Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Revolt of a Muslim Woman

I wrote a previous essay about the oppression of Muslim women in Egypt (link) and explained how they are deprived from their basic rights as human beings. For example, they are not allowed to have custody of their children once they reach the age of 12. They are also given half of the inheritance in their brothers and their testimonies in court are dismissed if they opposed those of men. I explained that Muslim women cannot marry or travel abroad without the help of their guardians and that they are forbidden from many powerful positions in the government. I linked this discrimination to the perverted and sick teachings of Muhammad who called women deficient and considered them sex objects.
However, 2 days ago, a Muslim woman’s fight against oppression finally paid off. I wrote before about Hend el Henawy who refused to abort her child and sued the father of that child (Ahmad el Fishawy) to admit that this child was his. Of course el Fishawy refused citing his Islamic teachings and said that they forbid him from acknowledging his illegitimate child. I wrote before that there is a verse in the Quran that allow men to marry their illegitimate girls so he may have been thinking of marrying his own daughter. After losing her first case against this Fishawy pervert, Hend won an appeal. I am sure that the Islamic clerics in Egypt will declare that the judge who made the decision is an infidel that does not understand his religion very well.

This is why I think this court’s decision is a victory for oppressed women in Egypt:
1. We, Egyptian men, have been socialized to think of women as inferior sex objects. Men will think million times about impregnating a woman and leaving her.
2. Egyptian men will finally understand that there are civil courts in Egypt that disagree with the perverted teachings of Muhammad. Perhaps these men will be finally liberated from the sick and perverted teachings of Muhammad and finally open up to the civilized world.
3. Hend carried her scarlet letter and was proud of it (okay this is American expression about someone carrying own shame). She persevered despite the vicious attacks launched against her from Islamic idiots in our country. Did you know that one Muslim cleric called for her stoning? Hend sent a strong message that women in Egypt will not put up with oppression and will demand their rights despite being intimidated by Islamic yahoos.
4. Hend is representing a new and emerging group of women who do not take no for an answer. She insisted on getting her rights and she got them
5. I think that this court decision will allow more judges to speak their conscience and make decisions that are fair for women even if they contradict the perverted teachings of Muhammad

My dear Hend, you are a truly courageous woman. God bless you and your daughter.


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