and i respect el shekh el sa3rawy so mush and no word will decrease that respectfull

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ana BOSCH yad ya maged yabn din el kalb dana law shoftak hatala3 din omak... el 3eyal el soghayara el enta betekalem 3aliehom dool beyneeko mamtak danta ibn 3 din kalb yalla ya koftis danta re7teak heya heya re7et beddany Ana ba2a Miro hankek mamet khaltak kyabnil mara el 3ARS.... ana ba2a dab3 we 3ayez a2olak en enta 4 reesha yabn deen el kalb ya ibnel 3rs ya mezzayet we hayetla3 din omak......

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he was very good muslim man ,and always says the truth which some time hurts some people , about the truth of the christ. that he is a prophet and not god

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

el shei7' El Sha3rawy is a value,blessing.Every-one should appreciate him,his view & his efforts to teach people the saying "AL DEEN AL MO3AMALAH" and this is the right democracy,not insulting him.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Haytham Mohamed said...

rabena yehdeek ya maged we yenawar albak le fehm el islam

12:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the book "Azzazil" says it all about all.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Khaled Saad said...

Salamo Alekom Moslem brothers; Musa Sabry – from Akhbar Eliom- is or was a Christian and he also was well known Christian offender who always try to entice the entire public opinion about Muslim scholars and he did the same in 1981 when he published that Muslims shouldn’t send their kids to the mosques because there were allegedly some molesting sheiks in there and some Egyptian Moslem families who bought the newspapers almost believed the ‘liar’. Why did he do this, for 2 main reasons, one to make money and he did, two, to reduce the number of Moslem fellow going to the mosques, he probably succeeded in doing this too, only for a short while though until investigations proved their innocence! You need to bear in mind that Shiek Sharawy was a great and a pious man from a pious family ‘not related in anyway to Mohamed Shawky the actor’ not even has the same accent as he was from a different county in Egypt. My mum has always had a Christian friend and she knew my mum all her life and she visited us quite regularly and I knew Romay a Christian guy and he was fine too, at least to my face. I still think that a lot of Christians are just suppressed too much and they are really lost in their religion and because they know that they are following a mirage not a religion and shiek El sharawy made them in many ways almost touch the reality and good ones believed in Islam and reverted to Islam – I chose the expression reverted and not converted because [every human being is born on Fitra (which in other words mean Islam) (as Shiek sharawy explained!!)]- Please note that every Christian Priest can’t get married and this works against the human nature and this mean that they will do some child molesting and Maged was probably molested by his Church Priest that’s why he feels that he wants to revenge from someone and he unfortunately chose the wrong man to mess about with! Maged please note this, a guy from Denmark did the same as you did he published cartoon images about our prophet (Peace be up on him), what you don’t know that this guy and all his families were burnt down in their homes completely!! So don’t risk if for a biscuit!! U never know, perhaps I am the guy you buy your takeway from in town, so be careful, you are being tracked down and eventually you will pay the price! I promise you will do! You chose this for yourself and this sounds crazy but if you fear for your life I will do give you the very last chance, to apologise publicly here on this site and I swear if you don’t within six month you will be history not because you insulted Sharawy you also blatently insulted our prophet and as you know even in the west over here it’s against the international law to do that, so in Arabic you have no ‘Diah’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Khaled...... somewhere 'BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allah ygazek bma 3mlto fee hza el rgl el tyb,
If any one intersted to know this great man {Mohamed el sharawy} just search in google about him,
last thing>>he never say bad things about christian,never>>not fair you make that

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wll not say anything more than what God almighty ( the only one real god) said in the kuran:

kol moto beghaizekom

you will die with your cowadness and anger. it might lead to health problems but your heart will never be Saleem (healthy)

feel sad for you fanatic blind ignorant crhistian

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u thought about it for a minute, just looked at your religion with a just eye youll find out that your worshipin an idol "jesus" on a cross just like pharoas n babalians did thousands of years ago your just another form of neoPAGANISM, all your rituals and holidays are just another form of worshippin SATAN as a muslim i feel much SUPERIOR over your stupid thinkin and the nonsense u sayin.. and about el shee5 sha3rawy ull never ever destroy his image or what he did and you cant even do it, o and you got no evidence get some evidence like the ones they got over benedict or lots n lots of FAGS who teach U ur RELIGION! besm el ab wel ebn wel roo7 el kodoos elahon wa7eed?! fuck u thats nonsense we te2ooly ba3boo rub wa7eed lool beto3bood rabena wala el mesee7 looool... soret el samaad" kol howa allah a7ad allaho esamaad LAM YALLED WA LAM YOOLAD WALAM YAKON LAHOO KOFOWAN A7AAD"

11:11 AM  
Blogger Modern Pharaoh said...

MAged, i'm an Egyptian, my religion is Islam, however i'm very anti salafi anti wahabi, i respect HUMANITY, my fellow Christian, Jewish, whatever Egyptians are human beings & we are all one.

My question to you is i'd love to see some kind of proof or information regarding the accusations to sha3rawy..i wasn't a fan of him, i'm not a fan of any of those TV sheikhs to begin with, but the accusations you make are pretty serious and i see no link or info to back them up!

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

إن المقارنة بينك وبين الحمار فيها ظلم للحمار يا سلامة.
موت بغيظك وخليك كالكلاب خارج مصرالعربية الإسلامية

3:15 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله و حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل في كل من ادعى كذبا و بهتانا على رجل نحتسبه عند الله من الصالحين

6:13 PM  

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