Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Conversation with a Veiled Egyptian Girl

Earlier, I discussed my frustration with Hala Shiha who decided to quit acting and wear the Islamic head cover (hegab). This issue continues to bother me so I decided to further explore it. I went online and had a chat conversation with an Egyptian girl in a popular chat room. I asked her if she is covered and she said yes. I asked why and she said “do not be silly.” I said: “I really mean why do you have it?” She said “because Allah said so.” I asked why Allah said so. She responded: “because it is a protection for me.” I asked her “against what.” She responded” “against seducing men and making them sin.” I asked her if she considers herself as someone who is a seducer. She was so upset with my question and said “of course not you idiot.” I said: “so why do you wear the hegab?” She said that it protects her from men looking at her. I said, “but what about men who cannot control their urges anyway and yearn for any woman no matter how she is dressed.” She said that “hegab will turn them off.” I said but they can still see your body. She said “Fuck off.”
Now, what can I say? The poor woman thinks she was born to cause men to sin. She has no pride in herself as a human being. She is resigned to being an object, a sexual object, that needs to be covered up. She is also insulting men. She thinks that all men are like Muhammad who screwed every living woman in his neighborhood including his daughter in law and his best friend’s child. So, she is saying to herself: “let me make men better by covering up! Egypt will never recover from its coma until women like this one realize how much they have been marginalized and oppressed. I am sick and tired of talking with people with no logic and no sense of direction. I feel like my country is developmentally arrested and most people are stuck at their childhood. I know some idiots may say “ is not she better than naked women?” And my answer is “Why do we go to extremes?” Also, what is wrong with naked women? When I go to Sharm, I see many of them. They do their thing and I do my thing. Why do we care so much about what other people do with their bodies? I know why. Because we came from a culture that makes us think we are better because we are more religious than others. We are self-appointed experts on modesty even though our society is plagued with corruption, deception, evil, infidelity, polygamy, and lack of respect for human rights.
Check the picture of this covered girl above. She is very pretty, so hegab did not stop me from saying that. If i see her, i will ask her out :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:46 PM  
Blogger tooners said...

So what is up w/ Sharm? I have my MIL telling me to go, to go! I have my SIL (sister-in-law) telling me to go, to go... is it because of the openness and nudity or something?

I see a lot of my MIL in the things you write. She's extremely superstitious, everyone is... and it's not my thing.

4:14 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Your MIL is caught up in the superstitious nature of Islam. It does not matter how educated Muslims become, they blindly defend their pervert prophet and lead lives that are similar to his.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as2alak so2al
hua enta terda temshy gamb meratak fel share3 w hia labsa bikini wlahi lw mewafe2 teb2a enta ERYAL
w ba3deen enta bet2ol en kol wa7ed 7or fe his body y3nle eli hua 3aizo tab madam keda enta malak b2a bel banat elly 3aiza telbes el 7egab. el sa2ala de

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

w b3deen leeh b2a fel kenisa fel icons 7ateen setena maryam bel 7egaaaab????????
w ba3deeen lw el bible begad ketab holy w nazel men 3and rabena omal kalamo rakeek leeh w kaman ma bykalmsh 3n kol 7aga fel 7aya zy el qur'an w laken el bible 3amel ka2eno biography lel jesus ento aslan zalamto el sayed el masee7 be ta7reefko lel bible
(ma3 el mesee7 zak afdal Taaaaaa7n) :)

11:42 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

bosy, ana mesh ba7eb el 7egab 3alshan howa 3alamet 2ahr el mar2ah we zolaha. besara7aha ay wa7dah mota7gabeh betsawy nafsahah el 3arabeya wel farsh... also, el qur2an beta3ek fee kol 7agah 3an el 7ayah .. ya3ny mathalan bey2ool en el wa7ed momken yenam ma3a bentoh men el zena we momken yetgawez teflah... el qur2an bardoh bey2ool en wa7ed momken yedfa3 agr wa7dah nam ma3aha.. el qur2an also said that en el wa7ed momken yenam ma3a asra el 7arb... begad maskharah mesh maksoofah men deen om islamek?

