Sunday, April 02, 2006

To Ahmad from Emirates

I know where you are. Wait and see what will happen to you. You will be arrested soon. And every curse you directed towards me and my mother is back to your Muhammad, the child molester prophet wannabe pervert.


Blogger Egypeter said...

Hey Maged -

Who is this clown Ahmed? He can go to hell for all I care. It seems that a lot of crazy angry people know only how to curse! They like to use dirty expletives because it makes them feel better. Yet, they don't realize the hypocrisy in it all. It reflects who they are and what they believe and it manifests itself forward and comes out of their vile mouths.
Who cares?! Like I said, he can go to hell.

3:53 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Hi Egypeter,
This Islamic terrorist sent me an email full of vulgarity and death threats. He also tried to hack the site but google stopped him and provided me with his information and his country (United Arab Emirates). He will be arrested soon.

4:43 PM  
Blogger Egypeter said...


Idiots like this need to be held accountable for their threats on the Human Right to express oneself. I hope this coward is brought to justice for tampering and hacking into Google. Keep us up to date on what happens with this spineless imbecile. Take care of yourself.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Bent El Neel said...

what is wrong with those people?? Why is it they can't bear an opposite opinion. I'm not saying they should agree with us or even be happy about what we say....but calm down for God's sake...they don't have to go into hysterics everytime they disagree with something!!!!

8:52 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

Bent el neel,
I am sure that if they know who I am they will kill me- They cannot fight word with word.

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post Ahmed's details.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:02 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey egypeter & maged..

1st i cant beleive that u are Arabs me its seems impossible..Coz Now we are in a world that have lots of problems..political problems, environmental problems etc.. and now ur creating a religious problem ..oh for god sake.. no one insulted ur prophets and ur own relgion & thoughts so please dont dear to write about us >>MUSLIMS<< especially our prophet mohammed.. And most of all..not all muslim are dont even say that we are tourists Coz we dont fight about selly things..we just defend our relgion and thoughts from those who tried to make fun of us.. just like you..
lets take an example...imagine that one muslim created a site just like urs..and had put bad things about ur relgion and insulted ur prophet..what would be ur reaction..?!!!!!! dont tell me that u will just stand on the corrnner and clup ur hand for him :S..i dont think soO..or if u really gonna do that..then u dont respect ur relgion or ur prophets
..and about u EGYPETER u said " It reflects who they are and what they believe and it manifests itself forward and comes out of their vile mouths" oh please..see who's talking...3njad u are talking about ur self man..its so funny that u dont see what u are.. yeaaa and about bent el neel...when she said that we cant bear an opposite opinion,,,am goning to answer u ..yea we DONT BEAR opposite idea...which insulting us in many ways.. oh yea do u like someone to come to u and just insult u for no reason...oh i guess not..and u maged the owner of this site...u said that"They cannot fight word with word" here i am going to argue with u..if u want word by word sOo PlzZ dont be afraid and comment back..


12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

alors, comment vous répondre? personnellement je pense que la meilleur réponse à vous people, c'est en fait de ne pas vous répondre, car l'islam n'a pas besoin d'être défendu surtout devant des gens pareils que vous, en plus sans être chauvins pour aucune religion, les gens ont le droits de croire en quoi ils veulent et chaqun est libre tant qu'il géne personne, et il n'y a certainement pas une culture meilleure qu'une autre, l'orient c'est l'ésprit la culture de l'âme et mérite bcp de respect autant que les autres cultures, et c'est de l'ignorance et de la pure connerie que de se fermer enver l'autre, c'est pitoyable ce que vous écrivez dans ces pages et ne me donne que dégout et pitier de vous.
Ouverez vos horizons et get a life...
En géneral c'est avec les gens de peux de maturité à tous les niveaux ( éducation, culture, profession....) que l'on trouve les êtres les moins ouverts.

PS: Ouvrez vos horizons, acceptez l'autre, on est tous pareil quelque soit nos religions ou nos croyances, il y a des gens bien partout dans ce monde.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Maged, Maged isn't it? "American citizen" anyways dude you need to get a life. all this bullshit theories you are trying to prove...hahaha you really think you are making any difference? you really think that people give any shit to what your saying. You woudn't care about what iam saying, Muslims as well don't care, they are not provoked and they would never be. We have something to hold on, our religion but you simply have nothing. People do not give a shit about the stuff you post on ur blog, its not your opinion or your ideas and thoughts that will hesitate our beliefs. On what basis do you keep saying these stuff, who are u aslan? Well, i don't give a shit!1 All i have to say is get a life...hahaha. I bet your just some loser who has nothing to do but log on silly sites and get silly stuff to post just to prove yourself, and become an acknowledged memeber in

3:13 AM  
Blogger delightfulsin_vittorio said...

man are you stupid or ARE you stupid ? islam is bigger and stronger than u think..

read this u prick, and check out what the cnn had to say about islam, and this goes for all of u who doubt islam, and im sorry to inform u that all of ur efforts are as fruitless and as vain as ur life..

Fastest-growing religion

The second-largest religion in the world after Christianity, Islam is also the fastest-growing religion. In the United States, for example, nearly 80 percent of the more than 1,200 mosques have been built in the past 12 years.

Some scholars see an emerging Muslim renaissance as Islam takes root in many traditionally Christian communities.

7:47 PM  

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