Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rouby Vs. Aisha روبي و عائشة

If you read my profile, you can see how fascinated I am with Rouby, my favorite Egyptian singer. Not only that she is a hot and beautiful Egyptian diva, Rouby is also a brave soul. She is not ashamed of her beautiful body and is not hiding it. She has the best curves a woman can ever have and she is pushing the envelope by dancing in a very original and provocative way. I have no problem with Rouby; I think she has every right to express her sexuality in the face of repressed Islamic idiots. However, I am deeply confused by the Islamic fundamentalists' vile and vicious campaign against her. I actually watched a Muslim scholar advocating that she should be stoned in public. He accused her of attacking Islamic values and misrepresenting Muslim women. He invited her to wear a head cover and quit her singing and acting career, or she will be subjected to Islamic punishment. I think this scholar is the worst hypocrite you can ever imagine. Let us think of Rouby and what she did and compare her to “Aisha” the wife of Muhamad, the prophet of Islam. The majority of Muslims calls Aisha the “Mother of Muslims” and considers her one of the best Muslims ever lived. I will show you here that Rouby is actually more moderate than Aisha when it comes to sexuality.

1. Rouby has beautiful breasts and she shakes them; Aisha offered her breasts to Muhammad’s followers (Read Al Bokhary for the evidence)
2. Rouby never had sex with Sherif Sabry when she had her period; Aisha had sex with Muhammad when she had her perioid. (Read Sonan el Tormosy for the evidence)
3. Rouby is so proud she would never let Sherif Sabry have another wife; Aisha let Muhamad had many wives with her.
4. Rouby did not have sex with a man when she was 9-years-old; Aisha did (Read Al Bokhary for the evidence)
5. Rouby never cursed anyone publicly; Aisha cursed Muhammad and told him that Allah let him screw any woman he wanted.(Read Sahis Muslum for the evidence)
6. Rouby is a brunette; Aisha was a blonde (I am sure you know what I mean- you can think of blonde jokes if you are lost!)
7. Rouby never let Sherif Sabry wear her dress; Aisha let Muhamad do that. (Read Al Bokhary for the evidence)

If you are familiar with Islamic oral traditions (Hadith; Al bokhary, Sahih Moslem, sonan el tormosy), you will believe me. If not, go do some research and learn more about them

What does this tell you? I think Rouby is so pure compared to Aisha. Rabena yekheleeky ya Rouby muaaaaaah ya hayaty


Blogger Egypeter said...

"I think she has every right to express her sexuality in the face of repressed Islamic idiots."

LOL! I couldn't agree more!

2:59 PM  
Blogger Egypeter said...

Oh, one more thing.

She is so amazing. Go beautiful Egyptians. We were once the social and cultural center of the Arab world...let's get back there.

3:00 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

yes egypeter; she makes a difference. Thanks for your wonderful comments. I looked at your comments in other blogs and it seems that you have a lot of knowledge about our Coptic history. I hope you make a blog and share your knowledge

6:52 PM  
Blogger xavier said...

Yup I agree with Maged. If you have time you should blog :)


10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come such an asshole like u say lies all about Sayeda Aisha Nothing is true of this, it's even in koraan said that women shouldn't have sex with their husbands unless they are clean of period, how come u spread lies about this matter n u don't have the slightest idea about the truth n u nvr read koraan n sunna so stop talkin n opeinin ur dirty mouth before knowing the real facts how come ppl listen to such an idiot without any clue n i dare u to list only one thing of u what u said to be true. ASSHOLE

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey jerks,

Aisha was a read head. You're telling lies.
And if Ruby is the egyptian beauty, i pitty egyptian men!!!!

"Lebanese by nature, Proud by choice."

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, you think you can express yourself just because you know a word called democracy.. okay let me put it this way.. you are a loser.. and lets analyze why you are a loser.

1- you don't know anything about anything.. even your own religon, that is if you have one.

2- second of all, i would like to look at you daughter's breasts and i'd love to see her cat walking with a bikini shaking her booty LOL.. by the way in case you don't have a daughter i would appreciate if your wife do that for me... this is why ISLAM made such rules for women.. because Allah knows that men ( like yourself ) looks to women ( like your rouby ) with such desire and may or may not do a foolish thing ( like raping and jerking off all over the place) - by the way i'd rather die and not listen or look to rouby - and let me quote to proof
(1. Rouby has beautiful breasts and she shakes them)

3- you don't don't know crap about El Sunna Al Nabawia or Nessa2 Al Rasool.. you only know titles like al Boukhary and Muslim.. LOOOOL you are a loser.. i'm really having fun beating you down at this competetion.. if you know a little bit about reading books ( and i mean books in general) first you must specify the name of the book, the chapter, the page and if necessary the line) and try to play smart and tell people to search in a 8 volumes encyclopedia with more than 4000 pages books...

4- things like Muhammed (PBUH)married Aisha when she was 9 years old and how come he marries 9 at the same time are things that ignorant and weakly knowledge people like yourself say all the time and seriously man, it's boring
because if you asked any non-educated non-muslim anywhere in the world he would say all the things that you said in your causeless article. which concludes that you might be as ignorant as they are.. 99.999 % anyway

5- is there anything in the world that would make you write such thing about a woman that more than 1/6 of the population of the earth respect and cherich... i know whyyyyy... because you want to be famous.. the one who said this and that about Aisha.. well i give you credite for that.. i think you will achive your target but let me tell you this... if you bought something cheep, it won't last long.