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

enta aslan msh 3aref terod we
u're escaping 4m my questions
w b3deen ana 2areit el bible beta3ak w la2eit feeh 7ekayat 3n zena el ma7arem in details da holy book da wla film prono???!!!
w b3deen ana msh maksoofa mn Islamy la2eny moktane3a bekol kelma feeh w etla3 mnha w hia te3mar w nsh hana2shak fe afkarak w tafseeratak el 3'alat

7:51 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

bosy zena el ma7arem in your quran is as follows: read sort el Forqan : 25 and tafseerha from Saudi Arabia's governmental web site
It says that Allah beta3ek said it is okay for a man to marry his illegitimate daughter (bentoh men el zenah) zay bent ahmad el fishawy kedah...

The Bible explains that the daughter of loot sinned but it did not encourage theirdeeds. In other words, the Bible explains the sins of many figures and how they got punished for it... mafeesh porno gheer rasolek el hayeg elly nam ma3a bent 3andha 9 senseen... he was a true child molester and would be hanged if he lives now..... if you are convinced, ohters are starting to question the sickness of islam... i receive 10 emails everyday from Muslims who thank me for helping them see their religion for what it is.. They will all leave it because they do nto want to follow a child molester rapist like muhammad... I do not bring my own tafaseer. I bring tafaseer men ma3qal el Islam, el Saudia

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3aref rabena 3amel el ayat fel qur'an mosh mofasara be daraga kebeera?? 3shan elly zayak keda yefhamha 3'alat we yetsaraf 3la asas keda lakn ely mo2men be deino eman kamel we mafish 7ad zayak yehezo hua da elly haykhosh el ganna fel aya elly bet2ol 3aliha de. rabena by2ol eno khala2 mn ma2 el ragol insan 3shan yetgawez msh 3shan yetgawez aboh. w kaman magabsh fel aya seret zenna wla 7aga enta bs elly mosh wakhed balak w b3deen lw enta 7areef awi keda matwareena elly sabo el islam w wareena their email w b3deen fel site beta3ak mafish ay comeent mn elly 2aet-ha mn wa7ed muslim by2olk merci enk karahteny fel islam w law kan fe3lan byb3atolak 3la emailak 3erfosh menain eza kan mafish ay 7aga 3la el site bet2ol emailk eh w lw fe3ln emailk 3ady en el nas te3rafo leeh mardetsh tekalmny 3la emaily lma 2oltelak??

3:09 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

did you know habibty that your prophet married his aunt (etgawez khaltoh ya3ny). ekheeeeeeee

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3aref rabena 3amel el ayat fel qur'an mosh mofasara be daraga kebeera?? 3shan elly zayak keda yefhamha 3'alat we yetsaraf 3la asas keda lakn ely mo2men be deino eman kamel we mafish 7ad zayak yehezo hua da elly haykhosh el ganna fel aya elly bet2ol 3aliha de. rabena by2ol eno khala2 mn ma2 el ragol insan 3shan yetgawez msh 3shan yetgawez aboh. w kaman magabsh fel aya seret zenna wla 7aga enta bs elly mosh wakhed balak w b3deen lw enta 7areef awi keda matwareena elly sabo el islam w wareena their email w b3deen fel site beta3ak mafish ay comeent mn elly 2aet-ha mn wa7ed muslim by2olk merci enk karahteny fel islam w law kan fe3lan byb3atolak 3la emailak 3erfosh menain eza kan mafish ay 7aga 3la el site bet2ol emailk eh w lw fe3ln emailk 3ady en el nas te3rafo leeh mardetsh tekalmny 3la emaily lma 2oltelak??

im malooka 3la fekra

3:35 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

First of all if you go to my profile you will find a link to my email ya faqeeqah. You need to pay more attention ya alby enty Also, It is not my job to make muslims hate their religion. I am really raising questions about the sick character of muhammad. If you are happy with muhammad who took a 9 years old for lover it is your life habibet alby. How about the hadeeth that says that muhammmad etgawez khaltoh. Can you imagine? fee wa7ed mo7taram yetgawez khaltoh.. begad muhamad shayel seefoooo. wa7shany ya beedah wala enty samrah?

