Thursday, June 29, 2006


The latest conflict between Hamas and Syria on one hand, and the Israelis on the other reminds me with a very funny scene from a play titled “The uncivilized (al hamagy).” In the scene, a very little man challenged a strong man in a bus stop and cursed him out because he was talking to his wife. The big man was upset and told the little man to respect himself; otherwise, he will beat him up. The little man kept insulting the big man saying “mate2darsh, you cannot.” The big man kept asking the little man to respect himself and refrain from cursing, but the little man would not stop and kept saying mate2darsh. This continued to happen for at least 5 minutes, until finally the big man carried the little man and the little man again said mate2darsh. The big man lifted the little man with one hand and started to hit him with the other, and the little man kept saying mate2drash. This hilarious scene reminds me of the Arab cowards in the Middle East. 4 million Israelis humiliate and insult them every day and they still have the audacity to challenge them and kidnap their soldier. When the hell will the Arabs understand they are that little man who keeps getting humiliated but does not get it and thinks the strong man will not do anything to him? When the hell will the Arabs understand that their Islamic arrogance had let them down and that the hegemony of Islam is long gone. When will they understand that thousands, if not millions of them died and will die as a result of their inability to accept the fact that they are weak, divided and defeated? When will they understand that Muhammad fooled them by instilling false superiority in them?


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