Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Muhammad’s Hygiene

Okay you will not believe what I discovered today in that official Islamic web site from the Saudi government. Muhammad had lice in his hair. I always know that this man was dirty and lousy! Yuck.. Here is the link to maloka, dina, yosra, yomna and every idiot that is still in denial.

Sonan aby dawood سنن أبي داود 2676
‏حدثنا ‏ ‏عبد الواحد بن غياث ‏ ‏حدثنا ‏ ‏عبد الواحد بن زياد ‏ ‏حدثنا ‏ ‏الأعمش ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏جامع بن شداد ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏كلثوم ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏زينب ‏
‏أنها كانت تفلي رأس رسول الله ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ ‏وعنده امرأة ‏ ‏عثمان بن عفان ‏ ‏ونساء من ‏ ‏المهاجرات ‏ ‏وهن يشتكين منازلهن أنها تضيق عليهن ويخرجن منها فأمر رسول الله ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ ‏أن تورث دور ‏ ‏المهاجرين ‏ ‏النساء فمات ‏ ‏عبد الله بن مسعود ‏ ‏فورثته امرأته دارا ‏ ‏بالمدينة ‏
عون المعبود شرح سنن أبي داود

‏( أنها كانت تفلي ) ‏
‏: في القاموس : فلى رأسه بحثه عن القمل ‏
‏( أنها تضيق عليهن ويخرجن ) ‏
‏: بصيغة المجهول ‏
‏( منها ) ‏
‏: أي من المنازل . ‏
‏قال في فتح الودود : إذا مات زوج واحدة فالدار يأخذها الورثة وتخرج المرأة وهي غريبة في دار الغربة فلا تجد مكانا آخر فتتعب لذلك انتهى ‏
‏( فأمر رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أن تورث ) ‏
‏: بصيغة المجهول بشدة الراء من باب التفعيل ‏
‏( دور المهاجرين ) ‏
‏جمع دار مفعول تورث ‏
‏( النساء ) ‏
‏: نائب الفاعل أي نساء المهاجرين فلا تخرج نساء المهاجرين من دار أزواجهم بعد موتهم بل تسكن فيها على سبيل التوريث والتمليك . ‏
‏قال الخطابي : وقد روي عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم أنه أقطع المهاجرين الدور بالمدينة فتأولوها على وجهين : ‏
‏أحدهما : أنه إنما كان أقطعهم العرصة ليبنوا فيها الدور , فعلى هذا الوجه يصح ملكهم في البناء الذي أحدثوه في العرصة . ‏
‏والوجه الآخر : أنهم إنما أقطعوا الدور عارية , وإليه ذهب أبو إسحاق المروزي , وعلى هذا الوجه لا يصح الملك فيها , وذلك أن الميراث لا يجري إلا في ما كان الموروث مالكا له , وقد وضعه أبو داود في باب إحياء الموات . ‏
‏وقد يحتمل أن يكونوا إنما أحيوا تلك البقاع بالبناء فيها إذ كانت غير مملوكة لأحد قبل والله أعلم . ‏
‏وقد يكون نوع من الإقطاع إرفاقا من غير تمليك , وذلك كالمقاعد في الأسواق والمنازل في الأسفار فإنما يرتفق بها ولا تملك , فأما توريثه الدور لنساء المهاجرين خصوصا فيشبه أن يكون ذلك على معنى القسمة بين الورثة , وإنما خصهن بالدور لأنهن بالمدينة غرائب لا عشيرة لهن بها , فحاز لهن الدور لما رأى من المصلحة في ذلك . ‏
‏وفيه وجه آخر وهو أن تكون تلك الدور في أيديهن مدة حياتهن على سبيل الإرفاق بالسكنى دون الملك كما كانت دور النبي صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم وحجره في أيدي نسائه بعده لا على سبيل الميراث , فإنه صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم قال : " نحن لا نورث ما تركناه صدقة " انتهى كلام الخطابي . والحديث سكت عنه المنذري . ‏
‏وحكى صاحب الفتح عن ابن التين أنه إنما يسمى إقطاعا إذا كان من أرض أو عقار , وإنما يقطع من الفيء ولا يقطع من حق مسلم ولا معاهد . قال وقد يكون الإقطاع تمليكا وغير تمليك , وعلى الثاني يحمل إقطاعه صلى الله عليه وسلم الدور بالمدينة . ‏
‏قال الحافظ : كأنه يشير إلى ما أخرجه الشافعي مرسلا ووصله الطبري أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم لما قدم المدينة أقطع الدور يعني أنزل المهاجرين في دور الأنصار برضاهم انتهى
. ‏

Click here for a direct link to the Saudi government official islamic web site


Blogger Egypeter said...

