Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Life is Cheap in the Arab World

The Israelis are outraged by the abduction of one of their soldiers because they appreciate life and consider all their citizens important. They are striking back. Compare their reaction to how Arab leaders treat their citizens and how they caused the death of millions of soldiers in their foolish wars.

Today the Israelis are invading Gaza to save one life. They will probably kill many Palestinians but there will be no outrage because we learned that our lives are cheap.
Why is life cheap in the Arab world? Because Islam cheapened it.

The Israelis are doing something else:
Exclusive to democratic Egypt:
Israeli warplanes flew over the castle of the Syrian leader Bashar Assad and could have killed him today. My friend in the Syrian capitol emailed me this fresh news. This is going to be wild!


Blogger 7amida said...

Islam doesn't cheapen lives, man. It's just that the Arabs/Muslims don't know how to fight a war. Their tactics aren't that great.

6:00 PM  

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