Friday, March 24, 2006

An Email Response from Aisha

I think I opened a hornet’s nest in my blog. Here is an email I received from Aisha in response to Muhammad’s email about her.

Dear Maged,
I am sending you this email to discuss many facts about my relationship with Muhammad, my only husband and the prophet of Islam. I was 6-years-old when I met Muhammad, my father’s best friend. Uncle Muhammad used to bring me a lot of candies. At the time, the candy was made of goat milk and it was really delicious- nothing compared to the candies today. I was so happy with him and I told him that he was my second father. Three years later, my father asked me: “Do you love Uncle Muhammad.” I said “of course.” He said, “Okay you will move to his house and become his wife.” At the time, I was not sure about the meaning of that, but I figured my father was going to war and it would be safe for me to live with Uncle Muhammad. I told father that I had no problem doing what he wanted me to do, although I was not sure why they had to have a celebration for that. In my wedding night, many women put make up and “henna” for me. I looked really weird. I remember one of the women looking at my breast and laughing. She also said “poor prophet.” Any way, things happened very quickly and before I knew it I was in my Uncle Muhammad’s house. He was carrying me on his shoulders and I was fantasizing about the candies he was going to bring me. He then took me to a room and locked it up. He told me: “Aisha, I have a lollipop for you; it tastes better than any lollipop you ever tasted. He then closed the windows and things became very dark. He asked me to close my eyes and put something in my mouth. It tasted and smelled very bad (XXXXXXX ok this is getting graphic- I cannot publish what she wrote about the matter, but she sounded very sickened and hurt by her encounter with Mo.) I changed so much since that night; I could not be myself again. I think I was traumatized and I became a very aggressive and hateful person. I acted out few years later and cheated on him with a man called Safwan. Muhammad was very hurt by my infidelity but forgave me after Allah told him that I did not do it- Hell yeah I did that. Our relationship deteriorated after that and he started to marry other women as well. I noticed how Allah gave him license to do anything he desired including marrying any woman he liked. You know Muhammad was very possessive too. I was 18 when he died and before his death he stipulated that none of his wives should marry again. Can you imagine? An eighteen-years-old woman, who is full of sexuality can’t get remarried again after being violated when she was 9-years-old. I turned my sexual desires into aggression and I took a very active role in the Islamic affairs after Muhammad’s death. I hated his other wives and made sure that his children with them were not treated well. I conspired with some people to kill Ali (Muhammad’s son in law) and his 2 sons Hassan and Hussein. Their deaths ushered the division between Muslims into Shiaa (Ali’s followers) and Sunna. So as you can see Maged, Muhammad distorted our relationship in his email and misrepresented the facts. He traumatized me and transformed me into a very mean spirited woman. I know that the Shiaa hate me and call me a whore, but can you blame them? I hope that you publish this email and let the truth be known.

Aisha, the child bride
Islamic elementary school
Sin City, Paradise
Republic of Safwan

What can I say? Poor Aisha! By the way, the stories she mentioned were told in Islamic Oral traditions (Hadeeth al Bokhary and Malek). Muslims get half of the religion from these oral traditions. For example, they learned how to pray and fast from these oral traditions.


Blogger Egypeter said...

Hey Maged - Hope you are well brother! I just read your, "Why am I angry" post and was really really saddened by it. Little muslim children are being indoctrinated to HATE us at such a young age. Egypt reaps what it sows. So sad!

How much better would Egypt's society be if ALL Egyptians were taught to love their neighboor? What would it be like if we celebrated our differences instead of reviled them? Wouldn't our society/culture be a hell of a lot better??

Trust me habibi I TOTALLY sympathize with you and how you feel. I'm born, raised and currently living in Chicago and I'm pissed off at the Copt's situation in Egypt. I can't imagine what it would be like if I lived in Egypt. Maybe because I was blessed to be born in a country where discrimination does not exist I have become very intolerant of it. I HATE ignorance and intolerance and cannont tolerate being around people like that. I feel if someone discriminates against me I will lash out. Not good :) So my point is we probably share very same values and emotions.

