Thursday, April 27, 2006

What Islam does to People

This is what Islam does to people: self-destruction. When a high power (Allah) tells Muslim believers that they should yearn to die for him, life is cheapened and death is glorified. This is the picture of the remains of a 20-years-old young Muslim male who followed what Allah told him. He strapped bombs around his body and said “Allah Akbar” or Allah is great when he released that bomb in the middle of a crowded restuarant in Sinai. He did not think of how many children he will kill or orphan. He did not think of a couple who was spending a honey moon. He did not think of the many Egyptians who lost their incomes that depended on tourism. This man only thought about Allah who told him to kill infidels. This man followed Muhammad’s teaching that preached hate against us, infidels, and urged our killing. This man had a whole life ahead of him. Maybe not. See Egypt is corrupt as I told you before, thanks to the teaching of Muhammad. This man was stuck in his house with his
mother and could not find a decent job. He lost all hope in life and was left with nothing but his faith in Muhammad and Allah. Unfortunately, these 2 evil figures were the kiss of death for him. They made him more angry and destructive. They turned him into a psychopath, who has no regard for human life.

Okay, I know what you are saying: I am always whining about the hegemony and evil of Islam without offering any solutions. I told you my solution: treat Muslims from the disease of Islam. How? By combating Islam the same way the West combated Communism. They did that through both direct and indirect ways. Rather than spending billions of dollars on the lost Iraq war, we could have used this money to support the modernization of the Arab world. America is investing on a satellite channel called Al Horra and a radio station called Sawa. It needs to spend more money on people. America and the West should spend money on supporting democratic movements in Egypt. Two of the most tolerant and progressive individuals in Egypt: Dr Saad el Deen Ibrahim and Ayman Nour have been jailed and humiliated by the despot of Egypt, Mubarak. Bush should have exerted more pressure on the government of Mubarak that has been cracking down on these individuals and their organizations. There is a
sick law in Egypt that prohibits Egyptian organizations from receiving foreign funds. It is time to pressure the government to lift this law. Here is my guarantee for you: our Egyptian people are so needy, they will follow anyone who will pay them. This is what happened in the last election. The Islamic brotherhood members of parliament as well as those from the ruling party won seats in the parliament by giving money to voters. I am not suggesting that funded democratic organizations pay cash to these voters. Rather, they should be paid by investing in their community through opening a factory or a grocery store that allow the unemployed to work. If they work, they won’t be angry any more and they won’t show their Islamic hate. Can you imagine if such a progressive and modern entity wins the election this way? Egypt would have been a different place.

Bush thought that by launching a war he would scare the Arabs. In fact, he made them more violent and intolerant. Let us launch a war of ideas. Let us support those who separate Islam from the State and want real democracy. They will destroy islam by creating life.


Blogger xavier said...

I don't know. The way I look at the Mideastern Moslem societies they appear to be utterly obtuse and blockheaded. That they prefer to live in fantasies and lies rtaher than confront reality. How can outsiders like the U.S. Britian, Spain whoever, will be able to convince the Moslems to change their mind?
Personally I favour spending money on the Christians, the Berbers and non-conforming Moslems. At least they aren't so blockheaded,, they can reform the societies from the inside and aren't foaming at the mouth violent.


6:43 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

I believe it is possible. Many Muslims in Egypt are not really invested in Islam and secretly hate it. Dr. Saad el Deen Ibrahim is a perfect example. This man has been a staunch advocate of Christian iminority in Egypt and his center Ebn Khaldoon is one of the most human rights centers in the Middle East. Also, Ayman Nour is a secular and liberal man. We also have the socialist party in Egypt and the Wafd party that just expelled its radical prsident (Nooaman Gomaa. I think the West needs to support these people instead of sending 2 billion dollars every year to the corrupt government in Egypt.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous dd said...

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Greetings to You

7:10 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Thanks DD for your encouragement. I will try that. I hope you make further contributions/comments to my site.

8:01 PM  
Blogger xavier said...

Thanks. Really? So the ordinary guy isn't that committed and hates Islam? I'm somewhat surprised since I see the surface phenomeon and it appears otherwise. What about the brotherhood and the other fanatics? Surely they won't ignore this phenomeon?


10:51 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Xavier, I wasn't speaking about the average Muslim. I was just writing about a number of Muslims in this country that are progressive and liberal. They are the minority of course; otherwise, Egypt would not have been such a screwed up place. I think we need to start with these people and then their number will grow

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger maged salamah said...

amr khaled said that muhammad had sex with aisha when she was 9.. ekheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Tanya said...

That's not Islam. it is human stupidity which can be find anywhere and everywhere

3:41 PM  
Blogger Zainabsr said...

Hello Maged,
I would have given you credit for your writing but I find you unworthy of it if you attack a religion and its people to achieve personal gain/ recognition.
How about being more civilized about it and doing some research? How come over 1 billion people embrace Islam worldwide? Had it truly been as bad as you choose to portray it, I would be the first person to stray from the religion.
Granted,I myself oppose the Wahabi and Salafi movements and cannot even think of associating with anyone who is "hardcore". But for you to insult Allah and Mohamed, you're advocating hatred and basically falling in the same trap as those who would have otherwise called you and me infidels.

A civilized discussion starts with respect of the other. That said, you have failed to deliver the first condition and therefore I digress to reading other "more grounded blogs".

Have a good one!

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid all what u said is so wrong,god doesn't talk with people unless prophets.Islam doesn't encourage death and terrorist acts read the holly coran carefully and u'll find out the truth.Besides devil can talk with people and drive them to bad things like suicide,crime,ripe...etc ,so don't attack the islamic world coz arabic doesn't mean muslim.islam has some basic rules u should follow it to be a real muslim.Plz stop judging islam what u're seeing in the middle east is bcz of u americans remember what u did in irak and jewish in palastine.Do u think we're blind we know everything u're trying to cover islam image by terror but u won't success coran and islam will live forever .

1:40 PM  

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