Sunday, April 02, 2006

Abdul Rahman Must be Really Crazy

I agree with Afghani Islamic fundamentalists that Abdul Rahman, the famous Afghani man who converted from Islam to Christianity, is really crazy: Here is why:

1. Abdul Rahman must be crazy to forgo a religion that allows him to have an orgy by marrying 4 wives.

2. He must be mentally ill to leave a religion that promises him 72 virgins in heaven, and these virgins will remain virgins no matter how much he penetrates them

3. This man must be out of his mind to abandon a religion that tells him it is okay to kill other men in wars and take their women as servants and sex slaves

4. This man must be wacky to let go of a religion that allows him to take double what his sister takes from their father’s inheritance.

5. This man must be psychotic to abandon a religion that allows him to divorce his woman by saying “you’re divorced.” “Enty talek”

6. Abdul Rahman must be screwed in the head for leaving a religion that tells him that Christians and Jews are sons of pigs and monkeys. Now, he is one of us!

7. This man must really suffer from schizophrenia for forgoing a religion that tells him that it is okay to have anal sex with his wife “ouch.”

8. Abdul Rahman must be the craziest man in the world to leave a religion that was made by a man who said that he visited hell and discovered that most of its dwellers are women!

This list is not comprehensive, and you can add to it.

Abdul-Rahman, you are my hero man and you make me feel good about being a human being these days. I also recommend a new name for you: "Christopher." You carried Christ with so much courage and honor.


Blogger xavier said...

Here's a question that'll no doubt bring a smile: do Copts pray the rosary?
I suspect that you don't but your hierarchy won't prohibit it either.
I'm curious.



10:45 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

We have similar prayers in which we meditate and repeat certain words. There also special prayes for the Virgin Mary and the Saint. There is not a significant difference between Catholicism and Orthodoxy. I think the difference lies in cultural perspectives.

10:54 PM  
Blogger xavier said...

Thanks. Well cultural perspectives can be bridged.
Did you hear of the latest lunancy from the imams? They want Abdul extradited so the trial can continue! Yo guys, did you notice the Italians in ISAF patrolling the streets? Guess not; too busy foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs eh?
They merrely conform a post I wrote about Moslems (in the west) being the biggest ingrates in the world. They're so haughty that they can never say thanks!

1:32 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

I wish the Europeans wake up and stand up for the racist Muslims in Europe

11:37 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hua enta begad 3andak 27 years we saken fel ma3adi??????

12:49 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

yes, you want to hook up?

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hia meen de elly hook up ya ostaz. ana 3ayza a3arafak enk momkn tela2eeny fe weshak ay wa2t.

4:18 PM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

lama ala2eeky fee weshy u wont resist me and will be my friend :)

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ba2olk ya maged..
in ur site u're talking about corruption in Egypt. ok, im totally with u that Egypt is so corrupted. But, what this has to do with Islam & prophet. i dun think that they're the reason bcoz u'll find that the islamic era was a very prosperous one. or tell me ur point of view but pls respect my feelings & explain ur opinion without callin' the prophet names. i wanna make u know that im totally against all the people who insulted u or called u names bcoz u seem to be an educated civilized person so let us talk in a civilized way without low language. at last, i want u to know that prophet didnt call u pigs but Allah is the one who called JEWS(not u) pigs, bl3aks, Allah said that el nasara(christians) are much better that jews and others.
thanks dear

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another thing maged, Walahi w dun hate u at all, men kam youm keda kan 3andy emte7an we kanet el mora2ba ely wa2fa christian tab3an ana 3ereft 3shan el cross w men esmaha w kanet kaman wa2fa 3alina fe Islamic Religion exam(fel goal :) msh keda) w kan ma3aha mora2eb kan muslim bas kan rekhem rakhama ya ragel we7na w hia kona samna 3la 3asal w kona benharag m3aha m3 enaha kant da7'la mekashara fel awel 3shan el 7ar we kanet gaya mn el haram le nasr city 3shan tera2eb(efterah) wana a3adt a2olaha ezay y3melo feky keda w a3adna netkalm w 7tta hia ely saketet el mora2eb el tany 3shan kan 7omar. so w dun hate u at all & if one of us met one of u we dun talk about religion even if we're not convinced with the opposite religion but we talk laugh and ignore takin' about religion bcoz it may hurt the feelings, so maged u r a real cute person i admit although u called me names and made me reply severley (im sorry), why dun u just let us be friends without talking about el adyan aw 3la el a2a2al ya seidy be critical and say ur point of view without calling bad names bcoz u really hurt the feeling, we love the christ and Allah talked about him and Mariam in a very good way, and kaman jesus hua elly haynkezna lma el donia tekhrab, so we really. i know there might be unclear things that appears to u in our beliefs which is mutual. im sure u love egypt as i do & as we all do becoz u're an egyptian and egypt won't be a better place if the coptics & muslims unite togther all what u're doing is planting hatred and lines and walls between us. m3 eny lma shoft el christian teacher kan b3d ma shoft el site beta3ak w ze3elt menk awi. so tell me what u think w bakarar tany u may not be treated in this country very well but we're all treated badly bcoz the authorities think that we're their slaves 3la el a2a2al ya ragel ento warako BABA EL VATICAN rabena yekhalih leeko lakn 2olly keda e7na warana meen?? w b3deen saudi betemshy taba3 el sharee3a el islamia belzabt we hia ahy masha2 allah very prosperous so Islam isn't the reason of corruption. w begad walahi e7na msh benekrahko be dalil enena 3omrena ma shatamn jesus m3 enk hary rasoolna shataym.
w fel akher ya maged, 2olly b2a fe ur reply fe akherha keda enta beteshtaghal eh? yemken ne3ozak fe wasta :)
p.s: khally el bosat a7mady wana msh ba2olk close the site ana ba2olk 3abar 3n ra2yak bs mn 3'er ehanat w b3deen fe nas aslamet betfakar terga3 zy ma 2areit 3aref enta be keda betsabeb lihom tashtet la2n elly 7ases en deena 3'alat seebo hua ye3raf le wa7do
dun 4get te2olly beteshta3'al eh w kaman 2olena el nickname