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

la2 ana safra wlahi enta wa7ashteny akatr ya maged ably mn gwa
bs te3raf tele3t sokr w 3asal(eswed)

12:54 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

3asal eswed is delicious. Al safra al. Did you find my email?

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aiwa i did we etkabast kaman, mabsoot?

4:17 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

ma3ash elly yekbesek ya habibet alby enty

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Just want to say what a nice site. Bye, see you soon.

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Maged,
I came across your blog as I was wondering why men want their women to cover...what is it in their minds that makes them think it's better for their wives to wear hegab. I'm an Egyptian who was born in the US and I chose to wear hegab many years back for the same reason many girls today choose to wear it...because "God said so" and because it's the way to heaven, because we take the sins of men who look at us, etc. Several years ago, however, due to many circumstances in my life, I chose to take it off and I found an enormous amount of relief. I felt free for the first time in my life, not bound by any 'shoulds'. Although it was difficult to separate myself from feelings of guilt, I knew it was because the 'misteachings' of other so called 'sheikhs'. Even though I took off my hegab, I am still a very modest person who respects herself in the way she dresses, behaves and talks. I don't believe that I take the sins of any man who looks at me, because frankly, that's his problem. And like you said Maged, men will look even at veiled girls, even at girls wearing the beesha and they will try to take off her clothes with their eyes. People are sick out there, but I don't have to change who I am because they exist. I recently visited Egypt, and I was disgusted at how women and girls wear 'hegab' was nasty...tight clothes, short skirts, brightly colored head coverings, tons of jewelry, make up and perfume. I doubt very much that is what hegab was intended for and I agree with you Maged that Egypt has so many social ills that are far more important than a woman covering her hair. Although I admire your audacity for having such a blog, and I know topics in religion can get heated, I think it would be more appropriate if we respect each other's opinions and not have to curse or downplay each other in our comments. After all, we are all human, and we all have our experiences and perspectives, and I respect you for yours and Malooka for hers. I think if we all just take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we might just calm down and see the world a little differently. God is great, wonderful, powerful, he is full of love and we honestly believe that the reason he created us is to cover our hair? Or to argue over who is better than whom? God is love, and if we feel his spirit in us and recognize that spirit in everyone else we meet, we will mellow down and focus more on how we treat each other, how we can give of ourselves to others, how we can make this world a better we can really serve God...something to ponder.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i beleive in freedom of speech, but u dont have to offend el rasol 3aliho elsalato walsalam in order to prove your point.
if u think about it u would see that allah ordered women to wear hijab takreem lelmar2ah msh zoll liha. its not oppression its protection.
if you were a woman you would know that women feel offended by the looks of sick men on the streets, thats why wearing el hijab protects them.
im not veiled by the way, but i beleive that i have to. and isa fi yom mn el ayam i will, not only because i have to, but because i really feel offended by sick men looking at me.
women who take off their hijab because they felt "oppressed", did not wear it bemazaghom in the first place. this is because unfortunately many parents impose hijab on their daughters without convincing them or letting them choose, which makes them eventually take it off in order to feel liberated.
however, this doesnt mean that hijab is not a fard. hijab is a fard and every woman should wear it, bas it should be her own decision b 2eeman menha heya en da eli rabena amarha beeh 3ashan yekaramha w ye7miha.
yes! i agree with you that egypt has many social ills, but this illness comes from two kinds of people: the 2 extremes.
there are those who impose islam and el hijab on others raghm en el islam to begin with msh bel3afia wala ay 7aga mn ta3alimoh bel3afia. those are extremists, they're not moderate muslims.
el islam deen el wasat, el mafrod nekon moderate fi kol 7aga .
w el islam msh bel3arfia 3shan el islam mantasharsh belseef zy malnas fakra. el rasool 3aliho el salato walsalam makansh bey7areb gher lw mafish 7al tani. war was the last resort.
the other extreme would be people like you who have been oppressed in whatever way that made them sick to the extent that they insult islam and the prophet just like children who insult their parents behind their back when they think they were oppressed.
just as children should understand that their parents are trying to help them and protect them, you too have to ask and read the qur2an and a7adith carefully and know the reason behind each order God gives to his followers.instead of interpreting el ayat w el a7adith on your own.
plz get help from people who understand qur2an better than you do and ask them about the reason behind each "aya" . then u'll find that God loves us and that all his orders aim at protecting us and leading us to heaven.
again, egypt has many social ills, so plz pick anything else and feel free to express your opinion regarding it. leave the religion to people who understand it better.
every man has the right to believe in any religion so just pick yours and leave others do as well. dont just spend your whole life trying to talk muslims out of their religion, because neither you nor anyone else on earth can demolish islam and stand against God the almighty. im not chalenging you, im just trying to make you understand that you are wasting your time.
some people might be influenced by your words, but those are not true beleivers. true beleivers would NEVER leave islam if they read your words. they would only see you bluffing and turn their back to you, while you waste your time in a useless and lost cause. so find yourself another cause, because lel2asaf your not winning this one.
rabena yehdeek isa

