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Father Zakareya: Our Egyptian Winston Churchill

When the Nazi movement was at its peak, no one really cared to stop it. Hitler savagely murdered millions of Jews, oppressed many German dissidents, and invaded many of Germany’s neighbors. The world was watching and did not act against that evil man. Only one person believed that the Nazi movement was a huge danger to this world and worked very hard to combat it. This person was Winston Churchill, the late British prime-minister. This man traveled to the USA and convinced FDR to support him in launching a war against Hitler. You know the rest of the story: Hitler was defeated and the Nazi movement was destroyed. It only took one persistent man with noble principles to destroy the evil of the Nazis. Churcill saw the Nazi danger before anyone did and worked very hard to tell others about it. He also saved the world from Fascism and planted the seeds of democracy in many European countries that used to be ruled by dictators.

How is this relevant to my blogging about Egypt? Well, I want to introduce a man who is the equivalent of Winston Churchill. This man is Father Zakareyah, a 70-years-old Coptic Egyptian priest who had dedicated his life to expose Islam and the Quran. It is ironic that most Coptic Egyptian politicians are wimps who suck up to the Egyptian government and to the Islamists in Egypt. They are political prostitutes who do not care about the well being of Coptic Christians and constantly deny that persecution of Copts exists in Egypt. They are also working with the Egyptian government to further oppress our Coptic people. These cowards include: Gamal Asaad, Moneer Loka Bebawy, Hany Seroor, and Hany Aziz. Fortunately, Father Zakareya is present and represents a very powerful force against Islamic hegemony in Egypt. I will now give you a brief history of this man then will tell you why he is Egypt’s Winston Churchill.

During the reign of Nasser, Egypt's president between 1956 and 1970, Father Zakareya was jailed as a result of writing a book in which he showed that the Qu’ran indicated that Jesus is the true God. During his imprisonment, he faced the worst treatment and was almost killed by guards. After he was released from jail, Father Zakareya served in a Church in Heliopolis Cairo, and was able to help thousands of Muslims convert to Christianity by showing them the perverted teachings of Muhammad and by comparing this man’s vile life to the pure and blessed life of Jesus. As a result of his activities, the government kicked him out of the country and he served in a Coptic church in Australia then moved to England. Father Zakareya was involved in converting many Muslim immigrants in these 2 countries to Christianity; however, he wanted to spread the word by using the Internet. So, he appeared 4 days a week in a voice chat program called PalTalk. His chat room has been always full with thousands of Arabic speaking people who listened to his speeches about Muhammad. Father Zakreya also debated with many Islamic scholars in his room and was able to show them the devious teachings of Muhammad. He also started many web sites such as this one. The government learned about his activities and forced our Pope Shenouda to remove him from his Coptic church in England. Also, a Muslim billionaire offered 5 million dollars to anyone who would kill him. Guess what, this millionaire (Sayed El Sewerky) was accused of marrying many under age girls. They should not have accused him if they are true Muslims since he was imitating his prophet Muhammad who molested 9-years-old Aisha. Father Zakerya did not give up. He traveled to another country (I will not tell you about this country for his own safety) and surprised everyone with the launching of a new satellite channel (Al Hayah TV). Through this channel he was able to reach millions of Muslims in the Arab world and Europe. His channel is now flourishing and many Muslims are watching it and some of them are trying to shut it down.
Fr Zakareya is Egypt’s new Churchill since he was the one who knew how bad Qu’ran and Muhammad are and started his own mission to expose them. He learned a lot about Islam through the years and used what he learned to show people how Muhammad was a sexist, racist, thug and a killer. His work was translated into many languages and many people got to know the true nature of Islam through this work. I pretty much believe that the cartoonists knew a lot about Muhammad through the translated work of Fr. Zakareya. I also know that many international columnists used his work to make their argument about the danger of Islam and Muslims on the civilized world. Fr. Zakareya spoke about many oral traditions including the breast feeding of adults, the sex life of Muhammad, and his possession by the devil. Now, Arabic Satellite channels have programs that discuss what Father Zakareya has been saying for years. God bless Father Zakreya. He is my hero.


Blogger xavier said...

Mohammed possessed by the devil? Never read about this in the hadiths.
Well it would certainly explain Mohammed's strangely pathological hatred of the cross and the denial of the Crucifixtion.

Off topic but I'm struck at MohammedMs hatred of dogs and donkeys. Is it because both animals are loyal and forthright? That if neither likes a person, those animals don't hide their dislike. The dog will growl and try to bit the person and the donkey will become very stubborn and refuse to move.


10:59 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Check this scholarly work in the following web site http://answering-islam.org/Silas/suicide.htm
Muhammad had a suicide attempt and it was evoked by his possession by the devil

8:06 PM  
Blogger xavier said...

Thanks. Is this the story where Mohammed goes up on a mountain (or was it the kaballa) and tried to kill himself but was prevented by 'Gabriel'?
In any case I'll check the link.


10:22 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Muhammad has endless stories that can be really entertaining Xavier. Check the whole web site, and you will learn a lot

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

god bless you

5:22 PM  
Anonymous PEACE said...

I am an Egyptian Muslim and I understand that there are issues in the Coptic community about discrimination but do you really think that offensive comments about our prophet are really going to help get us anywhere or will just create bigger divides?

I have nothing against Christians and neither does anyone else I know in Egypt and I really think that the way forward is mutual respect which will Insha'Allah give us a platform to discuss these issues and bring on positive changes.

Well that is at least going to achieve more than name-calling and childish insults.

At the end of the day my fellow Egyptian, your comments don't refelct badly on Islam, they reflect badly on you.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Masry2 said...


My dear, you are deluded by lies and mis-concepts. For God sake open your eyes and you'll see the obvious.
Please for your own good, do not take what you are born with as a fact. What do you call a religion that does not allow searching for truth.

1:34 AM  

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