Now don't get me wrong, I find your articles informative and hilarious but some articles may piss off a lot of the moderate muslims who we need to partner with. Let's face it, muslims and christians will have to live in Egypt, side by side, for a long time to come. We need all non-fundementalist people working together to defeat the fundementalist and their stupid stupid Wahabi ideology (kinda like that one in your story earlier). We need to make Egypt a good place to live for all Egyptians, christians and muslims, ya know?

Anyway, take care of yourself and God bless Maged. Rabbina ma'ak!


12:05 PM  
Anonymous Peace on earth. said...

Dear Maged:
I agree with you that publishing the facts is a great thing and that's how people will know what have done in the past and the truth of Mohammad and his so called Islamic religion.
But on the other hand when muslims read this specially in our beloved Egypt, they turn their hate to their coptic neighbours and not back to you, you understand what I mean!!!.
How poor is christians in Egypt, it is our land but yet they think they own it.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here You can find about Aeesha and Muhamed

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

الىpeace on earth ارض مصر بتاعتك انت والمسيحيين؟ مين اللى قالك الكلام العبيط ده ؟ انت بتحلم يا ابنى ابقى غطى تيزك وانت نايم

6:26 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all ..NO muslims are not taught to hate any pplm of other faiths. I think all that is writted in this site is Bullshitt. IT angers me vERY VERY VERY much.If this was ur goal maged...u did a darn well job! Cant u find anything better to do..PLEASe u sicken me..ur articles that are based on nooo credible sources with twisted citation of the quran and hadith. Apparently, I HATE Your actions very very much even though i have nothin agafinst coptic christians. I luv Jesus and Moses and All the Prophets. SOOOO y make fun of Prophet Muhammed...he is not twisted...i find that HILARIOUS. I hope u change ur views. for everyone following up on this site...all his info is completely not credible..just pick up the quran and read from it yourself..and dont get a copy from maged..bc he prolly would have altered it to fit his weird, cruel interpretation.
Peace be upon u

6:33 PM  
Anonymous amirah said...

if you are a good chrsitain then you would respect others and i hope that you are intelligent enough to find the truth! your blog truely does saden me i dont know if you hvae deliberatley manipulated this or you serzly belive it! either way it is wrong and i hope that you know that being a muslim who is non eygptain i empathise with you and the coptic eygptains as many of my friends are coptic and also because im HUMAN! but i will tell u one thing! and i hope this is just in the case to the coptic eygaptins i know (btw i know 100's of them) i have found that you guys believe that you no more about islam and the state of muslims then an actual muslim! i find in your churches you are even taugt about islam! didnt u ever think it cud be biased! huh! we muslims are not taught about yous and we are not brain washed about what christains and the jews did to us we are not feed poison towards non muslims, but are encouraged to see the beauty in everyone and live in peace with everyone and everything! i think u need to tell your theology teacher at church to get the proper quotations from the quran in your instead of your versions.

the reason why you have personally effected me so much is becaue i no how you guys are and i really do respect coptics, i have even met with one of my good friends priests and to tell you the truth the only reason why i am comfortable arnd yous is because our teaching and our rulings are very similar but i find that our sources of faith are very different!
i hope you are open minded enough to look into it so if u make a decison abt hating islam at least you are hating the right version not some weird manipulated one!
God help us!

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Saweres said...

well maged, I am sorry to say this, but there are a lot of wrong info in this email, for example, no one have told her anything, she was playing on the swing with her friends, suddenly her mother came, washed her face, and put her in muhammed's lap, and according to sunnah books, in older age, aisha used to take young women to the market place to seduce young men to sleep with her, she was a big nasty horrible woman, especially that she have cheated on muhammed in his life, poor muhammed he was the joke of all the Madinah, muhammed was a joke all his life, but his followers cut the heads of everyone doesn't believe in him, muhammed also was a big theif, he have stolen many many verses in the quran from the jewish books (not the torah, just human writings) and pretended that its from a god, and he made allah the heathen arabian god, as the one who talked to Moses and "Real" Prophets, anyway, thank you for your effort

ex-muslim and Coptic Apologist and Theologist

9:05 PM  

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