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the anonymous lady , who told her story
If u really took ur hejab off !There is no need for writing it in this particular anti-islam website , what are you trying to prove ?
Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. No one can change that fact !Inspite the war against it , people from all aroun the world are intersted to find more about it . And when u read the Qoran , and Alseerah Alnabawiyah you can't help it but o believe ( Unless like said in the Qoran u were from " ALLATHINA FE QOLLOBOHM MARD " allahomma a7fazna ,wa 3afina wa eyyakom , wa yahdeekom wa yo9li7 balkom .

4:38 AM  
Blogger alex said...

I find it interesting that a woman must cover herself in the hegab so that men will not be attracted to her (theoretically) because that would somehow be a sin. Aside from any discussion of whether this is indeed a sin, the question of why men must not cover up from the eyes of women arises. Would you deny that sexual desire exists equally in both male and female? If you argue that if a man looks upon a woman and deires her both are guilty of the sin, why not when a woman looks on a strong, handsome young man? Why should not he cover up? If these rules were indeed handed down by Allah, a genderless force, why this obvious bias that would suggest the world view of a male living in a patriarchal society?

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Alex,

This is because if a man looks at a woman that he founds appealing to him, he actually got a higher potential of attacking her (if he wanted to or was able to) to get what he wants. By that I mean in the case of men looking , they have the man power to do whatveer they like and a woman is an easy target.
But in the case of a woman looking at a man, if she liked him and had something wrong with her thoughts, she would NOT be able to succesfully attack a man, you know.
Men and women are different
God almighty knows about that because he created them. His order of hijab is logical and is not discriminatory nor opressive against women.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Maged Salamah,

I would like to thank you about every single word you said because that had let me to look where is the truth and now i am totally convinced with the sickness of Islam, discovering that i had been decived with a wrong religious for many years ago.
The idea is not to quarrel, but to think which religion you are convienced with no matter any cirrcumstances you may face. I hope for others to dicover the truth and take a decision.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok you are a sicko, seriously because whatever religion you are, you should respect all religions. you are obviously a loser and a nobody who wants to cause controversy so that you can cause a stir and get responses. congrats loser. enjoy while you are in hell. have some self respect if you are so brave and clever to express your opinions, where is your picture??? yeah I thought so. from an egyptian female born and bred and educated in london who also wheres the hejab with pride.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fool Maged Shalamah,
Don't blame Islam. You should verify before you told something. If somebody is not following how to wear hejab then it means it's wrong in Islam.

Go and learn before you write the stories.

Islam says: Hijab means not only covers the head, full body also and your hejab shouldn't reveal your body (it means shouldn't reveal your figure).

Fool..Next time, don't write your stories before analyse anything.

