Friday, May 12, 2006

Why I Support Mubarak on this Issue

The US government has just issued a “friendly advice” to the Egyptian government to “lighten up” on protesters who marched to support 2 dissenting judges punished by disciplinary actions. These judges proclaimed that last year’s Egyptian election was rigged and demanded that a new election should be held. The punishment of these judges prompted massive demonstrations in Cairo, Egypt and the government decided to crush these demonstrations. Now many are criticizing the Egyptian government for its crackdown on these demonstrators and demanding that it loosens its grip on them. I know that my opinion may shock you, but I really support the Egyptian government in this action and the US government is finally getting it by not putting so much pressure on Mubarak. I wrote a previous essay on Mubarak’s dirty game with Islamic fundamentalists and argued that he was using them to scare the US by allowing them to win 88 seats in the parliament. Now Mubarak is cracking down on these extremists. Let us have a reality check here. The Islamic extremist group “Muslim brotherhood” was the real challenger to Mubarak’s ruling party in last year’s election. Mubarak managed to oppress non-religious opposition leaders such as Ayman Nour and we do not really have a viable opposition group except the Muslim Brotherhood. They have a heavy political influence with their money and they paid many people to elect them. I wrote before about the neediness of the Egyptian people and how they can be won by a candidate who can offer jobs in their communities. The Muslim brotherhood did that and they won many Egyptians as a result. They have been funded by the bloody Saudis and used their petroleum money to lure many youths to their organization. They also use religion as a source of salvation to people, and of course religion is the only thing left for an average Egyptian who is deprived of life’s major necessities and pleasure. Mubarak is standing up for the Muslim brotherhood and the US is finally getting it. I told you before that advocating democracy in Egypt will help Islamic extremists rule this country, so I am now against this idea. The same thing happened with the Palestinians and the Iranians. After all, how can you have a democracy in a country that has 80% illiteracy rate? Mubarak is finally making sense and Bush is getting it. The picture above proves my point. Protestors are holding the Quran and chanting Islamic slogans. They are chanting “Islam is the solution,” and are not realizing how oppressive this statement is to those who do not give a shit about the perverted religion of Islam. I support Mubarak on crushing these fascists


Blogger pelyas said...

I agree with you about the need for secular democracy in Egypt. That said, I don't see how cracking down on a diverse group of opposition protestors is a good thing. The Muslim Brotherhood was not the only group in attendance, there was Kifaya, Youth for Change, and al-Ghad. Furthermore, the MB has shown itself to be rather responsible thus far, taking the initiative to launch cross-religious dialogues in Alexandria and actually advocating on behalf of Copts in certain instances. I'm an Egyptian Christian and I firmly stand by those who protest for democracy, even though I think the current administration in Egypt is the best possible.

5:05 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Yes, the demonstrators were diverse, but let us face it the MB wwill be the major winner if Mubarak is toppled. As for their responsibilty, they are adamant in keeping the second ammenement of the Egyptian constitution that proclaims Islamic law as the major source of all civil laws. They are fascists who are playing a game of deception as their prophet did. If they win, they will turn Egypt into another Iran.

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