Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mohammad Emara: A Barking Muslim Dog محلل محمد عمارة ابن الكلب

I can not believe how disgusting this man is. In a BBC program, he blamed our Coptic Pope Shenouda for the current unrest between Christians and Muslims in Egypt on. He also accused him of treason. How dare this bastard ebn el mo7alel throw false accusation like that? Where is his evidence? Does he even know that Pope Shenouda is currently meditating in the Wady el Natroon monastery in preparation for Easter (according to Eastern calendar)? I am sick and tired of this bastard. He is the same man who calls us infidels and is paid by tax payers to spread perverted Islamic teachings in the government-owned newspapers. I have one question for this man. I understand that a Muslim woman is not supposed to go back to her husband if she was divorced by him 3 times. She will only be allowed to go back to her husband if she marries another man and has sex with him, even for one day. This substitute husband is called mohalel or mo7alel
محلل زي عادل امام في الواد سيد الشغالHere is my question to Emara: did you find your real father. The mo7alel? Here is a service I started for you: 1-800-MO7ALEL


Anonymous moheb said...

Many Muslims do not know their real fathers because of this sick Islamic rule.

7:55 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

yes moheb, many Muslims do not know their real fathers as a result of this Islamic law.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kuthmoko ya wlad el metnaka nasoanku betnaku men al asosa ya wlad metnak yakhwalat

8:51 PM  
Anonymous not of your ....... said...

muhammad emaara said the truth and every ebn kalb shut a fuck up

6:08 PM  
Anonymous egyptian said...

If you tried to understand the law you would understand the wisdom behind it. Divorce is allowed but is supposed to be a last resort... this law makes people take their marriage's more seriously so it's not tulu2nee, gowiznee, tulu2nee, gowiznee meet mara and THINK before they get divorced. And this is after THREE divorces.

Christians are not allowed to divorce at all leading to many (famous example, Dolly Chahine) ilee be aslamoo ashan ye tulu2oo. Does that sound like a particularly realistic law to live behind?

6:40 AM  
Blogger scroveez said...

Sure we know who our fathers are, because upon to Islam if some women don't like her husband then she can ask for divorce unlike yours who have only one choice: to go and get laid illegally with her mate!!!

also for mo7alel, it i s forbidden for any Muslim to do such a trick,

and in case it has happened the women will need to wait for three months(3eddah) so she can revert back to her first husband, during these three months everybody will know if she is pregnant or not, sa7?

تلك هى براءة الارحام يا ابناء الرومان

وعليه نستنتج ان فرصة عدم معرفة امثالك لابائهم هى اكبر بكثير من المسلمين الذين لديهم شرائع مقننة بخلاف ديانتكم المحرفة

4:34 AM  
Blogger marry said...

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Blogger ehab scooter said...

am sure you are not coptic but one shit full of hate to everybody even coptics.even coptics will never claim you as a coptic cause they are much better than to have ppl like u among them.coptics and muslims are egyptians but u r just a dog living on their left over u bitch ass

8:09 PM  

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