I am really sad about you kind of people blame of Islam without verifying anything.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Lama H said...

I am a woman who wears the hijab and I'm deeply offended by your comments.

You are asking foolish young girls the reasons why they wear it.

Let me tell you that, you are right, and women are beautiful.. and there are many men who will not care how she is dressed.

However, when I started wearing the hijab, and I didn't do it at a very young age. I started in my 20s. I felt liberated for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. FINALLY, men treated me with respect everywhere I went. They were looking at my face and no longer looking at my chest. They stopped making disgusting comments as I passed them. They started treating me as their equal.

You may have issues with Islam, but I am a Muslim woman and a staunch feminist. If you believe that the hijab is a form of oppression, you are gravely mistaken. If you want to "worry" about the oppression of Muslim women, "liberating" them from hijab will do NOTHING. Why don't you discuss their rights in some - not all - Arab, African, and other countries????? Those are the important things and your pathetic blog ignores them: no freedom of movement, no freedom of expression, no right to education, no right to divorce.. I could go on forever.

In fact, Middle East countries now treat women they way they were treated before Islam. The Prophet (pbuh) gave women all the rights that exist in the world, and the Arabs have taken them away. I don't mean to generalize and I realize that there are exceptions.

These are real issues and they should be your focus if you really cared about Muslim women in the ME.. but you don't. You're just a anti-Islamic fool.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Islam has given the world nothing but terror,stupid laws,and oppression.That woman should be able to dress however she wants.Who cares if men look.All men look at women,it's normal.That's how god made us so we can reproduce and make more of our kind.And I'm pretty sure men still look even if a woman is covered probably day dreaming,fantasizing or imagining what they look inside of the burkas.This is why arab men are screwed up.Let the natural process happen.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Maged, First thank you very much for what you have wrote.

To the person that said that Islam is one of the fastest growing religions. Islam grows faster population wise. A man is allowed to marry 4 wives and all their kids are born Muslims and are persecuted when they go to Christianity. But if you have looked at statistics you will realize that there are millions of Muslims that have come to Christianity every year through people like Father Zakariya, Rashed, Sam Shamoon and David Wood and many others.
Also to the person that said that he was offending Mohammed. He didn't get any of this information from his own self...all the information he said about Mohammed is true and is documented. He isn't attacking the Islamic religion and neither are all the other people like Sam and David. They are only giving Muslims facts brought from their own readings just to show them how illogical it is. They bring more than one thing and show people how these would contradict each other. They only want to spread the truth and show people how what they are blindly following is illogical.
Also the person that said that true believers would not leave Islam. There have been extremists and people that used to kill for Islam and they have came to Christianity.
For anyone that wants to learn more about Islam is a very good site that will help you understand things from the Quarn. Sam and David have done many studies on the Quarn and know it like the back of their hands. May God bless you all and lead you in the right direction.

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Christianity is a lie said...

Hi idiot.
I wondering what is the exact reason for your hatred for Muslims.
Believe me Muslims is much much better than you.
what is wrong with you mother fucker !!??
you're a piece of shit exactly like your fucken handmade bible.
I believe that you didn't knew any Muslim in your whole hollow life otherwise you would love Islam someway or another.
All your fucken life u go to your perverted church listen to the crap stuff.
You are brain washed.
You are idiot.
If you already don't know Christianity is all about myth, go and search for the the Astrological and Pagan Origins Of Christianity, And wake up from this vivid dreams you live into since 28 years.

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Ingrid said...

Thank you, Maged Salamah, for this revealing look at an Egyptian Muslim girl. You are hilariously funny, and you ought to be on the comedy circuit with your talent at bringing strong truths to us in such a falling-down on the floor hilarious manner.

I love you! We need you! The world, its struggling, suffering people.
thank you! May Yah protect you and yours, forever. Yah protect those under tyranny, the helpless, your children. My youngest son is 12 today, Yah bless them, still under tyranny. We ask this protection in Yahushua's name, let it be done.
Praise Yah, and forever live the infidels in Yah's service like you.

12:44 PM  

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