Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Egypt’s New Hitler

Mahdy Akef is the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, Egypt’s most powerful Islamic opposition group. He successfully led his group to win 88 seats in the Egyptian parliament despite the fact that his organization has been banned by the government. Mahdy Akef has recently been interviewed by many news outlets in Egypt and his way of thinking reflects the sick nature of Islam that will ultimately destroy Egypt. Here is a sample of what he said:
1. Screw Egypt and the father of Egypt. I would be okay with a ruler from Malaysia as long as he is a Muslim. (Notice that any true Muslim has no allegiance to his country; instead, he/she considers Islam and Muslims to be what one should belong to.)
2. 2. We will impose The Islamic Shariaa. (Notice how we wants to change Egypt into a new Iran and how he, for example, would like to cut thieves’ hands, stone adulterers, ban alcohol and TV.
3. We will allow tourists to drink alcohol, but only in the privacy of their hotel rooms ( perhaps they should convert and become Muslim and then allah the pimp will give them plenty of alcohol in his sex paradise)
4. Christians in Egypt should not serve in the military. (he does not consider us to be full citizens even though we are the indigenous people in Egypt and he is a sick Arab or a product of rape by Arabs)
5. We should have a referendum on the peace treaty with Israel. (perhaps this is the most dangerous thing he said. He wanted us to have a new war with Israel and get our ass kicked once again)

I have been saying that Islam is a dangerous and a fascist ideology. When people become true muslims. They bring misery to themselves and their countries. There is no exception to this rule. Just look at what true Muslims did to Iran, and what Hamas did to the Palestinians. Egyptians need to be cured of islam.


Blogger xavier said...

Perhaps, if the brotherhood was so foolish as to renounce the treaty, it would end the party and finish off iislamojihadism forever in Egypt.
A chrushing defeat by the Israelis would forever tarnish the brotherhood as just another bunch of losers.So they would lose power and wheatever influence it had


7:01 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

yes Xavier, but Egypt would be another Iraq and hundreds of thousands would die. That is why I am supporting Gamal Mubarak ( the president's son) for president. I would prefer a secular dictator over a religious one! I hope the stupid idiots in the US adminsitration are reading these news so that they stop supporting democracy in the Middle East

7:10 PM  

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