Monday, June 12, 2006

Back to Love

I have not written about love for a while so I thought of giving you a break from Muhammad and discuss more thoughts about this thorny issue. I am sure many of you had your hearts broken before. You probably gave your heart to a person who does not really deserve it. As you did that, you tolerated their insensitivity and coldness. You put up with their mistreatment of you and ignored your friends' appeals for you to be reasonable and dump this person. Many of us manage to break out of this vicious cycle and when we do we feel liberated. Is not it a wonderful feeling when you finally wake up and realize that you have been duped by the one you love? Does not it feel awesome when you wake up and unchain your heart from the shackles of one-sided love? Sherine sings a song about her realization that the man she loved was an ass hole who did not deserve her love. Here is what she says:
انت اخر واحد فى الدنيا دى ممكن ابكى علية زى اى خاين والخاينة باينة جوة عنية
بعد اى حاجة بعد كل حاجة انت ولا حاجة
لما بعت بعت اكتر قلب حبك
شوف من بعدى مين هيصونك مين هيحبك
اى قلب لية حنين الا قلبك يرضى مين انك تبعنى علشان بحبك
لو عطشان لحنان هتموت عطشان
ما هو من بعدى لو محتاج لامان هتعيش حيران
ماهو من بعدى
بعد اى حاجة بعد كل حاجة انت ولا حاجة

You are the last person in the world I would cry for
You are like everyone who cheated
and your cheating is clear to me
Afterall you are nothing
When you sold me out you sold a heart that loved you
You will see who will care for you after me
and who will love you
Any heart can be kind except yours.
Is it fair that you sold me out because I loved you?
If you are thirsty for kindness you will die with your thirst
After you lost me, if you want safety you will always be lost
After me and afterall you are nothing

Does that feel good Sherine? Yes habibty it does. The moment you get over the one who does not love you back and who mistreated and humiliated you the more you are empowered as a human being. My last word on love: there are two types of love: romantic love and real love. Romantic love is nothing more than infatuation. It is sexual attraction went wrong. You can be really blinded it because it won’t let you see possible ugliness of the one you love. It will have a spell in you and will make you act like a helpless teenager. On the other hand, real love has also physical attraction but you feel cared for and appreciated. Sometimes, you may not be totally attracted to a girl or to a man, but her/his kindness may make the relationship more worthy. You and this person will have mutual care and sympathy for each other. You will feel very comfortable with the person as if you are next of kin. If you are in Egypt, I need to warn you: pretty girls are usually self-absorbed and try to get the best in return for their sweet asses, so be careful.


Blogger Egypeter said...

Nice post Maged.

You said:

"If you are in Egypt, I need to warn you: pretty girls are usually self-absorbed and try to get the best in return for their sweet asses, so be careful."

My dear friend Maged, that holds true for everywhere in the world, not just Egypt :)

11:53 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Well, my dear Peter, I think you are right. I just feel that human beings are more than just a sweet ass. It is a shame that many women are socialized to think that they are nothing but that and that they should get a price for it. Did they ever ask themselves if there is a difference between them and prostitutes. So you have two extremes of girls in Egypt: the typical submissive self-hateful covered girl and the "shake-her-ass" slut who thinks that she should get a price for her beauty. I know there are always girls in the middle of this road, but they are really rare.

12:48 PM  
Blogger VIVA said...

Hmm.....and handsome men in Egypt are not self-absorbed and they don’t try to get “best’ in return? ;)

9:35 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Viva, if this was your experience, I trust that this is the case, but I cannot verify it since my experience is only with Egyptian women

10:21 AM  

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