Bukhari Vol. IX, no. 130:

One day the Prophet visited her (i.e. the wife of Ubada bin As-Samit) and she provided him with food and started looking for lice in his head.


You would think God would as least make his "Messenger" lice-free...why would God infest his "meesenger" with a disgusting digusting scalp problem?????


8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha...reminds me of apes grooming each other.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my God I cannot believe that people are still Muslims and are willing to die for this asssssssssssssssssssssssssss mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

8:35 PM  
Blogger Egypeter said...

I posted this in the previous thread but I wanted to repeat it. I am serious when I say that I would love for someone to explain/refute these points:

Did or did not Mo have lice? It's a simple question and I think the evidence is spelled out in the Qur'an.

Did or did not Mo (PUBH) have a sexual relationship with his best friend's 9-year old child?

Did or did not Mohammad (PBUH) suffer from epilepsy?

Did or did not Mohammad (PUBH) attack caravans from Damascus to Medina and steal their belongings, enslave their women and behead their men?

Did or did not Mohammad (PBUH) say that if a woman climaxes before a man during sex the child will look like her. And if the man climaxes first the child will look like him?

Did or did not Mohammad (PBUH) say that muslims have one intestine and non-muslims have seven intestines?

Did or did not Mohammad (PBUH) say that nasty hairy mole on his back was the "seal of his prophethood?"

Did or did not Mohammad (PBUH) say that playing chess is haram?

Did or did not Mohammad (PBUH) say that satan lives in the upper part of our noses?? And that in order to get him out we have to breathe in water and then snort it out?

Did or did not Mohammad (PUBH) say that if one looks up to heaven when praying their eyes will fall out?

Did or did not Mohammad (PBUH) say that should a fly go in your water not to worry because while one wing of the fly has disease in it the other wing has the antidote??

True or not true?

1:05 AM  
Blogger tooners said...

I think you're getting a little carried away w/ some of this stuff. Some of what you say I've heard before, and I said that, but some of this stuff seems like ridiculous lies.

I wonder how you feel about the Da Vinci Code? Me, personally, I think there's a high possibility that Jesus was married. He was a man afterall, right?!

I think you are driving hate and it's sad. This type of writing is what continues to breed hate in many ppl in Egypt and other countries... and I'm not saying this because I'm all pro Islam, I'm just saying there comes a point when you have to calm down and try to love one another. Give peace a chance... eh?

2:31 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Hate has been a hallmark of the majority of muslims even before the internet was discovered. If you grew up in Egypt, you would have listened every Friday to hateful muslim cermons, broadcasted through loudspeakers inevery corner in Egypt. These cermons clearly advocated hate against "infidels." Christians are constantly attacked inside their churches by Muslims. Egypt has a lot of hateful people and it is time to wake them up and tell them that their prophet is a pervert. I strongly believe that their hateful nature stems from the perverted and violent nature of Islam.

6:48 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Egypeter, Please give me the sources of the astonishing things you said and I will credit you as my source. Also, do not worry. Muslims wont care to answer because they are extremely embarassed. I will make a new post about one of his wives and you will be shocked.

6:55 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

annonymous 1: I can imagine your vision about them

annonymous 2: Muslims believed in something all their lives, and it is hard to change them unless you shake them up liek I am doing

6:56 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

as for the Da Vinci code, I personally do not believe in it because the church refuted it. However, I am all for allowing the film to be shown eveywhere. This is the difference honey. I know that Jesus has been constantly attacked through the ages and He never asked us to kill on his name. He did not say that we should behead those who insult him as freaken muhamad did. This is the difference

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tooners... give pece a chance? muhmmad killed many people and muslims imitate him. are you really listening to yourself as you say these stupid things

10:43 AM  
Blogger Egypeter said...

Although the crimes commited under the banner of Islam are well documented over the millenia, I do agree a bit with tooners.

Maged, dear brother, I understand 100% how you are feeling these days and I also agree with you. You're an intelligent and articulate Egyptian. You are educated in the west and returned to Egypt. For that, I am incredibly proud of you!

Here's my one point brother...

I dream and pray every night that the Copts in Egypt can simply live in PEACE and EQUALITY with their muslim compatriots, side by side, in our OWN country. But I wonder how this will ever be with so much animosity between Christians and muslims in Egypt. I really believe that the "animosity" between the two groups is perpetuated by the muslims of Egypt, no doubt. Christians in Egypt don't live as 2nd class citizens but as 3rd class citizens...all because of muslim/koranic hatred towards anything non-muslim. I hope we all know what the word "dhimmitude" is because that describes the Copt's story for the last 1400 years!! Even many "secular" muslims (if there is even such a thing) have an inherant hatred towards us...they just control it better. It's so sad.