6:51 AM  
Blogger maged salamah said...

First of all if your feelings were hurt as a result of what I said, it is for your own good. if you are really hurt, this means that you started to question muhammad and his evil religion. I am not calling him names. I am calling him for what he is. He raped a child, and he married his daughter in law and his aunt. Read my post about curruption in egypt very carefully, and you will understand why i think that it is linked to muhammad's teaching. i used his quotes to make your point. Also if allah said that jews are pig, why do you believe in elah rada7 alleel adab? by the way elahek bardo sab abu lahab we merato.. ya3ny elah bee2ah begad. I knowyou are hurt now, but truth also hurts. Also what are you meant when you said baba el vatican helps us. Are you out of your mind. We are orthodox (at least the majority of us) and Catholic are different and they only defend catholics. Also you said something very interesting. you are nice to the christian woman. Is this a duty?
You should be nice to everyone despite any religion they have. You are talking as if you did her a favor. Do you understand my point here. Also you said that saudi is prosperous. no habibty, only the ruling family is. Most saudis live in poverty and the government has a huge national debt.
I wont tell you what kind of job I have because there are private things in life and you are not supposed to know everything.

By the way, how old are you? 18? You are a baby :)

Also, how do you feel when i proved that muhammad married khaltoh. can you imagine: your brother marrying his mother's sister. opaaa

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i asked u not to call Allah or Muhammed any names and that u should respect my feelings but u didnt so i wont talk to u again i expected much more respectable talk. About my gae what the wrong if i'm 18 years old??
about the christian woman i meant that u really insulted us but i didn't take any action 7tta lw gwaya 4m any christian. begad sorry enta mesal saye2 lel christians and christianity and my comment i was very respectful to you and i didnt do anything. on the contrary, i treated u very well and that's obvious and i wanted to cheer u up and in return i found bad answers and BARDO calling us names. sorry 4 talking to u aslan.
P.S: why do u defend jews and they tortured JESUS?? you dont love jesus as we -muslims- do
and stop begad insulting Allah and Muhamed becoz Allah is the one who created you and he has the right to curse anyone, i doubt that u're aslan convinced with ur religion oz every time we talk about Jesus u dun mention anything about ur religion so show us ur love to him

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another thing ana aslan ma3rafsh 7aga 3n denko wel catholic wel orthodox, danta nafsak 2olt 7aga very interesting:
baba el vatican dun help u and help catholic only, tell me is that a strong relation between christians?? da wade7 fe3lan enoko bet7ebo b3deeko khales males we 2al eh 3ayzna treat u well eza kan ento nafsoko msh bet7ebo b3d wlla betsa3do b3d opposite to what muslims do 7tta lw bel feelings :) what a great union
w b3deen ana a3raf saudian be 3adad sha3r rasy dol msh la2yeen yewado el felos feen wel teacher henak byb2a 3andha VILLA we swimming pool and i know saudi friend of my mom who's a teacher she's very very very rich.
wel 7amdulelah ento 3andoko el mazaheb ka2enaha dyana tania we7na 3andena el mazaheb mafehash gheir ekhtelafat baseeeeeta we mafish tashteet la2eno Qur'an WA7ED we RASOOL WA7ED msh ento. bas begad we2e3t be lesanak lma 2olt 3la el baba vatican wel for2a ely ento feeha w kol wa7ed feko by2ol ylla nafsy

1:51 PM  
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