Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Is Islam the Solution?

The Islamic brotherhood, one of Egypt’s most vicious Islamic organizations, launched the campaign slogan: “Islam is the solution.” They promised voters that they will implement the law of Islam to ensure that “most of Egypt’s problems will be solved.” Let us have a reality check and some lessons from history about those who had the same slogan:
1. The Iranians did that in 1979. What happened to their country? A year after the so called Islamic revolution that year, the Iranians were involved in a war with Saddam Hussein and 1 million Iranians were eventually killed. All Iranian women were forced to wear a head cover and many prohibitions and restrictions were enacted against them. Iran has recently become a pariah and the whole world is standing on its edge and wondering whether it is building a nuclear bomb.
2. The Sudanese did that in the 90s when El basheer took over in a military coup and imposed the Islamic law on all Sudanese. What happened to Sudan? Bashir killed many Christian priests for owning the wine of communion in their churches. The Sudanese economy went south and the rebels captured many cities. Bashir eventually begged for forgiveness and abolished all Islamic laws. He recently chose a Christian vice-president.
3. The Palestinians did that in 2005 and elected the terrorist group of Hamas to run their government. What happened to them? They are now starving after the free world stopped feeding them and their fellow Muslims ignored their pleas for help. They also have a civil war there and many Palestinians are not having food in their tables or gas for their cars.

Islam is not a solution; it destroys life. It creates rife and conflict among people and causes Muslims to be the angry miscreants they have become. My beloved Egypt will never be ruled by the law of Islam. It never did even when Islam was strong. Now Islam is dying and Muslims are humiliated every where in this world. I know that deep inside Egyptians reject Islam because they know it is all about death, rape and prostitution. Egyptians have class and history and will not let the mentality of tent dwellers dominate them. There is also 10-15 million Copts in Egypt and we wont let that shit happen. We won’t be ruled by a perverted Islamic rule even if we all have to die.


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