Well, here's my point, I think maybe your blog helps fuel this animosity between the two groups. The hijabie that you are debating, malak, or whatever her name is...I'm sure she was a fundie before she visited your blog, but maybe now she's even more hateful towards Christians, Jews, Bahaii, monkeys and pigs. So I sometimes wonder if your efforts are counter productive even though I am fascinated by the info?

BTW, all the points I brought up are from Islamic sources...so I know they are true. Remember that link I gave about Mohammad's lice problem? It's all in there.

Anyway, take care habibi! God bless you and, as always, be safe!! Don't forget what happened to that brave brave blogger Abdelkarim...they threw his ass in jail for exposing the truth on Islam, just like you.

Rabinna ma'ak.

12:09 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Egypeter, you are making a very valuable point. I totally understand that I can be misconstrued as fueling the animosity between the 2 groups. However, you are already assuming that this is a balanced conflict between those 2 groups. How worse can it get for Copts in Egypt? They raped our young women after abducting them. They attacked worshipper in churches. They riot when we build a church. They kill our priests and make it look like an accident. They do not give us full rights. They impose the Shariaa sick law on every Egyptian law. They force us to declare our religion in our id cards. They harass our women because they are uncovered. How bad can it get? Do you think that my web site will make it worse?
Also Egypeter, you did not grow up in Egypt and you do not understand how people make points there: by attacking. Did you ever watch people at al jazeera debating an important issue? This is the only language they understand. You have to really attack their beliefs because that is what they are good at : they attack yours and their sick prophet did it before. Egypeter, I urge to revise your hopeful outlook about the ability of these people to reason and think in a critical way. You saw the quality of their discourse and how empty and argumentive they are.
Also I want to remind you with Nazi Germany. The world did not initially stand up for fucken Hitler and paid a huge price for that later. If we do not expose islam and if we do not show the perversion of muhammad , we are letting fascism rule in the Arab world. Having said that, I totally understand your concerns but i want to assure you. It will not get any worse habiby. You said it we are freaken 3rd class citizens. Maybe my words will make us 4th class citizens, so it would not make a huge difference

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cant u realize that u r having a conversation together this reminds me of the (metayebateya)and we moslems are very proud with our prophet and will always be all u say because u r lazy guys sitting doing nothing tozzzzzzzzzzzzzz and have a nice akhra fi gohanem

8:01 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

I will post an essay showing that muhammad married his aunt. Can you imagine how haywan this man is?

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maged, you should have used a different pic that's more representative of Mo.
here's a link:

10:55 PM  
Blogger VIVA said...

tooners,..Maged is driving hate? Really?
so how do you call this :

"Your children are born into Islam, but you and their mother take them away from Islam with your corrupt rearing."
"The apes are Jews, the people of the Sabbath; while the swine are the Christians, the infidels of the communion of Jesus." "The clash between this [Muslim] community and the Jews and Christians has endured, and it will continue as long as God wills." "Whoever obeys the Prophet and accepts the oneness of God cannot maintain a loyal friendship with those who oppose God and His Prophet, even if they are his closest relatives."

Such ideas are taught not only to Saudi students but also to children in Saudi-funded schools in Pakistan, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy -- and the United States.

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think u should take care of your work and stop being a block of hatered going all around just mind your own business and read your bible u might be a bit calmer rabenah maak

4:21 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Thanks for your valuable comments
anoymous 1 thanks for the pictures
anonymous 2 Since when exposing the truth about a child molester is spreadign hate?

8:19 AM  
Blogger tooners said...

I do realize that Jesus never preached hate nor did he ever ask anyone to kill anyone else. He was all about peace.

I live in the M.E. and see this stuff daily. My MIL is an Egyptian Muslim, extremely superstitous and such, but when I went to Egypt and met her family, they were all extremely kind, gentle, caring and loving ppl.

Not all Muslims are crazy and killers. They may be naive... but many do not believe in hate and killing.

I do see a lot of racism tho... there is a lot of that here. And since I don't speak Arabic fluently, I have no idea what's being preached in the mosques on Fridays.

2:15 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

I think Muslims are victims of islam. Many of them pick good things from the religion because nothing is 100% bad. However, the deeper they will get they become truely evil as osama and zarkawy. as for racism do you know the word abd (slave) is used as synonomous to black? that is the word muhammad used to describe blacks. they also feel good when they have sex with women of infidels because they think they are conquering the crucades

8:08 AM  

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