6- rouby, rouby ya ragel.. tab shoof wa7da 3alieha el 2eema!!
i want to know your openion about rouby when she's really old and wrinkled all over.. ofcourse you'll tell me that her songs will live forever ;)

7- there are places where they sell books - try to visit them once in a while we rabena yhdeek


12:38 PM  
Anonymous basuony75@yahoo.com said...

i am sory i am obliged to tell u that u are very stupid and very superfascial person to compair the vulgger prostitute like Rubby with the great Aish , as you use the sexual point as a way of comparison it reflect your materiality and yuor inferiority ,also al your knowlede are wrong and has no any true refrance you are a lier . whtever your religion , your religion refuse thise cheep methd to pullute the great history of great Aish

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Man !!! and i am not sure of you being that really.
i Thank ALLAH very Deeply for the existance of MEN like you ..Know why ?
because this is the material proof that really there some going to Hell over thier faces and Some Go to Jannah isA lifting up thier Chins
So You "Whatever" Thanks For Being a misleaded misguided disbeliver for me to be leaded and guided and belive in my religion even more

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salam Anonymous, i really dont know ur name or who ur are, but wallahi inchaa allah bless you, ur answer to the freaks up there is a complete answer i would have never wrote more:):) thanks for defending muslim womens:) i agree with you 1000000% , i know am not wearing hijab or wht allah told me to dress like, but at least i know am wrong, and trying to be better, not like this gu.s up there, i dont know how they called themselves men aslan:) , begad wht a beautiful religoin we have, hamdou lelah tht we are muslims and allah told muslim men to cover thier wives, coz i really dont know how come a real man could let his wife go out like ruby for ex.:):) i cant call me a man ... allah bless u and dont ever change...

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as well by the way, i don't think that the jerks up there are Muslims aslan, so hey Muslim guys up here, plz don't defend our Other Aisha, coz we don't need to do that, she's above all this, plus what the hell are they talking about, comparing Sayeda Aisha to RUBY:):) this is so funny, hilarious:) as mentioned above, go read some books about true Islam first not stupid books u mentioned above.... and we have as Muslims to forgive ignorant, so don't bother Muslim brothers and sisters

4:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ma bt3rfe shee 3an el islam fa ma tefta7e temeek el kbeer.
roo7e intekke. that's what you do best. or do you? is that why you've resorted to writing such RETARDED unsupported blogs?
Hah. Shoo hmara.

12:39 PM  
Blogger theking2015 said...

asm3ny ya bheeem yally asmek maged zeft,1-ur level is rouby coz both low standard

3-u want to be famous ya m3fen mashy bs famous shatyam ya ahbel
[read [aghel aensan] in kont bt3ref asln for evidence]hahhahaha
4-look to ur wife breast and ask her to shake it in t.v ya gamed
5-bgd if lw enta 3agbak rouby awy ro7 2ool lomek aw mratek aw bntek tro7 shake her breasts in t.v,lw m3ndkesh ro7 enta akked hatnfe3
5-this response not for defending ya 3abeeet ,1400 sanaa w m7dsh 2der ytklem 3shaN 3areffen an the great AISHA HIGHER THAN THEIR MOM THEM SELVES,BS M3LSH MANATA GAHEL W M3LKESH 7RG.

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Ahmed said...

do u know son of the pitch who u insult.she is not as ruby or as ur mother who are both whores but she is one of the most honourable women on the earth. if ur mother offered her breasts to other men that is ur problem but dont express ur phsychological problems in public son of a pitch.if u dont understand english i gladly write to u كس امك يا ابن المرة الشرموطه يا ابن الزانيه

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u r a christian ,im going to answer all ur claims on our great symbol of islam Aisha,u know that ur religion is beats and pieces from myth.who is ur god?u r an atheist who know nothing about islam and its tolerable nature.who is mary moros as u christian claim he is a fighter of christianity no he is a jerk and a drunker who found no way in his life except fighting. u dont read about islam if u do u ll be a muslim u son of pigs.u know asshole that the christian dont have a true bible coz each one contradicts with the other.how do u verbal attack someone and u even dont know who is him or her if u really telling the truth so leave ur e-mail and u ll find us and we r gonna kick ur ass

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Dahlia said...

you know what..u r an asshole...this is stupis and u r stupid..well i believe if u r against soemthing or if u dont believe in something u should not attack it..or make fun of it..well, u do have ur own point of view..so KEEP IT FOR UR SELF!!! why would u go attacking something else and start exposing bad issues about it...if u r a Jew, Christian or Muslim..i believe that ur religion would have taught u something..but u just went on making a blog against Islam and Prophet Mohamed..apparently u know nothing about any religious beleifs...so...SCREW YOU!!

4:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i,m 16 years old but i think that democracy that we are claiming about gives me the right to express my opinion i think you are having some daddy,s issues mr.maged

3:57 AM  

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