Thursday, March 09, 2006

Muslim Privilege

I read a wonderful post about the discrimination against Copts and non-veiled women in Egypt. It was jointly written by both Freedom For Egyptian and Super Luli, 2 of the most respected Egyptian bloggers. Their post inspired me to generate a list of what I call Muslim privileges. I define Muslim privilege, as a set of rights and gifts given only to Muslims by the virtue of being Muslims. They deserve it but they did not earn it; however, Copts also deserve this privilege but they do not have it. The list is as follow:

1. Muslims do not have to use their vacation time for their religious holidays.
2. Only Muslims hear their religion praised everyday in the Media and by the Egyptian President and government officials.
3. Only Muslims are reminded 5 times a day that they need to pray through loudspeakers. Copts do not.
4. Only Muslims can be admitted to a University supported by tax-payers (Al-Azhar).
5. Only Muslims can be supported by tax-payers to go to pilgrimage in their holy Muslim lands.
6. Only Muslims can be assured that their religious principles are part of the Egyptian constitution
7. Only Muslims can block streets to pray in them
8. Only Muslims can be presidents or prime-ministers of Egypt
9. Only Muslims can use government money to build their religious places
10. Only Muslims can play a tape of their Quran loudly in the subway without being bothered and harassed
11. Only Muslim women have special stores for their clothes
12. Only Muslims can be assured that their religion will not negatively affect their chances of being hired or being promoted
13. Only Muslims can watch TV shows dedicated to their religion
14. Only Muslims can hear the Egyptian president making an hour speech about the beauty of their religion
15. Only Muslims can wear their religious symbols without being harassed or spit at.
16. Only Muslims are allowed to use loudspeaker to make sure that their religious sermons are heard in every house.
17. Only Muslims can have parliament members who came from an Islamic party that considers people of other religions as second class citizens.
18. Only Muslims can have school curriculum containing religious verses from the Quran.
19. Only Muslims can expect the government to rally with them to boycott those who insult their religion.
20. Only Muslims can be governors (well one Copt became a governor for the first time last December!)
21. Only Muslims have the government reduce its working hours during their holy month of fasting.
21. Only Muslims can say their religious greetings in the beginning of their publich speeches
22. Only Muslim men can marry women who have different faiths.
23. Only Muslim men can marry 4 wives by law (not that I want to- one is enough for me)
24. Only Muslims can make sure that the government will provide them with everything needed for their month of fasting.

Please feel free to add any privilege I missed. I am sure there are many more, but I am so depressed after realizing that all of these privileges exist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only Muslims can find a house of prayer with a loudspeaker in every corner in the country!

7:44 AM  
Anonymous mohager_4 said...

Only the Muslim who can do the following:
1-Kill people and claim its "jihad" for GOD.
2-think of himself is the best in the west and the east because he is a Muslim.
3-all the None Muslims are Pork’s and Monkeys.
And a lot more

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comment to the ignorant mohager, why did you feel the need to post a hateful and dumb comment like that? Why generalise???? Just stumbled across this blog and read the statement "Egypt is notArabic bla bla bla bla Zzzzzzzzzzz.....

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure its an islamic country ! - these lows came from the majority who should rule the minority -isnt that democracy ? , see the prophit was long sighted when told muslims to breed as much as they can !
man u gotta be little openminded ;)

2:53 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

You've got that right. Muhammad was adamant that his followers should have babies with the same rate rabbits have

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so much of this is not true

1- Christians get the Christian holidays, and not from the annual leave, while Muslims are not allowed those days as holidays. Christians also take Muslim holidays.
2- there are no laws against churches calling out for prayer, the church behind my house rings its bells every morning and wakes me up
3-christians are addmitted to universities equally as muslims
4- there is no reason why christians can't have stores dedicated to them, the only reason muslim women have their own stores its because they sell clothes for veiled women, christians can go ahead and buy veiled clothes if they want to.
4-there are also tv shows dedicated to christianity, showing mass on tv, for hours on end.
5- school curriculums have christian teaching for christian students.

oh and lets not forget the Christian privelage: if there was ever a fight between a muslim and a christian, and the government was involved, it would be a national security case, inwhich the christian testimony is taken to be true regardless of the muslim's testimony, to ensure the protection of christians. this i know for a fact, where a muslim friend of mine was assulted by a christian and the muslim ended up for 3 days in prison and he hadn't done anything

8:48 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Anonymous, I am speechless about your omissions and misrepresentations
1. Do I get the holidays of Easter, new Coptic year? No. I have to beg my boss to let me take them
2. Does the government allow Christian priests to use loudspeakers in spreading their sermons? No
3. Are Christians allowed to be admitted into the University of Azhar (Egypt's third largest university)? No
4. Forget about the clothes store privilege; it was a joke. You do not even have a sense of humor. How sad!
5. The Egyptian TV only allows masses to be broadcasted 2 times a year: one time at Christmas and one time at Easter.
6. School curriculum has no Christian teaching in its mainstream subjects. I was forced to memorize the perverted verses of the Qu’ran to pass my Arabic exams during different stages of my education.
How about the other 20 privileges? Can you refute them?
Do not lie about conflicts between Christians and Muslims. 25 Christians were murdered in 2000 in Koshh and not a single Muslim terrorist was convicted. Your post clearly shows your denial and indifference to the tragedy that is facing Egypt

9:21 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are just a fuckin' son of bitch who don't eeven know what he is talkin' about so fuck u and your fuckin' pope you are just a fuckin' misrable creature

9:06 PM  
Anonymous AGerman said...

Sure Egypt is an Islamic Country, for Example in USA :

-Muslims are not allowed to reach a place in the governement :)
- even Black Americans are not allowed to be presidents :)

do you think in Israel, Germany, France, UK, ... they will allow Muslims to be?

so, ... do you understand now ?

4:32 PM  

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