Monday, May 15, 2006

Do not Love too Much

قال صعبان عليه وبيطمن عليا قولوه لسه عايشه وكل شىء حلو فى عنيا
قال صعبان عليه
قال يعنى برىء حنين وجرحنى جرج هين قال يعنى لو هموت من البعد انا هغلط وابين
قال صعبان عليه

These are words from a love song by Sherine, one of my most favorite Egyptian singers. She is really hurt by her lover and is saying:

"Does he really feel bad for what he did and is he asking how I am doing?
Please tell him I am alive and everything is nice in my eyes.
Does he really feel bad for what he did?
Does he really think he is innocent and kind and had mildly wounded me?
Does he really think that I will make a mistake and show how much I am dying due to our parting?
Does he really feel bad for what he did?"

The worst thing in life is to love someone and give her/him all what you have, and they do not appreciate you. You put up with their abuse of you and you put up with their coldness and distancing, and they still continue to hurt you. You care so much about them and you put them first, and they still do not care. They put you down and they hurt your feelings, and you still love them. They tell you that they are too good for you and you still cling to them. You call them every hour of the day and they do not care to return your phone call. You give them flowers and they tell you they stink. They are cold as ice and they know you need them. What is wrong with you? How can you possibly continue to love them? You do because love is blind. But do you really love them or do you want their approval? Do you really love them or do you want them as an object that feeds your starvation for love. Do not love too much and do not love too little. Just love as much as you can and do not push yourself to the edge because love can be dangerous. Trust me on that one.


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